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  1. What a win!! That was all on the D, what a performance!!
  2. I can’t believe they didn’t find a flag there
  3. The same crowd that wanted a flag when they’re own player stepped on their QB
  4. Nothing surer, the refs will lead the Chiefs down the field for an easy score. Watch the flags come out for anything and everything.
  5. Surely that’s a flag for KC? We tackled them, surely that’s against us??
  6. The refs trying their hardest and we are beating them so far!
  7. That is a disgusting PI call, how do they come up with that??
  8. Mahomes will struggle to finish this game at this rate. Who’s their backup?
  9. How are the 2 worst defensive teams only at 13-10 heading to the 4th??
  10. That is a dodgy call......can’t have Mahomes losing and also ruining his stats......
  11. Too busy looking to give the penalty to notice him stepping out!!
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