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  1. kornstar

    New England (+3) at Kansas City (1-20-19)

    No pressure
  2. kornstar

    Leg Room

    For me i don’t mind and she will get over it, i just want to see the Colts play again and this time with Luck as we were at the Broncos game in 2017. Thanks for your reply, it is appreciated. Thank you, i will check them out. I was monitoring the weather before Xmas last year and it was expected to snow on Xmas day in Chicago so there is the option we drive to Chicago on the eve and then stay till the 26th. My wife is happy with just snowfall, doesn’t even have to be accumulation. We are coming anyway so I’ll just have to see if i can chase the snow somewhere
  3. kornstar

    Leg Room

    I’ll have none when i fly back to Indianapolis this Xmas. Hoping to get lucky and have 2 home games to finish the season but obviously one will do Would any of you fine folk know where in Indiana it snows on Xmas day? It is summer where i am and my wife wants a white Xmas as in 2017 we were in NY for Xmas but it did not snow unfortunately. So while I’ll get to come back and see the Colts again, i need to see snow on Xmas day if possible.
  4. kornstar

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    Isnt that also the reason to get the 1 seed? So you play all games up until the SB where you are most comfortable? History would suggest that the reason home field advantage is so important is that the QB’s who lose Divisional/championship games against the home team is generally because they are out of their comfort zone? We are an indoor team (yes i know we have a roof but it is closed most times) that only plays in the Elements when we are away so it makes sense that we would struggle. Maybe we should play with the roof open more often? I think Andrew has always papered over the cracks during the season with his play and then when we face very good teams with very good coaches they find the way to nullify him and take away the very few options he has. He wasn’t great in the game on the weekend but the whole team collectively didn’t turn up, pinning it all on him is just ludicrous!
  5. kornstar

    Colts away schedule is brutal

    Good, the tougher the better. You don’t see the Pats worrying about their strength of schedule on the road. Train and plan accordingly and if you are as good as you think you then you will win more than you lose. We need big games to prepare for the play offs.
  6. kornstar

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    His wife is also an expert in body language so we’ll soon start seeing that in every post too....... He’s an athlete who is majorly successful with his own company and his wife is also very talented. I think the Colts should hire the husband and wife team cause they will fix all problems cause they know everything.
  7. That is what is lost most on here, KC came to play on both sides and to be honest we still had a shot if we turned up even a little. We shot ourselves in the foot often and at the worst times. Our Oline had their worst game of the year, as did Luck but he was also pressured more than he has been all year and it showed. We decided not to tackle on the first few drives. and Vinny....... Devastating game but what a season!! Lots to look forward to.
  8. I’m in here every week and i don’t recall any of the posters mentioning anything about how bad Luck is and how we should trade him when we were winning, in fact i don’t even remember seeing those posters in the forum and commenting at all on game day. Today the entire team crapped the bed and all we seen was how bad Luck is and they have suspected for weeks that he is terrible. Didn’t see it in the game threads where we won but they assure us that it’s true and they said it. Leonard was getting the same treatment early in the game and then he started making plays so they shut up. Those are the “fans” I’m referring to because they seem legitimately excited that Luck had a bad game because it some how proves (in their delusional minds) that he is a bad QB. Even better is then they say that he is no Manning while forgetting how long it took for Manning to win a play off game and after 8 play off games Luck is 4-4, Manning was 3-5.
  9. At least the team made a lot of Colts “fans” happy today. there are plenty that seem excited when we lose.
  10. You could make a very good argument that while the saving 100 million is nice and all it is the gaps you didn’t fill with quality players that had you looking embarrassed after playing a team that did fill those gaps. great effort to make the divisional round with rookies and cast offs but to win it all you need play makers!!
  11. The refs got them that TD.
  12. Luck has looked really terrible throwing the ball twice this year. Against Philly and tonight. both games have been in either rain or snow.
  13. No i just think you have something wrong with you.