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  1. Problem is for every player like Mahomes, there’s dozens of busts. Trying to find one is hard enough. Let alone being able to sign them.
  2. I’m not familiar enough with the chiefs salary cap situation to say for sure but if he can keep the core together, why not go another round.
  3. I can see him sticking around till the Mahomes rookie contract, good point. But I think the next HC will have their work cut out for them dealing with the monster contract he’s gonna get
  4. Has anyone checked Vegas? We had WRs but when Funchess and Campbell went out we didn’t have a legit number 2.
  5. I’m holding out hope that Ballard wasn’t sure JB was gonna be the guy so he held back. Our lack of depth showed this year.
  6. You sure it wasn’t gonna be about how Manning would jaw stress the refs? You sure? Cuz I don’t think you were asking randomly if I was a Manning fan. But hey, gotta save face I guess.
  7. Apparently you can only be fans of players, not teams.
  8. Is there a point you’re trying to make?
  9. So you can only be fans of a player not the team? Be a better fan.
  10. First off, old timers is ageist. Secondly, it’s one thing to have “swag” (or swagger for those with a functioning prefrontal cortex), but he’s a professional. You don’t see carpenters throwing a hissy fit when the grain isn’t cooperating. The rest is hogwash. In the Manning years I disliked players like that as well.
  11. So because someone doesn’t like a player they can’t post on a message board? That logic tho...
  12. Just pointing out the primadona can’t escape his natural tendency to sob to the refs.
  13. Even taking a knee he’s crying to the refs
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