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  1. OT Fisher is an aging veteran and besides Braden Smith Colts have no depth. Drafting a potential successor for Fisher and carrying a reliable third Option that can take over in a few years makes a lot of sense. CB There is Rhodes and Kenny Moore and not much else. Rock Ya-Sin is a disappointment so far and Colts need a starter opposite of Rhodes. WR TY Hilton is aging and deals with injuries and Parris Campbell just can't stay healthy. Both could be gone next season and Colts need a reliable option to pair with Pittman, Paschal and Strachan. LB Okereke is struggling. How great it would be to have another weapon next to Leonard.
  2. Starting Hundley would be a strange decision. You spent a draft pick on Eason, let him sit and learn a whole year and now you start a guy who you signed just a few weeks ago? I say start Eason let him gain some experience and see what he can do in a whole game it's not like we would be a sure winner with Hundley under Center. With all respect to him I don't see him winning us the game.
  3. Davenport, Tevi and signing injured and aging Eric Fisher only late in the offseason instead of draft a guy or getting after some better free agents. They gambled and tried to fix the hole Castonzo left with some cast offs from other teams. Same mistake as Grigson did.
  4. I don't see that. This problem will be an issue for the whole season and depending on an aging veteran LT thats comes back from a serious injury (that is rushed back into the starting lineup too fast) isn't something you should feel comfortable and Colts have no depth behind them. It was a bad gamble by Ballard and it already cost them with Wentz injury.
  5. Hate to say it but that was something I and other predicted right after the draft. The way the Colts handled the loss of their franchise LT was a big mistake. Trying to find cheap solutions on your OL gets your QB killed.
  6. Ballard simply needs to take some blame. Yes injuries are one reason but if you lose your franchise LT and you try to plug that huge hole with some cheap players and rely on an injured Eric Fisher (that you signed late in of season while sitting on your hands early) to come back and play like a pro bowler was a big gamble that's not working right now. Castonzos retirement wasn't a surprise, not drafting a successor within the last two years a big mistake.
  7. If you can't protect your QB he will get hurt. Happend with Luck, happens with Wentz now. Colts repeating same mistakes. Of course injuries are a problem, but lacking depth and doing nothing this offseason and just put a lot of good hope in guys like Tevi was trouble from the beginning.
  8. Great Job Ballard! I called it right after the draft not drafting an OT and relying on guys like Davenport, Tevi and an injured Fisher was a huge mistake. Now you have your QB injured.
  9. Well... not drafting an OT, signing guys like Tevi and Davenport and hoping they turn into pro bowlers and relying on an injured Eric Fisher was a mistake many here called right after the draft.
  10. takeaways: - Wentz looked good, like his mobility and performance after missing most of training camp. - Offensive Line was terrible. Davenport sucks but that was to be expected, Smith and Kellys performance after getting paid was just pathetic. - Frank Reich wth? Could've been Chuck Pagano out there. - CB and OT are high priority in next years draft.
  11. Take the FG instead of the 4th, make a better play call at 2 point conversations and you would still have a shot at a tie. This is why you take the points
  12. Wentz getting killed and thats why you have to do more to improve your Offensive Line and not relying on guys like Davenport or Tevi. If Fisher can't get back to his old performances or get's injured again Wentz will end on IR.
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