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  1. I think they truly like him and are all in on him. I think we’ll hear about the injury a lot to justify why they will stick with him as our franchise QB.
  2. I agree with you there, Hoyer was the best available and we saw first hand how good he was. I’m annoyed like most of us are but, Luck retiring pretty much set us up for this so i can’t say the season record is surprising and i can’t control it so I’m not going to tear every player down. All we can hope is that Ballard sees what we all see and makes the required changes but ultimately as a fan we will still keep watching and supporting with whoever is at QB.
  3. To be fair, the GM and Coach have talked him up since last year as a franchise QB and most can see he isn’t so i understand why people are critical. He is and will continue to be our QB1 so as fans we just need to support the team and hope the players around him can be improved to help him out.
  4. There is no way he isn’t starting week 1 next year so all we can do is support him.
  5. Houston for the double digits on the year, good on him!
  6. The week the defence decides to not show up is the week we really needed them to. Interesting off season coming up
  7. That’s a lot of points in a half, will be interesting to see where this ends up.
  8. This defence is pretty damn good, if we can get some offensive players back and do just enough to win while they’re out we will be dangerous heading into the playoffs.
  9. Much like last year, if we're good enough we'll make it. It's in our hands and just like last year there is very little margin for error now. Beating the Titans at home is the first step.
  10. Thanks, champion. What a great compliment from some dude on the internet cause i'm annoyed at my team.
  11. Probably, doesn't change the fact we've lost the last 3 of 4.
  12. Probably, doesn't change the fact we've lost the last 3 of 4.
  13. Probably, doesn't change the fact we've lost the last 3 of 4.
  14. So the officials stuff up that call and get away with it?
  15. Looks like last week was the anomaly, this is the team we are.
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