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  1. That could be very possible. I see very few teams challenging them. Maybe buffalo, possible the ravens and a few other.
  2. I will agree but let’s see if kc can get those calls
  3. It’s going to be nice when Tom Brady retires
  4. As long as we don’t stop playing/ running the ball in the third and fourth quarter if it’s going well. We might have a chance
  5. Houston has 1:42 to get a touchdown to win it or a field goal To tie it.
  6. I’m really thinking that Houston needs to let the Titian score
  7. I mean the Texans did play the Titians tough last time and then its a division game
  8. That’s is my issues. If you miss a few call on both sides fine. But don’t be clearly one sided
  9. I’m forced to watch the Titian’s game, so I have to watch the game through my phone
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