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  1. Or, and hear me out on this, a good pocket QB would’ve checked down or dumped it off. Enough times and the defense will have to adjust.
  2. I’d be curious to see, since pressure was a factor, if there was a dump off/check down receiver as part of a safety valve. If there wasn’t, why didn’t Reid/Co. call more plays to account for the pressure? If there was, why didn’t Mahomes use them? Mahomes usually thrives in his scrambling due to his accuracy but it seems that falls apart with disciplined DBs and backfields who stay with their assignments regardless of how long the play lasts.
  3. Definitely a down era for the NFC. AFC has to take advantage while they can.
  4. Good point. I think Brady has the edge in reading defenses and having an answer to certain schemes. He’s seen just about all of them. Mahomes will learn and get better. This will likely end up being good for him. Nothing motivates a guy like Mahomes better than losing.
  5. Kelce had two uncharacteristic drops and there was a drop in the end zone. Agree that’s unusual but he was 26 of 49. Not gonna put the picks on him as those were deflections. I think you’re right that Mahomes is the better QB overall but I can’t say tonight showed that. Brady was 21 of 29. Great QBs overcome great defenses. Tonight Mahomes just didn’t have the answer to Tampa’s D.
  6. Great QBs learn to pick up those blitzes. We all saw Manning do the same year after year. Not saying he isn’t the better QB but you can’t use tonight as your measure.
  7. Bad officiating doesn’t explain the 2nd half performance. Edit* Sorry I saw you acknowledged this. My bad.
  8. Gonna have to disagree. He may be the better QB but you can’t use tonight as an example. He was under duress but his inability to pick up the blitz (coupled with poor play calling which is beyond his control) is what doomed him.
  9. Agreed. The backyard ball works until you come across a disciplined defense who stay focused until the whistle.
  10. Sadly you’re likely correct.
  11. Well congrats to the Bucs. They were clearly the better team tonight. Chiefs just failed.
  12. KC has just played abysmally. They did not show up tonight.
  13. Overall Tampa has played great. Solid play at every level. KC just could not answer.
  14. Agreed. No place for that in the game.
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