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  1. And that ladies and gents, is why today’s media is mostly garbage.
  2. Not sure how you think I was being disrespectful. RG3 in his first year was really good. Mobile QBs (ie guys who rely on going outside of their pocket) who are better mobile typically don’t fare well once injuries settle in. There’s been a host of QBs who were great early on but once injuries and age come into play they are human. McNabb was somewhat of an exception. Look at his numbers when he’s contained in his pocket. They’re still good but not anywhere near when he can scramble out.
  3. He reminds me of a more skilled RG3. But unlike him, he doesn’t really run and uses his athleticism to move in the backfield to extend plays. But like him, once injuries set in, he becomes very beatable.
  4. Yea how dare they have a conversation about a glaring issue ON A MESSAGE BOARD OF ALL PLACES?! Some people have no decency.
  5. Game balls to both lines tonight. They won the game.
  6. Our guys get straight up tackled two plays in a row.
  7. Fans calling for a flag. Like maybe a hold in the end zone?
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