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  1. BOTT

    Khalil Mack trade possibility?

    I would gladly trade my Nissan for a Ferrari too.....
  2. BOTT

    Quenton Nelson

  3. BOTT

    Anthony Walker Jr.

    How so?
  4. Brilliance? Really?
  5. BOTT

    Rashad Penny.

    If he's available in the 3rd i would take him in a heartbeat.
  6. I think they pass on Barkley and Nelson if both are there at 6. The only question is if they would pass on Chubb. I think it's possible. If they were really in love with him I don't think they trade down from 3.
  7. BOTT

    Most impactful Colts' rookie over the past 20 years

    The improvement had far more to do with Manning being in his second yr than James.
  8. BOTT

    Most impactful Colts' rookie over the past 20 years

    Luck and it's not even close.
  9. Nelson will be there at 6 and the colts will not draft him.
  10. Sony will more than likely go in the 2nd, Chubb prob the 3rd Wouldn't want to use any of the 2nd red pick on them.
  11. You have never been the same since your mother clubbed you in the head with a claw hammer when you were a infant.
  12. Who cares, both will be gone when the colts pick in the 3rd. that said, I would take PlayStation.