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  1. And I do respect and support it, doesn't mean I have to understand it because we have to face the fact that we can't isolate ourselves for months or years and that we can't avoid the risk of getting infected. Regardless of whether you are going to the supermarket or meeting with your family there are things you have to do and there is no 100% safety out there. You said it yourself: So many opportunities to get infected. Not only on the field or the football bubble but in real life that we simply can't avoid. And If Joe Nobody can go to the office every day I think a football playe
  2. I respect there decision but don't understand it. Why? Athletes get tested on a regular basis, they can wear helmets with a faceshield, we know that u need to spend considerable time very close to a infected person to get infected yourself and they play outside where the risk isn't that big anyway. So athletes are probably the most safe persons in this pandemic. If others can do their daily work athletes can do it too.
  3. I don't like the draft. I love Buckner and Pittman both fill needs and will help the team. Taylor is somehow a luxury pick in my eyes as RB wasn't a huge need. I mean its nice to have him but trade down an take an OT like Josh Jones while adding more picks would have been my choice as we don't have any quality depth on the Tackle position with Castonzo going to retire soon. Blackmon, Eason, Windsor, Pinter... not a fan of them. I give it a C- and hope Ballard will prove me wrong.
  4. Rd2: Cameron Dantzler CB (Mississippi State) Rd2: Tee Higgins WR (Clemson) Rd3: Matt Peart OT (Connecticut) Rd4: DaVon Hamilton DT (Ohio State) Rd5: David Woodward LB (Utah State) Rd6: Ben Bredeson OG (Michigan) Rd7: Darrell Mooney WR (Tulane)
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