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  1. Really like him. I said today I think his arm is stronger and his release is quicker than Luck's. If he can keep his head together? He could be really good. I see NFL qb written all over him.
  2. A caller actually brought it up, and DD said he may agree with him. Said a year ago he would never believe it, but now? Thinks it is possible.
  3. Man I sure hope not. He is average...at best. I think below. Nothing he has ever shown me has led to me to think otherwise.
  4. There are numerous you tube people who go Vegan and chronicle their (using Luck's words) 'journey'. 99 x out of 100, after a year or so, they all go back to eating meat and talk about how their body basically fell apart during their vegan time.
  5. The point is...for $25 M a year? I wouldn't quit. Luck did. Are you even real life? I see a lot of people like you here in S Cal. You love to worship people you have never met. Do you go to the Marvel movies thinking those people are real life? Captain America your hero? I have news for you.... Most people are fake as can be. Stop thinking of these athletes as people that are 100% infallible. Luck showed his true colors. You don't want to admit that? THAT IS ON YOU.
  6. I am 50. I realize I may look young. But I do NOT think old. Youtube Above & Beyond. I see them whenever possible. Will keep you young. Lift. Eat well. Be young at heart. THAT IS KEY.
  7. I did the same thing. About 4 years ago I tore my right rotator cuff doing cable flies. Didn't want to have surgery because I couldn't work out. Bowl. Play tennis. Hockey etc.\ I kept working out even with the bad shoulder. Might have missed 4 days. And when I say I tore it? I mean the shoulder slipped out of joint constantly. Actually made a clicking noise. The doctor heard the noise and sent me right away to the ER for an MRI. I said F it. Constant pain. I had to move the shoulder up and down just to get it back in place. I kept going. Wasn't paid a dime.
  8. To play a game I grew up playing since I was 4? Hell no I wouldn't have quit.
  9. Boom. Bingo. Nailed it. We all have issues. This guy GOT PAID $25 M a year to play. On a good team. His teammates depended on him. He went bye bye.
  10. Especially when you have 50 something other players depending on you. And a fanbase. And a franchise.
  11. I am a big reality TV fan. I have a very good friend that was huge on the Bachelor and Bachelors in Paradise. In fact his first name begins with our 3rd string QB. I am starting a CBD reality show type company with him. I realize that many of you may not notice this, but Luck uses the words "journey' and 'process' a ton. As in all of the time. One thing that reality stars are taught to do, and I have heard this straight from my buddy's mouth after 5 beers, is to use those words...and to fake cry and show you are vulnerable, as much as possible. THAT IS ONE OF THE main reasons I don't believe a lot of what Luck says. He uses those words. {Process. Vulnerable. Journey.) He fakes emotion. Did we really see any tears yesterday? I didn't. I saw faux tears like I see on the Bachelor every week and that my bro tells me they ARE TAUGHT TO DO. He gives this awwwww shucks giggly I am so wonderful attitude? And he is at the surface a good guy. But deep down? He thinks of one person. Himself. Hence why he quit 2 weeks before a season starts. Stop being fooled.
  12. See that is the difference between guys like Luck? And guys like Tom Brady or Michael Jordan. Luck got his money and was content with that. Guys like Jordan and Brady? They just want to f'ing win. The money was the gravy. I am the same. Money is great. But the feeling of winning? Of being the best? When you breathe your last breath...that is what will make you feel good. Luck can look back at his life when he is ready to die and say...'wth did I do?' He as one of the greatest talents ever to come out of college..even HS...and he won jack ****.
  13. Yeah I was thinking the same. I think if left to his own devices...he retires last winter. Which...coming off of the AFC champ game....is almost impossible to believe.
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