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  1. Fans haven’t caused the obvious devaluation of running backs over the last couple decades.
  2. im guessing quarterbacks take it a bit more seriously than corners.
  3. Adding black to the uniform would be cool. if the year was 2005
  4. meh, fans would cheer anyone who helped the team win. I would cheer for Brady if he was a colt....always seemed like a good guy.
  5. Not sure how the Chinese govt persuaded people back to work....
  6. But aren’t you just hoping those guys can turn into a player like Buckner? Ballard just got the sure thing at age 26.
  7. I wasn’t a believer in Winston coming out of college and I’m not a believer in him now. Granted, he hasn’t had the best coaching in the nfl, but I always thought he came across as somewhat foolish.
  8. Fired?? Give that man a lifetime contract!
  9. Not much difference besides that whole putting a team on your back and leading them to playoff wins thing.
  10. I think some people are upset with the trade because it takes away from their draft fun.
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