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  1. Thanks, appreciated.
  2. Excuse my ignorance but didn't we have a compensatory pick this year?
  3. Is 10 million really only top 20 money for WR these days? Who are the 19 in front of him? Presuming 10 million is the low end?
  4. I put 1, 1 and 1......yep i'm that guy. Essentially it is all worthless cause we have no control over any of this. My honest opinion is that he can easily compliment T.Y and Andrew can make him better. If we utilise his size we are in for a hell of a year!
  5. I voted “Other”. Clearly the fans know better so i would get everyone to send in their choices of what we should do and collate and pick the consensus. As we are the only horse in the race too, we will get everyone that the consensus is asking for. First i would trade Luck for that sweet draft capital that that dude posted last week.......who needs a franchise QB anyway??? Collins would already be here and Funchess would have signed on for league minimum cause the fans want everyone but they don’t want to manage a cap in any way! Bell and AB would also come here for infers cause that’s what they are all about, they wouldn’t think of asking for overs, they are clearly team first guys!! Fans make this stuff simple, GM’s should totally ask what the fans want nothing could ever go wrong!
  6. The level of stupid in this question can not be matched!
  7. I live in Sydney, Australia I watch all games on GamePass live (iPad, iPhone or AppleTV). The season begins where i get up at 3am (for 1pm kick off games) until the beginning of October, after our daylight savings changes it goes to 4am for a few weeks until the US changes their daylight savings and then it is 5am from then on. The later games work out well as they are very friendly morning into afternoon times and i either work from home those days or watch them from my desk or meetings. I am pretty senior so no-one questions me. Depending on the kind of loss i will re-watch all games. Heavy losses not so much on repeat after live viewing.
  8. I wasn't really replying to the post you suggest, there was one before that i guess that may have been more of a trigger but it was just a generally silly comment from me. Obviously an overreaction on my part but that seems to be what is the norm around here but the opposite to what i said and lack of any real thought other than "he sucks". I need to be better, i agree.....no sarcasm.
  9. Have you read much of this forum? Especially when we lose a game when the entire team sucks, all we hear about is how bad our QB is. Us running screens poorly don't 100% have to be on Luck, it's not like we have 3 or 4 great receivers, we have 1 and he has to be the threat everywhere! Our RB's are also very green and dropped many passes thrown at them last season. Luck may also not be the best proponent of the plays as well but not everything is a simple as "Luck can't throw", a lot goes into why we can't execute them well. Manning was obviously one of the best QB's ever but did he get the criticism Luck gets? What i see on here is that Manning could do no wrong and never threw an interception or lost a play-off game. Comparably at the same time of their careers is there much difference in their stats?
  10. It’s a shame we won 10 regular season games with Luck under centre because he is terrible. If we had a QB who wasn’t so trash we would run the table...... I really hope we trade him in March!!
  11. Had to make sure it was close enough to delay of game so that the lining up in the neutral zone could be overruled.......
  12. It’s those little calls they get that help them that most people ignore and then when you say they are favoured you get laughed at.
  13. If Luck did that there would be 100 posts about trading him.
  14. Well deserved! What an impact and his speech was great! He is a special human being! Luck looked so happy for him too, his team seem to genuinely love him!
  15. That will certainly increase his trade value! Can't wait till we get a new QB, Andrew is absolute trash!!
  16. That's a great story, you always hear them talk about his intelligence and never know if it is just because he's their QB. He is definitely i different type of person though, you get that in interviews and just how he speaks. I really hope we can build a team around him to challenge the likes of the Patriots etc. he deserves more praise than he gets imo.
  17. Twitter had a field day with it too. I think Andrew goes to the pro bowl to do what you are supposed to......have fun and not take it seriously. People on twitter took it way too seriously......
  18. Both Titans games were great! Probably all 3 Houston games, even though we lost the first one, the going for it on 4th seems to have given the players something they hadn't had in the Pagano era, trust! Oops, that is not "a" favourite moment, that is many. I will say though, there were 2 moments that had this grown man jumping in my living room; 1) The Hooker interception in the Giants game that put us so close to the finals 2) The Smith-Schuster fumble that put our destiny in our hands Ultimately though, Luck coming back and playing at the level he did when so many "experts" and "inside sources" had him done and dusted and his career over.
  19. For me i don’t mind and she will get over it, i just want to see the Colts play again and this time with Luck as we were at the Broncos game in 2017. Thanks for your reply, it is appreciated. Thank you, i will check them out. I was monitoring the weather before Xmas last year and it was expected to snow on Xmas day in Chicago so there is the option we drive to Chicago on the eve and then stay till the 26th. My wife is happy with just snowfall, doesn’t even have to be accumulation. We are coming anyway so I’ll just have to see if i can chase the snow somewhere
  20. I’ll have none when i fly back to Indianapolis this Xmas. Hoping to get lucky and have 2 home games to finish the season but obviously one will do Would any of you fine folk know where in Indiana it snows on Xmas day? It is summer where i am and my wife wants a white Xmas as in 2017 we were in NY for Xmas but it did not snow unfortunately. So while I’ll get to come back and see the Colts again, i need to see snow on Xmas day if possible.
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