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  1. All the more reason for him to consider the colts eh?
  2. Im sure Allen appreciates his o-line sticking up for him but I’m sure he’d appreciate it even more if they stopped pretending to be a sieve.
  3. That’s what happens when you figuratively take the game onto your shoulders and try for literally anything.
  4. You know it takes a crazy amount of effort when you’re being tackled to do that right?
  5. All the penalty yards on one side, 15 on the other. Call it even I guess?
  6. Eh he got hit after the whistle. Should be off setting penalties.
  7. Lot to unpack there. KC took a shot after the whistle, Allen threw the ball at 97 and then the O lineman bulldozed 97 after he was standing over Allen taunting/responding to the ball hitting him. Offsetting flags, move on.
  8. I think Tampa just found the secret to winning in two weeks.
  9. I don’t see Brady being able to keep up if the Bucs defense fails to contain KC.
  10. Unless Arians can keep his defense on this hot streak we might have a snoozer.
  11. I’m thinking Pete Carroll will soon be out of the good graces of Seattle’s leadership. Another let down of a season and that could start the process of him moving on.
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