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  1. This was really the only move that could be made right now. Pagano is too nice a of a guy and liked by the public, and more importantly by his team who have not quit on him, to fire today. Grigson? You can't fire the GM in the middle of the season. Whereas with Luck's regression and the constantly slow starts from the offense, and with Chud being available to take over, this was a no brainer. Pep just never changed. He refused to run the type of offense this team needs, and he paid for it.
  2. Andrew Luck is my favorite player in the league. Bar none. I love the Colts. I have told everyone and their brother the past 4 years that unless something drastic happens, Luck would be one of the greatest qbs of all time. But this year? I am sorry, I cannot defend him. He is playing at a Curtis Painter level. He has been brutally bad. I love the Colts, but I do see things with open eyes and without the homer glasses on.
  3. I said his decision making is Jay Cutleresque. Considering he has more turnovers than Cutler the past 3 years, I don't think that is a stretch. Did you see that throw he made on 3rd down right before OT? The one that should have been intercepted? Total brain dead.
  4. 1. He looks fine to me, and he wasn't hurt the first two games of the year when he was terrible. 2. The line has actually been ok since the 3rd game of the season or so. Matt H seemed fine with it. Last night it was great. 3. Running game this year has been awesome. In years past you are right. 4. This I 100% agree with, 5. I think that is a part of it. But more so I just think he is in a deep slump, his confidence is shattered, and he is not as football smart as we all thought. That throw last night, the last one before OT that should have been picked off? A third grad
  5. Honestly, he looked ok to me. Never saw him wince or move his shoulder around like he was in pain. Doesn't look like he is wearing any extra protection on his ribs either, like you see qbs do when they play with broken ribs. He has ALWAYS committed a lot of turnovers and made some bad decisions. The first two games of this year he did as well, and he wasn't hurt then. To me, he is just stayed the same in some areas of his progress, and regressed in others. His decision making is worse than Jay Cutler. Think about that.
  6. Luck has gone from the most accurate passer I have ever seen in college to one where I feel relieved if he hits his receiver anywhere close to the catching zone. To me, he is guiding the ball, throwing it like you would a paper airplane, rather than really throwing it. He has never really flung the ball like the top passers, a Fouts or Rogers or Bert Jones, I mean to me he has always had kind of a weird, lot of palm on the ball/kind of baseball throw delivery, but right now he is REALLY not confident at all in how he will get the ball from point A to point B.
  7. Believe it or not, my wife, who follows the Colts because of me but who is not a huge football fan, looked at him last week and said exactly that. She asked if his wife or gf broke up with him because to her, he seemed really out of it and depressed. In looking at it, he does seem to lack the fire we saw from him the past few years. Not to mention he has lost major velocity on throws.
  8. IF you want to defend Luck? Fine. But I don't care what level you play at, from Pop Warner to the NFL, you DO NOT make that throw that Luck made on 3rd down right before Vin kicked that game tying field goal. He lobbed it into the middle of the field, into 3 man coverage, right into the defender. It was pitiful. You either throw it to a wide open wr or throw it away. You do not do what Luck did. Should have been intercepted and game over. No way I can justify paying $25 M a year to someone who still makes plays like that in his 4th year.
  9. I tend to agree with you, all I am saying is doing something, even if it only has a small chance to be successful, is better than going with the same old same old, which imo has next to no chance to work.
  10. See I can understand people saying this, but do you want to make Luck the highest paid player in football, playing the way he is? I know I don't. When you could instead load yourself up with enough draft picks (and players) so flexibility wise you could set yourself up to be the complete team we all want the Colts to be? I love Andrew Luck, but I just do not see "all time great" and top 3 NFL qb in him right now.
  11. I actually disagree with this. You would be shocked the amount of influence a new voice, outlook, and training regiment can have on an athlete. I trained race horses for many years, and many times, just getting a horse into a new training system/barn can do wonders. I remember two horses I got off another trainer, Swap shop and Red Walter. Bother were good horses but struggling with the trainer they had. As in not making any money and finishing back of the pack most of the time. The owner gave them to me to train and the very next week both won and combined went on to win 12 in a row. No
  12. If I am Irsay....I do this. Bring in Peyton Manning as your next OC or GM, whatever he wants. To me, this is a no brainer. Of course, doing this is contingent upon Manning retiring after this year, but if he keeps playing like this, I don't think there is anyway he doesn't retire. Bring him in (if he is interested-or GM if he would rather go that route), and groom him as a possible head coach (or GM) down the road. Fire the entire coaching staff and RG. Bring in either a Saban, Payton, or Harbaugh as your next head coach. Who is GM? Honestly I don't know. Strongly consider trading
  13. You either need to get rid of RG and leave Pags and Pep, or get rid of Pags and Pep and leave RG with Chud as interim head coach. At some point you need to separate the coaching staff and RG and see how that works.
