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  1. Well all these interviews are just PR. Not much you can take away from them beside that every pick seems to be a homerun, thats what they always say. Every * season. You won't hear a GM or team owner admitting "Oh we totaly screwed up this pick and panicked on that pick and we just take a gamble with that one.... " And it's always the best team they ever had blablabla.
  2. I mentioned it in another thread. I hope everything turns out great for the Colts but if Wentz get hurt or the Offensive Line starts to struggle because they did nothing with the Tackle position this will blow up in Ballards face. And rightly so. I think its a risk relying on guys like Davenport or Tevi to make a huge step forward or some other project to pan out.
  3. I disagree and think it is a mistake not adressing the LT spot adequately in free agency or the draft. Reminds me a lot of the Grigson days, where the Colts tried to protect their young franchise QB with some cheap backups and a lot of hope that some projects turn into pro bowlers. We all know how that ended. Tevi and Davenport with all respect are backups that you can throw in for a snap or two but you don't want them to be your starter. And the other options out there? Eric Fisher had a serious injury. Okung only played in 13 games over the past two years thank to injuries. And we missed out
  4. And I still disagree with this approach. Draft best player at a position of need until you have the chance of a blue chip, once in a lifetime player is still the better decision to be succesful. There is a reason Ballard again had to invest two picks on DE, because some of his former decisions didn't pan out. It showes why this approach isn't a formula for success written in stone.
  5. Are the same guys that love every Ballad pick the same that posted "in Grigson we trust" draft after draft?
  6. you should probably take that to heart my friend
  7. If you can't handle different opinions you probably shouldn't post in a forum, sorry but this is laughable and someone could argue that there are a lot of people just celebrating everything, If Ballard drafts a dead squirrel with his first round pick we still would hear "In Ballard we trust", "What a great pick!" from some of you. Ballard is a great GM no doubt but it's okay to question some of his decisions and it's okay to not agree with everything from a fan view.
  8. 1. Not a fan of moving Nelson or Smith, you just don't change what worked well over the last years. 2. Now down to Tevi, Davenport and a late round pick gives me Grigson vipes at the Tackle position. We still lack quality depth all over the line. Have fun when someone like Nelson get's injured for some games. Hope Carson Wentz gets new shoes. 3. Drafting another DE that won't play because of injury while you claim to be in a win now mode. wth?
  9. Just draft Cosmi for god sake. Don't repeat old mistakes by ignoring the Offensive Line and try to fill them with experiments or low picks.
  10. Tevi and Davenport are just depth guys, they don't offer you any more than a body you can put in to play. Colts always lacked quality depth on the Offensive Line, while the starting guys are one of the best lines in the NFL there is a huge gap behind them. An injury especially a long term injury means trouble for our OL. I really don't like the approach of signing those guys instead of investing a bit more and get some quality from better players. I'm not happy with Ballard in free agency because there are a lot of reasonable contracts handed out there. Not every free agent got a huge long ter
  11. I'm fine with a rookie LT only problem is that even if we hit another homerun like we did with Castonzo we still lack quality depth behind. Colts do have one of the best Offensive Lines probably the best but only an injury away from playing people like Clarke. And yes I know that no teams has pro bowlers as backups I get that but I think Colts could have done more so far.
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