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  1. Just understand that I am a big fan of Bill Polian and the job he did as GM, along with guys like Teddy M. and Tony D and even Jim M as coach. I am not all about spending money willy nilly. But when I see an opp to spend a little cash, not a ton but enough, to really say "we feel as good as anyone about winning the SB"? Compared to we just hope to get in the playoffs? And then we don't do it? I think it is a huge opp lost. That is why I get the holier than thou "awww shucks" vibe from CB. He doesn't come across as a showman....but he is. One never knows what will happen in 2 years as far as who we have as a team. I do have reasonable guess as to what our team will be this year.
  2. I totally agree with this. That is EXACTLY what Ballard says. That doesn't make him right. I could say as my mantra that I am going to kill xxx's first born....and again just because I say it, a 1000 or a millions times, with conviction, doesn't make it right. I am a big believer that people these days are so used to being hoodwinked and F'd over and just out and out scammed, that if someone like Ballard comes along, who seems so sincere and righteous, that no matter what he says...people will believe it. And again....that doesn't make him right.
  3. Funchess got beat out by a rookie in 2018 and was benched the last game of the season. He may do well for the Colts but trust me he was not setting the world on fire with the Panthers. He is the equivalent to Ryan Grant with the Redskins in 2017..... stats back that up. Would you pay $10 m year to Grant plus $3 M in incentives? I don't think so. It was overpay city. And I think you go with the party line no matter the cost. And?
  4. Doesn't matter. This is a message board for people to offer their opinion. That is my opinion. BTW I am the same guy who predicted the financial fall of 2008, Brexit, and a Trump win in 2016. I am a daytrader. Part of that is learning how to deal with people and how they think. It really influences how stocks act. I understand that football and stock fluctuations may seem worlds apart...but I am telling you Ballard is a guy who thinks he is smarter than everyone else. It may be his downfall.
  5. Bingo. Nailed it. This. We have the most cap space of anyone. To be frugal now, after a 10-6 one playoff win season, with Luck in his prime? Pure ego and trying to prove you are better and smarter than everyone else and NOT doing what is best for the city of Indy, Colts fans, and the Indy Colts franchise. He is a guy that wants to prove he can spend the least amount of money and still do better than anyone else. Sorry guys but Ballard is an ego maniac and I have said that since day 1. I got the feeling since his day one presser. I deal with people like this all of the time so I get a good feel for people like this. Don't get me wrong..he is a smart guy. But he thinks he is smarter than he is.
  6. I am beginning to think this may play more into it than I originally thought. Kind of like the Orioles for so many years. Not the richest owner so they normally didn't spend much for FA's and let their best players like Machado go.
  7. They are not scary good imo. They have very few players on the team that I consider elite. They benefited from an easy second half schedule with teams who had poor qbs. Anytime we played a team with a really good qb? We lost. We are a decent team the way we stand.
  8. Very good points and one I have been talking about for a while now. Sure, no one wants to overspend on players. Even really good ones like Collins. That was an overpay for a safety who is limited in how he can affect the game. But there were players available, both in FA and via trade, that could have turned the Colts from right now who looks like a fringe playoff team to a legit SB contender. And after all, isn't that what this is all about? To try and contend for the SB every year? It isn't to see who can have the most money in the bank at the end of the year. I think if the Colts had gone 5-11 or 6-10 last year, like they started out 1-5....then ok, don't break the bank and stay status quo with the draft and second tier free agents. But considering the Colts finished strong at 10-6 and won a playoff game? I don't see any reason why they could not have gone out and gotten one of the better game changers available. A Bell. A AB. A OBJ. Even a T Williams would have helped. Luck has an injury history. He is now 30. He isn't a kid anymore. He has a lot of tread on those tires. To stay status quo and 'hope' a SB window opens up 2-3 years down the road as it appears the plan is? When Luck is 32-33? I don't get that. To me that is very passive thinking in the NFL-Not for Long league. Whether we spend another $3 M on a player per year to bring in a stud is not going to make or break the salary cap, and it sure as hell doesn't affect our life in the least. The owners and players all make great money from this sport. We got better faster than anyone thought. There is nothing wrong with adapting your approach to free agency as a result WHILE WE HAVE THE MONEY AND WHILE SO MANY PLAYERS ARE ON ROOKIE CONTRACTS. Because in 2-3 years, when Ballard wants to be really good? Those rookie contracts expire and who can we sign then? Plus Luck will be up for more money. We had a window here to add a couple truly elite players and we blew it. Plain and simple. I think we will look back on this FA period as a big big lost opportunity.
  9. Not sure why we need him. Seems to be filling space just because. If we weren't going to get Bell, I was fine with Mack, Wilkins, and Hines.
  10. Again, if he plays well the odds of Ballard paying him more than $13 M a year is a million to 1. He wouldnt even pay Bell or Ab that. He isn't going to pay Funchess that kind of cash. And if he doesn't play well.....we don't pay him either. So he is a one year rental, but going by his career stats, not a very good rental when compared to other wrs out there. That is what I keep saying. There were much better options out there and that would have eliminated this charade game we keep playing every year at #2 going all the way back to A Johnson. For example I do not recall one person on this board the past 2 months saying they want Devin Funchess as the Colts 2019 #2 wr. I did hear a ton about Williams, Humphries, AB and OBJ. Williams is rated pretty highly by just about everyone, including me and the eye test. He is good. Very good. Which is why people had him going to the Colts. So basically, since the chances of Williams not being here next year are pretty high, we are spinning our wheels once again at #2 instead of finding a more complete and better long term solution. Because I am telling you, Funchess is nothing to write home about. He is ok. But he won't beat a NE or a KC with this athletic ability, and that is what we needed...more playmakers.
