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  1. The offensive line coaches.....seems like an upgrade. Just having Mudd around makes everyone smarter.
  2. Insult to Ned Stark and Cercei Lannister
  3. That's what I said about this guy a long time ago
  4. I like that pff see things differently. It's not like anyone else is hitting with a great deal of accuracy.
  5. I want a lil more than a "solid player" with a first round pick.
  6. Just in case my vomit gif didn't make that clear, I wanted to clarify lol
  7. Well, you traded down and just missed out on Parris Campbell at 46 to draft a slow butt rb at 49. That would be gross.
  8. Kicking on the tires on a rb coming off acl surgery doesn't signal much at all. Colts may draft a rb but it won't be with a premium pick. Can we stop acting as though Mack has two reconstructed knees? He missed time last year with a hamstring.
  9. I don't see Parris Campbell lasting that long.
  10. I think it's possible to get a really good slot receiver at 58, rather than an average wideout....which I'm afraid Harmon will be in the pros.
  11. I have some ocean front property here in Indiana you might find desirable. i kid
  12. Other than Wilfork, who was unusually athletic for his size, those guys were drafted 20+/- yrs ago. I think there is a reason.
  13. Thought that was Leiv Schreiber as Sabertooth.
  14. A wr or te in the first may not be out of the question, but a rb? Not gonna happen.
  15. Let's draft a Bruce Smith type talent why we are at it.
  16. BOTT

    Gronk is retiring

    Best TE I ever saw play
  17. I think Campbell may slip into round 1. Some offensive coaches are going to fall in love with that guy.
  18. Recent.....Tuesday or Wednesday I believe. Kiper was all about a slot receiver from Toledo. Can't recall his name , but I don't think I've heard him mentioned on the forum.
  19. I'm a big fan of Butler, but getting both TJ Hockenson and Parris Campbell would make me giddy. And I'm usually all about the trenches early in the draft. I doubt either fall to the colts, so just wishful thinking.
  20. Listening to their podcast, kiper and McShay think Isabella is a 4th rounder. If he turns into a stud slot receiver, nobody will care if he was drafted 59th or 89th..
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