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  1. Doesn’t mean they are better quarterbacks, but Elway, Marino, and Luck all did more with less.
  2. Given the scenario, it would prob be Elway. He proved he could consistently carry teams past their coaching/talent level.
  3. Great, here comes another “woke” commercial from Gillette.
  4. Hacks in the media actually did do that in the Duke case.
  5. Gramz asked legitimate questions any logical person would want answered. It’s not like she asked how many sexual partners she’s had or how she dresses.
  6. If his one trick is pressuring the QB i’ll take it.
  7. I thought the comeback was mostly due to the running game. I didn’t mean it as a ding against JB. It’s his first live game with Frank and Co, I didn’t expect him to light it up.
  8. Thought Brissett looked like a middle of the road QB. Plenty of time for improvement though.
  9. If Melvin wasn’t a first round pick nobody would give a crap. He’s nothing special.
  10. Yes. He took a crap roster, with a crap coach and a crap gm to the playoffs three straight years, including the afc championship game. Anyone who who tries to downplay that is simply moving the goalposts.
  11. I want my money back for the lame movie Captain Marvel. Disney and Marvel aren’t budging though.
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