  11. So you are saying you would rather go through a year where we are not entirely confident about how Funchess will perform, but that is ok because he has to earn his money.....which btw is as much or more than some higher rated wrs received. This isn't $5 M we are talking. This is $10-13 M. So you are ok with being unsure how he will perform-which is what we have gone through the past 5 years with our #2 wr, but you would rather have that than locking up a better guy like a Williams for 2-4 years at a cheaper yearly $ and NOT have to worry about how that WR will perform and NOT have to worry about another situation arising like last year where Luck basically had a lame TY to throw to and then a bunch of scrubs a wr. I don't understand that logic at all.
  12. I have explained it. You are choosing not to understand it. I would rather have a better WR in Williams locked up for 2-4 years at $11 M per year than a lesser WR in Funchess for one year at $10-$13 M per year. Lets say Funchess does well. The chances that we resign him are slim as his price will go up. Lets say he doesn't do well. The chances are we don't resign him as he well....sucks. So instead we are wasting valuable cap space, resources, and time on a guy that probably won't be here next year regardless. We have to do the same thing all over next year. I would much rather have a better WR in Williams locked up for at least 2 years so that: A. We don't have to worry about a #2 wr for two years at least. It's one less issue to worry about. B. If he does well we don't have to worry about him leaving after one year and having to find another WR all over again. C. He gives the Colts time to either develop Cain or find another wr in the draft. D. He is just a better WR than Funchess. It really isn't that hard to figure out. What you are saying is you would rather have someone like Funchess for one year at a potentially higher price than someone who is better locked up for 4 years at a potentially cheaper price. It makes no sense. You lock up better players...especially when the price is cheaper. This isn't hard to understand.
  13. So true. Lets not forget this is the same guy who wanted the manlet from NE as our coach.
  14. I have already stated I expect Funchess to do ok. As in maybe 600-700 yards and 5 or 6 Tds. He isn't that bad. He is, as I said.....ok. But not worth $13 M and not worth signing over the other guys available.....like AB, OBJ, Humphries, and Williams.
  15. I would rather have Williams locked up at $11 M year for more than one year than Funchess at $10-13 for ONE year only. Cmon. All of you guys were saying how badly you wanted Williams for the past 2 months...but now you don't want him once he signs elsewhere. Because.....reasons. Righttttttttttttttttt.
  16. Laugh all you want but the fact is Ballard has some really good players go elsewhere for very decent money. $11 M a year for Williams is very very reasonable and solves our #2 wr issue for 2 years at least while we develop Cain or a pick this year. Makes no sense why we couldn't sign this guy for that kind of money. Cmon.
  17. Tyrell Williams signs for 4 years, $44 M. So potentially $2 M less a year than Funchess, and you get to keep him for longer than a year if he does well his first season. You're telling me we couldn't afford that????? Williams is 10 x the wr that Funchess is. Brilliant Ballard!!!
  18. As they should be. Bell is a proven elite player. One of the best RBs of the modern era. You want to lock up players like that. Futchess didn't deserve jack.
  19. LOL it really puts things into perspective when you realize that Ballard just about paid the same amount for Futchess as Lev Bell...an elite elite player. It makes no sense and is totally contrary to everything Ballard has preached.
  20. Adding OBJ and Bell, along with the remaining picks we had and some lower priced FA's? We are probably SB favs heading into this year AND we would probably still have some cap space left. We have a solid 5-6 good years of OBJ left, 2 or 3 with Bell, and cap flexibility. Why does anyone want to pass that chance up when it would not have broken the bank by any means? Makes no sense. I just have to shake my head at those saying 'wait....lets give this another year or 2 THEN GO FOR IT'. Ok. By that time Luck is 2 years older. Rookie contracts are up. And there is no guarantee that players the caliber of Hunt, Bell, OBJ and AB will even be available. Nope....we blew it. We had a team coming off a good season. Cap space. Fan interest was coming back. And we had 2 teams in the Steelers and Giants holding a fire sale for ELITE players. What did we do? Nothing. Why? Because we have a GM who is so freaking cocky in this thoughts that his way is the ONLY way and that he can find players anywhere that he failed to take advantage of what was thrown in his face. Mark my words this team is going to regret this off season for a long long time.
  21. And Ballard apparently values Devin Futch at $10-$13 M....which is absolutely insane.
  22. Yes. What this man is saying is the QB may not be on the rookie deal, but we have enough young players who are actual starters (obviously being $100 M under the cap) that they make up for the QB hit we take. In 2 years those rookie deals will no longer be rookie deals, and then what? We have to pay Luck and the present day rookies. THE TIME TO HIT WAS NOW.
  23. This link has a pretty good chart showing the average 5th round picks and their stay in the NFL. By year 3 only 1/3 are even still in the league. By year 4 only 25%. By year 5 barely 16%. I would hazard a guess that only 1-2% of 5th round picks go on to be all pro type players. So yeah. I would be just fine taking a flier on someone like Hurst than drafting your average everyday 5th rounder. https://www.milehighreport.com/2014/5/13/5713996/how-long-does-the-average-draft-pick-stick-around
  24. Bell is gone. Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter Le’Veon Bell: 4 years, $52.5 million with the Jets, per source. So you are telling me we couldn't give $14 M a year to the best RB in football before 2018, but we could give up to $13 M to a guy ranked one of the worst in all Wr categories, and who's team didn't even start him the last game because he was so bad. Smart Ballard....smart.
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