  14. At issue imo is the fact that Irsay has given RG almost free will to do whatever he can to improve the team, spending $100's of millions, and I cannot honesty say this team is that much better, talent wise, than the 2012 or 2013 teams. Which is inexcusable.
  15. I cannot count the number of times I have seen AJ wide open in the flat and Luck is locked onto TY 20 yards further downfield. Really a severe problem that a 4 year vet should not be making.
  16. Could be Connor Cook, could be someone else. I used him as an example of a good young qb to try and build on and who we do not have to pay a huge amount of money too. The point is he would be just one draft pick out of a plethora of picks and players that we could get for Luck. Our eggs would not all be on one basket like they are about to be. Everyone here talks about Luck and they say "yes he is great". Is he top 5? "Well no, but he is great". I'm sorry, but even Luck at his BEST was still a turnover machine. That is not great. Great is what Aaron Rogers is. Tom Brady is. Manning
  17. I'm not sure if he has to be. With the $25 M that would be saved by not having luck, we could have what.....4-6 draft picks AND a already proven player or two? Is Luck worth that many wins a season compared to what those draft picks AND a proven player or two are? And Connor Cook? At this point I would rather have Cook, the draft picks, and players. And honestly it isn't even a debate for me. And I love Andrew Luck. He has carried this team for 3 years. But no way IN HELL is he worth $25 M a year.
  18. Luck in his last two years at Stanford was the most accurate passer I have ever seen. The ball was a laser, on time, and right on the numbers more times than not. I marveled at how good he was. Since he has been with the Colts, even though he has had some wonderful seasons, that accuracy has not been apparent. Now you add in to that the locking in on one wr (drives me crazy), the turnovers, the inability to concede a long play and instead throw a dump off, throw it away, or take a sack, and that spells what we are seeing today. And I do not, for the life of me, understand why he DOES NO
  19. Absolutely. Not sure what I said that was so crazy. Luck is very VERY average, actually less than average...right now. Even in his best years he has been a turnover machine. This is year 4. Is he considered top 5 right now? No. Is he about to become the highest paid player in the NFL? Yes. Please try to use any facts that you can to justify the Colts paying him $25 M a year? A team like the Chiefs would literally give you their entire draft AND #1 picks for the next 2 years to get Luck. To me it is something that HAS TO BE considered. You simply cannot pay Luck what he will be aski
  20. Honestly? If I were Irsay? Here is what I would do. 1. Get rid or the entire coaching staff and Gm at the end of the year. They have had 4 years of Luck (without having to pay him much) and we have stagnated. Time to go in a new direction. 2. Trade Luck. Yes I know this is considered crazy, and I have told everyone and their brother that Luck is the next Manning. But.....I am just not seeing it anymore. He is regressing in some areas and just treading water in others. For what we would have to pay him after this year, there is just no way I can justify it. And we could get a king
  21. If you really want to think outside the box....our coach for next year is Peyton Manning. Can you imagine Peyton coming home to coach Andrew Luck? There is no one smarter in football. Would be a dream scenario.
  22. How about this for head coach next year? Peyton Manning. Boom! IF guys like Chuck Pagano and Jim Caldwell can be a head coach, I darn well promise you Peyton can be. There is no one smarter in football. Would be a dream scenario.
  23. I blame Luck and his regression on two things, and they both relate to poor coaching. I think Luck is great, but there is always been something 'off' about him imo. Something that kept him from being even better. I have never really been able to put my finger on it until now. 1. Since he first got into the league, he has continually fixated on one wr. First it was Wayne, and now Hilton. For example with Hilton, he will throw to him, sometimes 30 yards downfield with double coverage, while he has a RB, TE, or another WR wide open 5-10 yards downfield. I have counted numerous times th
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