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  1. Rd1: Matthew Stafford QB (Detroit Lions) Colts trade their Rd1 pick 2021 and rd2 pick 2022 for Matthew Stafford. The trade makes sense cause the Colts are in a win now mood. And if they don't change their opinion Stafford is the perfect piece at the QB for them. He is a great QB at a very poor managed team, a change of scenery, an elite Offensive Line could do wonders. Yes, there are no guarantees but with elite talent out of reach for the Colts at the draft Stafford offers probably the best option available and at age 33 a solution for more then just a year. Rd2:
  2. Hilton: Undecided about him. With Leonard and Big Q still the face of the franchise. But he is clearly declining and probably want's way too much money I'm willing to give him. Brissett: What a great guy but he is not the answer on the QB position. Let him walk. Rivers: Undecided. He is a 40 year old veteran that still plays on a good level but he is also feeling his age and if you plan to be a contender Rivers isn't getting you a ring. As a bridge QB for another year he would be good a lot will depend on which options are available and at what price. I would love Ma
  3. He lost his mother two years ago due to illness so I can understand that the drop off because of the pandemic to protect his loved ones. Not an easy decision not a decision that everyone makes but I respect it and its not a red flag for me.
  4. Rd1: Caleb Farley CB (Virginia Tech) Rd2: Jaelen Phillips DE (Miami) Rd3: Teven Jenkins OT (Oklahoma State) Rd4: Trevon Grimes WR (Florida) Rd5: Jake Curhan OT (California) Rd6: Jeremy Ruckert TE (Ohio State) Rd7: Bryan Mills CB (North Carolina Central)
  5. Don't get me wrong I don't blame him for losing, but he is a 40yr old QB that obviously due to his age has limited arm strength and can't make any long throws anymore on a regular basis.
  6. Coach blew it. Can we now please move on from Rivers.
  7. Game Over. Too many mistakes. Bad play calling. Not enough to win a playoff game.
  8. Rd1: Carlos Basham DE (Wake Forest) Rd2: Teven Jenkins OT (Oklahoma State) Rd3: Trevon Grimes WR (Florida) Rd4: Aaron Robinson CB (Central Florida) Rd5: Jeremy Ruckert TE (Ohio State) Rd6: Damar Hamlin S (Pittsburgh) Rd7: Jake Burton OT (UCLA)
  9. And I do respect and support it, doesn't mean I have to understand it because we have to face the fact that we can't isolate ourselves for months or years and that we can't avoid the risk of getting infected. Regardless of whether you are going to the supermarket or meeting with your family there are things you have to do and there is no 100% safety out there. You said it yourself: So many opportunities to get infected. Not only on the field or the football bubble but in real life that we simply can't avoid. And If Joe Nobody can go to the office every day I think a football playe
  10. I respect there decision but don't understand it. Why? Athletes get tested on a regular basis, they can wear helmets with a faceshield, we know that u need to spend considerable time very close to a infected person to get infected yourself and they play outside where the risk isn't that big anyway. So athletes are probably the most safe persons in this pandemic. If others can do their daily work athletes can do it too.
  11. I don't like the draft. I love Buckner and Pittman both fill needs and will help the team. Taylor is somehow a luxury pick in my eyes as RB wasn't a huge need. I mean its nice to have him but trade down an take an OT like Josh Jones while adding more picks would have been my choice as we don't have any quality depth on the Tackle position with Castonzo going to retire soon. Blackmon, Eason, Windsor, Pinter... not a fan of them. I give it a C- and hope Ballard will prove me wrong.
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