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  1. I would be okay with one more year of Jacoby Brissett as starter. Colts still lacking some pieces to be a contender so playing Brissett another year is fine for me and the premium guys will are out of reach and I wouldn't trade up. So playing Brissett and add a guy like Morgan would make sense and who knows maybe Morgan turns out to be something special and if not it was just a mid round pick we have wasted. Rd1: Javon Kinlaw DT (South Carolina) Rd2: Austin Jackson OT (USC) Rd2: Julian Okwara DE/OLB (Notre Dame) Rd3: Brandon Aiyuk WR (Arizona State) Rd4: James Morgan QB (Florida International) Rd5: Reggie Robinson CB (Tulsa) Rd6: Jaylinn Hawkins S (California) Rd7: Ben Bartch OG (St. Johns)
  2. Brissett is a decent backup QB that wins you a few games if needed but he is not a franchise QB or a QB that wins you a trophy. He is not a playmaker but has some success by avoiding huge mistakes. I somehow hope that Luck comes back after an off year and with full strength otherwise Colts need to draft a QB with potential. I know you don't like it but i hope we lose the rest of the season to get a better pick in the first round.
  3. Another missed FG that cost us the game. Hope it will be the last season.
  4. I don't see the mastermind behind that trade. We probably get a higher pick for sure but it's not like our 6 or 7 rounder the last years made a huge impact.
  5. It's a nonesense comparison between apples and bananas. Luck is obviously suffering under a kind of depression and reached a point where he thought retirement is the only way to escape and get mentally healthy you just can't compare that with McDaniels! Yes the timing and circumstances are bad, but mental issues are very tricky and even Andrew is just a human being. The thing with those mental issues (as someone who is dealing with depression myself) ist that you always think you can overcome them and just keep to carry on somehow until you reach that point where you just can't anymore. And I think Luck reached that point. The thing is you don't decide that moment by yourself, the illness does it for you!
  6. I will always remember him as Captain Comeback especially for his wild first season and numerous comeback wins. That was a hell of a ride.
  7. I feel for him and think he has a depression as a result of injuries and the fact that he had to carry this organization for years now. As someone who is dealing with depression too it is just hard to admit or explain it to other people. It's a terrible disease and Luck probably just got to that point where he couldn't cover it up any longer. I hope the best for him and his family!
  8. One thing is for sure: It's never getting boring with the Colts.
  9. QB + LT should be a priority right now. QB for obvious reason. LT because Castonzo isn't getting younger and we experienced how important it is to protect your franchise signal caller.
  10. Was it bad timing to announce it during preseason? Lets face it: There is no good timing for bad news! Luck mentioned injuries and pain got to him mentaly. It COULD be sligth hint that he is dealing with a kind of depression as a result of the pressure to carry the whole franchise, injuries etc. As someone who is dealing with depression myself I can tell you, you always try to cover up and it works for some time until you reach the point where you just can't go on anymore. You don't decide that moment by yourself, it's your body, your mind, that make this decision for you. And so I think that Luck always tried to cover up for those things and now just reached that ultimate point and made the right call.
  11. Manning, Luck... just shows how important it is to invest in your Offensive Line, a fact the Colts ignored for too many years. It cost us two franchise quaterbacks... An by the way like Manning Luck had to carry the team on his back, maybe now we Ballard we finally get away from that and build a team and system that isn't build around one guy and I really hate the Pats but the reason they are succesfull is they have a great system in place that isn't depending on one person only.
  12. I don't think you can blame Irsay for hiring Grigson and Pagano but you can blame him for not parting ways with them earlier.
  13. Well guys slow down a little bit. I understand the booing as an immediate and EMOTIONAL reaction to shocking news. Especially if you get that during a game, probably as a season ticket holder with huge expectations to the new season. So I don't judge the guys in the stand who booed, I understand it, I don't like the retirement either but I also understand it. Luck is 29years old, for the last years he was the most hit QB every season. He went through some serious injuries while carrying the whole franchise on his back. It's a lot even if you get paid a ton of money and he want's to have a quality life in 10-20 years from now. Don't boo him but thank him for some great years and especially the first years were just amazing with all of that comeback wins. Thank him and keep him in good memories, accept his decisions and move on. No reason to think bad about him. I just hope he stays retired and isn't coming back in a few years like other players. Thank you Andrew!
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