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  1. It's not about some pendulum swing. It's about university kangaroo courts deciding the guilt and innocence in rape cases. That the dept of education pushed this is mind boggling. Well, it's the govt, so not totally shocking........
  2. Comparing this to the Jameis Winston case is apple and oranges.
  3. It's because what's happening on college campuses is *ic. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/colleges-slammed-with-lawsuits-from-men-accused-of-sex-crimes/
  4. If you are young man heading off to college, here is some advice.....only have sex with the townies lol
  5. I thought it read like how celebrities get treated in LA......
  6. BOTT

    Day one OTAs

    Frank throwing out easy to follow cliches to media. I wouldn't read anything into it.
  7. Maybe..... but I would argue his resume was exceeding that of manning until the injury. And that was with Dumb & Dumber running the show. Imagine if Luck had Ballard and Frank from day one.
  8. I spit out my drink when you included mike ditka on your mt rushmore
  9. I don't like the hype either, but the 2015 colts were always a mirage.
  10. You always go with pass rush first. Unless you have deon sanders and mike Haynes beck there, the corners can only cover for so long. The colts gave up so many plays in the freeney/Mathis era because the secondary practically gift wrapped 6-7 yard completions by playing so far off the receivers.
  11. Jesus, fun to be you......
  12. That's when I started questioning the value of running backs.
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