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  1. ColtsBlitz

    Andrew Luck

    Imagine defending him :o
  2. ColtsBlitz

    Are we going to have chat for tonight's preseason game?

    They do that? That’s actually really cool. I always thought it was the moderators that did that, but man that is really cool there’s someone that does that AT Lucas Oil.
  3. ColtsBlitz

    Colts Training Camp 8/6/2018

    The thing is, it’s not going to be physical every practice year-round. This is mainly to teach the players to be physical when the pads are on. They won’t be on more than 14 times throughout the 17 regular season weeks. It’s gonna be fine. Just let it play out, and if injuries start ramping up and becoming more serious, then I’m sure Reich will scale it back, but I think since preseason week 1 is only a few days away, thats going to happen anyway.
  4. ColtsBlitz

    2013 / 2014 Draft Failures

    Something I’d like to see is how many players OVERALL from the last few years of drafts are still in the NFL and in what role? We can’t be the only team to suffer such poor luck, and if we are, then it shows how bad our front office and coaching staff actually was
  5. ColtsBlitz

    2013 / 2014 Draft Failures

    I’d be willing to bet the teams with a better record have around 7 players from two consecutive drafts. We just drafted so badly our team paid the price the last 3 years
  6. ColtsBlitz

    You know what grinds my gears?

    I feel like with reporters, they know wording is everything. I don’t think he failed to mention it, he intentionally left it out to raise that cloud of doubt among people that aren’t colts fans
  7. ColtsBlitz

    You know what grinds my gears?

    I also like he decides to go on the one day he isn’t throwing. And it’s not like he has a schedule and it was the only day he could go. He’s a reporter and from what I understand, they can come and go as they please around the league to come up with a story. He threw the two days prior if I’m not mistaken, and then there’s the practices last week. You’re right in the fact he is trying to stir up the ‘he’s done’ talks again.
  8. ColtsBlitz

    Colts Training Camp 8/1/2018

    Melvin wanted over 12m from us but took 7m from another team. I still don’t understand that unless he really didn’t like it here.
  9. ColtsBlitz

    Live report from 7/29 Practice

    When Quenton Nelson takes a hard step, he causes a tremor that goes straight through the earth and is only felt in China. This is why China has been hacking our information servers. To find the cause. Heheheh, they’ll never know
  10. ColtsBlitz

    Jordan Wilkins: Colts camp sleeper?

    Mack is very fast and powerful too. I think he’s gonna start mainly bc he is a 2nd year player. The only way Wilkins starts is if the role fits him and he performs really well
  11. ColtsBlitz

    Jordan Wilkins: Colts camp sleeper?

    The thing I like the most is that both can be on the field at the same time. Hines in a WR slot position and Wilkins at RB. Hines versatility and catching ability is what has me so excited about him
  12. ColtsBlitz

    Colts Roster Improvement

    Not to mention the various additions elsewhere. OL WR LB RB and DL are all getting at least one new player that looks good
  13. ColtsBlitz

    Colts Training Camp 7/27/18

    Man! I wanna SEE Deon Cain make these catches. It’s a shame we can’t get clips of the highlights
  14. ColtsBlitz

    Colts Training Camp 7/27/18

    I’m so happy Sunday was the day I chose to attend!!
  15. ColtsBlitz

    Luck, "Still Some Pain."

    Not to mention it’s kind of like going from lifting heavy weights to lifting lighter weights for reps. He worked the strength up on his shoulder TO throw, but now he has to strengthen the actual throwing muscles. I expected something like this to come up, so I’m not worried. Just cautious