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  1. Whether the Colts win or lose should not factor into that decision. You don't cut somebody if you lose because of them but keep them if you win in spite of them. AV's performance was what it was regardless of whether this ends up being an L or a W. His performance is what should decide his fate.
  2. I'm not going to go that far because, in my opinion, missing a 45+-yard FG isn't "taking points off the table," because those are hit or miss anyway. He is routinely missing PATs, though, and those should be close to automatic. I know they are farther out than they used to be, but they should still be pretty high percentage. I shouldn't be nervous about whether or not my kicker can make a PAT.
  3. I hate your premonitions. *sigh* I think Reich needs to seriously consider taking kicking off the table in terms of play calling. If they were 1/3 on 2-point conversions, they would be one point up right now.
  4. I think he is what I have always thought that he was.......a serviceable backup. I would love for him to wow me and prove me wrong. I just don't see it happening.
  5. If you're the Titans, you've gotta be feeling pretty good right now. You just weathered a storm the could have left you in a pretty tough spot.
  6. Age catches up with everybody eventually. There's no shame in it. During Manning's last season with the Broncos, there were many that didn't want to acknowledge that his play had dropped off dramatically. To anybody that was observing objectively, though, it was clear that he was no longer playing at an NFL level.
  7. Even if that's what it was, it's a PAT. Unless the snap/hold was just completely botched (e.g. Tony Romo back in the day), then the kicker ought to be able to correct for it. I think anybody that is looking at this objectively can see that AV has some problems. The way he has been performing so far, he is not an NFL-level kicker.
  8. Reassembling it. He had to change out a broken belt.
  9. That's exactly what Sorgi said........minus the season being over part.
  10. It would be nice for him to get a little redemption, but even if he does kick the game winner he is still a concern going forward until he can demonstrate consistency.
  11. Early on, it looked like this game was going to get ugly. If I was a Chargers fan, I would be irate right now.
  12. He definitely didn't contribute to winning it, but it's not lost yet.
  13. I was unaware of that. Nix what I said, then. I was unaware that they changed the rule, so I can't comment as I don't know the new rule. The old rule was very consistent. Once I saw a replay, I could call that one correctly about 95% of the time because the rule was very clear cut. If they are now allowing the refs more judgment on the calls, then there is going to be more inconsistency.
  14. It doesn't matter if his foot and elbow touched before he bobbled it. When going to the ground while making a catch, you have to maintain possession all the way to the ground. That is the rule. If he bobbled it at all and touched out of bounds, then it is incomplete.
  15. Yes. You have to maintain possession as you hit the ground. If the ground knocks it loose, that is incomplete.
  16. I'm listening to the radio play by play while I'm doing some work, and when I'm not paying full attention I can't tell which way the plays are going based on the crowd noise like I usually can. Any time there is a big play, it sounds the same regardless of who made the play.
  17. The fumble recovery could have been huge. Still nice to see the D get a stop when it was sorely needed, though.
  18. What an up-and-down game. Look like garbage, look like garbage, look like garbage, big play, repeat.
  19. This whole season is basically one long preseason for the Colts. It isn't about winning this season. It is about preparing this team to win in the future.
  20. It's not AV's responsibility to retire if he can't perform any more. It is the team management's responsibility to cut him. If a player wants to continue to play and there is a team that is willing to sign him, then go ahead and continue to play. It is the responsibility of the management of each team to determine whether having a player on the team hurts or helps the team.
  21. I wish I could say that it surprises me when that happens, but at this point it really doesn't.
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