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  1. I was kinda kidding but really the pass game opened up the run game for us.
  2. Refs got together seeing if there was any way we could be screwed over again.
  3. I was under the impression any hit in the area of the knees would be a penalty.
  4. Should’ve been offsetting penalties. Tired of refs letting Wentz get abused.
  5. I would like to see the defense keep pitching a no TD game. Build confidence.
  6. All I’m saying is that it was ruled a fumble. I saw lots of movement that was not related to securing the ball after he had both hands on it.
  7. Made contact with the defender before the ball was out. That’s a move.
  8. Ball hits both hands. He transfers it to one hand and drops it. Other hand goes to block a defender at the same time. At why point is it “caught”?
  9. Had two hands on the ball, went to tuck it away and fumbled it.
  10. He moved to secure it. Moved to block a defender. Edit - And he turned upfield.
  11. 13 plays and 6 minutes off the board for 3 points? That’s a win. Our offense should be able to put up TDs.
  12. They’re taking away the deep threats. You force them to make more plays that are shorter which in turns allows for more plays which means more opportunities for them to mess it up or we get a sack/TO.
  13. Don’t like they cut away without saying what the flag was.
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