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Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread


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Just now, JlynRN said:


Because they are being trolls.

Watching the game and understanding the flow of it, does not make one a troll. 


It is 24-7 and as we knew it would be. The defense hasn't consistently played well, while the Chief's offense has been outstanding.

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2 minutes ago, coming on strong said:

we really need a new QB i was never sold on luck he is not the next coming of anything . he is about to be 30 next year he already peaked we know what he is .   By age 30 manning was the best QB in the league . luck is not good he is a matt ryan / mattew stafford .

Honestly I think a big BIG issue with Luck this year is he just does not run the ball when it is available.  He is a good runner and at this point defenses don't respect it all. 


I think he has been so jaded and paranoid from coaches telling him not to run that he is totally gun shy.


Plus, as I have said 100 times, he still is not throwing the ball right.

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4 hours ago, Lucky Colts Fan said:


I have a feeling we're all a little different face-to-face.  I know I'm a little more introverted in real life than I am on these forums.


I've accused some members like @NewColtsFan, @throwing BBZ, @BOTT, @crazycolt1, and @DougDew of being condescending in their posts (and I'm sure I'm guilty of it too), but I assume everyone is very nice and respectful when they're face-to-face with others.


There's just more of a personal connection when you're face-to-face with someone and can see their facial expressions and tone and emotional intention.  As opposed to just reading what they typed in whatever tone you're using in your head without really knowing how they meant it to come off while they were typing it.


Bottom line is we're all Colts fans on the same team, and we're all rooting for a win today!!!  Go Colts!  :colts:

Bull.  You use the word "wrong" when talking about others opinion.  You use the word "right" when talking about yours.


If you wouldn't start posts by being a jerk, you wouldn't misperceive others as being condensing when they simply show you your opinions are usually unsupported extremes.

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Just now, The Old Crow said:

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor ?

Stop. We aren’t coming back against this team. Eberflus is getting schooled and has no answers. We aren’t as good as what everyone wanted to make us out to be on defense. We have a lot of work to do in the offseason. Leonard is proving he isn’t as good as we thought either.

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2 minutes ago, Turftoe said:

From here on out every possession is 4 downs. Gotta consider on sides kicks, too (if we score).


1 minute ago, iuecon99 said:

I think Reich will onside kick to start second half.  Go for something to shake it up.  Can't stop them.


With the new kickoff rules, onside kicks are almost impossible to recover.

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2 minutes ago, Flash7 said:

Watching the game and understanding the flow of it, does not make one a troll. 


It is 24-7 and as we knew it would be. The defense hasn't consistently played well, while the Chief's offense has been outstanding.


No but the constant stream of inane negativity that's not founded in anything is borderline.

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    • A large part of vocal Vikings fans in the popular forum are homers, and if we get another Christian Ponder, they'd spend two or more years hyping him up as better than Kirk Cousins.. in fact, they spent more than half a decade saying Kirk will take next step and be a force in playoffs or important games. Funnily, he started playing more freely only in last two years as he has achieved enough financial freedom and he ended up injured, which is why Kirk has been very careful to not get injured for most of his career at the expense of making plays outside the structure. Kirk is pretty smart taking care of his career and earnings and subsequent contracts heavily favored on his terms, and fans didn't realize, some even now.    The reason I'm saying all that is respectability is very subjective. I don't know what's worse for the respectability than not even sniffing play-off success for decades save for a year or two here and there and having won no SBs in 6 decades but just being a Middling team year after year, not picking even close to either top 5 or bottom 5 in the draft.    It's better to lose QB and WR, if it helps find a franchise QB for Vikings. Like Bears, Vikings franchise QB history is only good for homers. There's nothing worse than being perennial average team, and trying to find FUN in the season. Vikings don't have an RB and run game too, after discarding Dalvin Cook needlessly.   I'd say respectability be damned, be absolute worst if you've to, and only focus Vikings should have is finding their franchise QB. If this GM is not looking seriously at that, I'm not sure what their plan will be. This GM has looked like running headless chicken so far, but he's got good HC and DC for now. Let's see what they do, but they don't need to sell the farm to find franchise QB, they just need to have sole focus in finding one in next few years and grab the opportunity with both hands when it is presented or do make necessary moves to get that opportunity present itself.    Having said that, we talk about trading JJ only because he's made some statements and has been visibly upset or get lonely during losses or when the team is gonna miss playoffs. If Diggs does the same, they'd call him absolute Diva but JJ has made more scathing remarks publicly so we're thinking it may not be good idea to have an elite WR get disgruntled every year and Rather help him get to a contender (Like Texans as you said) and utilize the return in finding a franchise QB. 
    • I do want to follow this up with, If I see someone that really wow's me, I would consider taking them over Bowers. You have to be open minded in this thing and study different area's. I just see Bowers as a can't miss. If Bowers and Odunze both are there at #15, I would be 50/50 on who to take. I doubt both will be there though.
    • I just seen this and normally I would agree with you about the Pacers, but I think they will be a very tough out in these playoffs. This team looks different than the one's that have recently had a decent record, but we knew would be 1 and done. They are #1 in offense is why. They can outscore almost every team in the league most nights. They would have a better record, but Haliburton missed 2 weeks earlier in the season. Boston is the only team in the East that looks dominant, but they tend to choke every year, so I am not even sold on them. I think the Pacers at worse end up with a #6, stay out of that playin and will win a series if not 2 this year.    Regarding Clark, she is the best College Basketball player I have ever seen with the exception of Cheryl Miller, Reggie's sister. That says a lot because players Diana Taurasi, Maya Moore, Brittney Griner, and Candice Parker who were no slouch in college.
    • Bowers of course but all WR's and Edge Rushers. I want to see the over all speed of some of the Edge Rushers, and WR's. Can't teach speed. That is why Polian couldn't pass on Dwight Freeney because he was fast and quick, even though undersized he was our 1st Round pick back in 2002. Polian got mocked for the pick at the time, but he said that was a no-brain pick after watching Dwight at the combine. Once Freeney ran that 4.48 40 it was history!
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