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  1. threeflight

    Game 1 Analysis / Thoughts

    I though the Colts looked good. A few plays, and ref calls, that go the other way and the Colts win pretty easily. I thought they looked better today than at anytime last year. The coaching was head and tails above what we have seen the past how many years. That being said, I still have issues with Nelson. Not that he is a bad player. He isn't. He will be a very good player. But a guard, a left guard, is just not that valuable to the overall team. A middling average talent would have about as much effect on a game as someone who is way above average. Why? Because the position is not that crucial. So far we have had Hooker and Nelson as our 2 first round picks. Both are really good talents, but as far as position and importance to the team? I don't see it. I think we blew it and will look back at those 2 picks as the ones 'that got away'. I will say it again, Ballard is not impressing me. At all. From his FA signings (or lack thereof) to this drafts.....I'm not seeing it.
  2. threeflight

    Chris Ballard

    The bolded above was my impression in the Ballard thread I started a few days ago. Actually I have noticed it since day one. And I'm not really sure why. He comes across as competent, smart, well spoken. But he so far has not at all shown he can lead a team to greatness. Quite the opposite. Maybe he is so far different from Grigson that people think he is better than he really is and won't look at any other opinion with an open mind without calling the other person a troll. Reminds me VERY MUCH of the people who call anyone who likes Trump and disagrees with the left a Nazi. Both are ridiculous.
  3. threeflight

    Ballard is not impressing me.....

    I disagree. I think Simon is a really good player. And on the Colts D? He would be considered one of their best players. To cut the guy? Fits in with the narrative I have been talking about for a year. CB is an ego driven narcissistic man.
  4. threeflight

    Ballard is not impressing me.....

    I agree. 10/10 story.
  5. threeflight

    Ballard is not impressing me.....

    These are the defensive players the team has cut this offseason due to the scheme change: Jon Hankins, Henry Anderson, John Simon, Rashan Melvin. Uhhhh what? And the fact Ballard did it to keep a guy, Basham, who can't play? Boggles my mind. Why did that happen? EGO. Because Ballard drafted Basham and Simon was just a FA pick up. I told you guys last winter that Ballard came across to me as a guy with a huge ego, and this confirms it. Not buying this at all. This team is gonna be bad and possibly unwatchable. Luck tends to start slow in games and get better. If the D is getting gashed on the ground it will shorten games and make comebacks unlikely. Letting a playmaker go to keep someone who is a prayer is incompetence at its finest. So many (too many) similarities between Ballard and Grigson. What is the plan here? Because I don't see one. Getting rid of hardworking GOOD players sends a very bad message to the rest of the team. I'm done with the guy.
  6. threeflight

    Ballard is not impressing me.....

    I'm sorry. But now he releases Simon???? Just smh. I am very VERY not impressed now lol.
  7. threeflight

    Ballard is not impressing me.....

    No I am saying first and second round picks are hit and miss....for any GM. Mack was a major hit therefore worth a first and second. Actually looks like he is worth 2 firsts to the Bears. Congrats to the Bears. They are making major inroads towards improving their team. The Colts? We got Luck back. Besides that? Where are we getting better?
  8. threeflight

    Ballard is not impressing me.....

    That's a pretty moderate package for someone of his caliber. You don't remember who some of our first round picks have been over the years? Do names like Dorsett, Werner, Kelly, Brown, Hughes, and Gonzales not ring a bell???
  9. threeflight

    Ballard is not impressing me.....

    No. I'm Bill Polian.
  10. threeflight

    Ballard is not impressing me.....

    Oh brah. Brah brah brah. It's all about working out and lots and lots of vit C and lysine. In fact I even own a supp company based on heavy vit C. I take up to 20 grams a day. That is about 20,000% more than most people get a day. Humans are one of only 3 animals in the world that don't make it in our bodies, hence why we suffer so many diseases. Believe it or not I just turned 50.
  11. threeflight

    Ballard is not impressing me.....

