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  1. Looks great there. Can't imagine how he doesn't play if he can do that.
  2. I totally get it. That is why I think it may take an ownership proposal to make him come in.
  3. I think we are somewhere in between the 1-5 start and the great finish from last year. Did not see a ton of improvement from a personal standpoint over the off season. Meanwhile the Browns, as much as I hate to admit this, have more talent and acquired more talent over the off season. So this really doesn't surprise me. IMO Browns go to the SB. They are that good.
  4. Which only confirms my thoughts that he needs to be hired by the Colts NOW. He is one in a million. IF the Colts waste precious years without him? Their loss.
  5. IMO with Luck or without Luck against SD? Total blowout. Either Luck is rusty and injured. Or It is Jacoby. IMO bet the Chargers minus anything under -9. Last I saw was Chargers -4. Total gimmee.
  6. From what I have seen....I would take Hogan. Pascal has never impressed me.
  7. Very true....but you can also look at it another way. They started out 1-5 I believe and everyone here was saying just suck for another high pick. I don't think anyone predicted the run out end of year. But they got hot (mainly because of the OL and the cupcake schedule) and ran into a team in Houston in the first round that they always beat. But once they met reality in the Chiefs? It was game over. So.....lets just 'assume' the Colts take a step back in the OL this year with Mudd. And the Luck situation. And the much tougher schedule. It is really that much of a stretch to go back to the 1-5 start team? With all of those preconditions in place? IMO no. TBH I would have rather the Colts finish 5-11 and be a little more realistic about things so they could improve more than how they finished. I think it gave them a false sense of accomplishment. I do think their D will be better this year, but I was not at all impressed with the Colts O the last few games of last year, really not impressed against the Chiefs, and I have seen nothing this year in TC that changes that opinion.
  8. Yeah he has really changed as well. Only 4 years older than me too.
  9. They need to hire Peyton for something. At least get him involved. Really surprised they haven't so far.
  10. No question. My point is trying to build that perfect team by being patient? In the NFL that really doesn't work unless you have a BB from the Pats as your head guy. Normal NFL teams have a 2-3 year window to work with. Hopefully the Colts get a little more aggressive next off season. At this point I am predicting the Colts go 8-8 give or take a game. I think it has been a very bad off season and training camp and believe it or not that does carry over to the season. I love the Browns this year. IMO they have a chance to go to the SB. Had a great off season. Great training camp so far. Lots of positive energy. Meanwhile the Colts have had nothing but negativity.
  11. Wow does Mudd look different from what I remember. It really is true, you shrink when you go past 65 or so.
  12. The entire thing never made any sense to me. You go from one of the worst OLs to one of the best....and you fire the guy? Over a disagreement with a backup? I don't get it. I love Mudd, but he is way past his prime. IMO, and I said this back when it happened, this could be a giant mistake.
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