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  1. Fine, I'll leave. Heaven forbid I should come to a Colts message board to discuss the Colts game that is in progress.......
  2. That's not what I said. I specifically said that I am listening on the radio and not watching, so I can't tell whether it was a good throw or not. My point is that just because it ended in a TD and had no chance of being picked off doesn't, that doesn't automatically make it a good throw. It does make it a good decision, though.
  3. The deep shots open up the run game if you connect on them. If you're just throwing deep and they're breaking them up, then it won't. So far, the results are split.
  4. No chance of being picked off doesn't necessarily indicate a good pass. It could just mean that the defense whiffed on the coverage.
  5. Right into the fire for the new kicker.....
  6. That series right there impressed me more than the TD. They took a deep shot on 1st down that failed, and it didn't kill the drive. They were still able to pick up the 1st down.
  7. You can throw a bad pass and have it end up in a 99-yard TD.......if the defense whiffs on the coverage. Just because it ended up in a TD doesn't mean that it was a good throw. With that said, I am listening on the radio and not watching so I can't see whether it was a good throw or not. I'm happy with the result, though.
  8. Don't we all have the same agenda of wanting what is best for this team? We just disagree on what best serves that agenda.
  9. I don't know which I'm more excited about: the TD or the made PAT.
  10. Well........I guess this is what I get for showing up fashionably late? Not even 1:10 p.m. yet, and I already missed the first TD.
  11. Same when I actually go to games. They always lose.
  12. Huh, who would have thought Ebron would be the one to actually catch a ball?
  13. They just corrected themselves. It is actually the third time that the Colts have ever done it. I was pretty amazed by that statement, so I am not surprised that it was an error.
  14. I think teams sometimes go to it too early. Sometimes you'll see teams go to prevent when they are up 2 scores with 3:00 left to play. That is too early, especially when your regular defense has been effective. Up 3 scores with just over 2:00 to play, though? Yeah, prevent makes sense in that situation.
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