    First of all thank you to all who answered my OP with thoughtful analysis. I don't care if you disagree with me, but at least come back with something better than 'troll'. I'm not a troll. Far from it. I go back to the Bert Jones days. I used to sit for hours in the car trying to pick up games on the radio as a kid or moving the TV antenna around to see a snowed tv screen that 'might' have the Colts on that channel. I literally cried when the Colts beat the Pats to go to the SB. I used to wear only Colt clothes. I'm just a huge fan. That being said, I am just not impressed with Ballard so far. Maybe people were so sick of Grigson that Ballard's professionalism makes him seem better than he is, but as far as his actions that affect the team I don't see much. I remember back in some of the Polian drafts, and even Grigsons first, you could just see "it" in some of the picks. And I just don't see it when looking at most of Ballards picks so far. I hope I'm wrong, maybe I am, but so far nothing really impresses me besides the obvious first round picks and Leonard. I didn't like either of the lineman taken early this year for example, and I didn't like Basham last year. We will see. As far as FA's, I like Simon, Sheard, and that's about it. I thought he could have done much more to improve the OL and LB positions. He didn't. Maybe he will. And btw...if I can? I trade for Mack in a heart beat. People way way wayyyyyyyyy overestimate early picks imo. Look at our picks. How many will be stars? Or even starters?? If you can get Mack for a first and second imo you do that no questions asked. He is a star. Chances are those 2 picks might only have one starter, and the chances of being a star or slim if you look at draft history.
  12. threeflight

    Ballard is not impressing me.....

    I agree will add that to the list.
  13. threeflight

    Ballard is not impressing me.....

    I said this last winter and I will say it again after this draft. IMO GM Ballard is not impressing me in the least. I know he talks a good game, and comes across as someone who seems to know what he is doing, but his actions imo leave much to be desired. FA signings have been mediocre at best. And he has not used the plethora of money he has at his disposal to really get anyone of consequence. Totally bungled the backup QB situation last year expecting to go into the season starting the worst Qb in the world. Is that guy even still in the league? Bungled the coaching search. His drafts have been this. Malik Hooker FSOhio State Quincy Wilson CBFlorida Tarell Basham OLBOhio Zach Banner OTUSC Marlon Mack RBSouth Florida Grover Stewart DTAlbany State Nate Hairston CBTemple Anthony Walker Jr.ILBNorthwestern Quenton Nelson Guard Notre Dame Darius Leonard LinebackerSouth Carolina State Braden Smith GuardAuburnFrom NY Jets Kemoko Turay Defensive endRutgersFrom Baltimore via Philadelphia Tyquan Lewis Defensive endOhio StateFrom Philadelphia via Cleveland Nyheim Hines Running backNC State Daurice Fountain Wide receiverNorthern IowaFrom Kansas City via Cleveland, New England, and Oakland Jordan Wilkins Running backOle MissFrom Philadelphia Deon Cain Wide receiverClemsonFrom Oakland Matthew Adams LinebackerHouston Zaire Franklin LinebackerSyracuse For a guy who says he is wanting to build through the draft, and yes I realize it is early in the process, but besides a couple of we really see any standouts here? Hooker, Nelson, Leonard and then??? Mack? Maybe. Hariston???? All those guys and so far we see just a few that look like they may amount to something more than just filler?? I mean cmon. What is this guy doing? I want to root for him more than anyone but so far, color me not impressed.
  14. threeflight

    [Lombardi] Deon Cain's injury might be season-ending

    I believe you absolutely have to get Dez Bryant in here now. It's good for everyone. He wants a one year contract. The Colts would not want to give him more than a one year contract. He wants to be on a team with a good qb and offense. The Colts have that. It's a win win for everyone.
  15. threeflight

    Ballard's Draft Brilliance

    This is exactly how I feel. Third grade of a C or lower I have seen. From MSN. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS | C This might be the strangest class of them all. Quenton Nelson may be the best player in the whole draft, which made him a steal at No. 6 overall. After that, things got weird in a hurry. A small-school linebacker and another guard at the top of the second round, then a pair of trade-ups for edge defenders that went much earlier than expected. The highlights of Day 3 were explosive offensive weapons in Nyheim Hines and Deon Cain (what a steal in the sixth), but other than those two, it was projects galore. Daurice Fountain is intriguing, though. Overall, considering how many premium picks they had to work with, the Colts could have done so much more for a roster than needs so many impact players on both sides of the ball. Ballard keeps going for depth. Hello? You just had how many top picks? Why are you going for depth? We need STARTERS. With that many picks, to get a grade of anything but a B or higher is terrible. He talks a big game, but in reality he is very VERY conservative. Same goes with the FA signings.