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  1. ColtsBlitz

    Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread

    Not many fans on this forum today I see
  2. ColtsBlitz

    Let’s talk Chiefs Defense

    So after a bit of research, I found that the Chiefs in the regular season had: - 31st ranked defense against the pass (273 ypg) - 27th ranked defense against the run (132.1 ypg) - 5.0 yards per rushing attempt (2nd worst) - Gave up 19 (T-3rd most NFL) I’m rushing TDS - Generated 27 turnovers (15 INT, 12 FUM) - +9 turnover differential - Allowed 26.3 PPG All of these stats are why this game is winnable. The Chiefs defense is in the argument for the worst in football, and we have arguably one of the best offenses in BOTH phases of the game. Running the ball and stopping the run are something we have over the Chiefs, by a large margin. Thoughts?
  3. You can also find this information on
  4. ColtsBlitz

    Oh boy according to chiefs fans

  5. ColtsBlitz

    Gameplanning for KC

    If we can keep the deep ball from working like we did against the Texans we will be okay. Limiting Kelce is the next big thing for this game.
  6. ColtsBlitz

    What happened in the second half?

    We kept them off the scoreboard for 3 quarters, they got 7 points. And they were behind the whole game, knowing they needed to score. We did what we had to do and ran the clock down. I was kinda worried and thinking the same thing, but when your opponent can’t score, why throw and risk any turnovers?
  7. ColtsBlitz

    Darius Leonard

    The defense just seemed winded at the end of the game. The time of possession was more favored to the Texans in the 2nd half, since we didn’t sustain drives very long on offense
  8. ColtsBlitz

    Colts @ Texans 2019 AFC Wild Card Round Playoff Game Thread

    148 yards on the ground for Mack
  9. ColtsBlitz

    Colts @ Texans 2019 AFC Wild Card Round Playoff Game Thread

    Jason Witten just said take that emotion out of it... why did we get this crew?
  10. ColtsBlitz

    Speaking of Stats...Thanks a Million

    Don’t you mean IHob
  11. I think the mindset Reich instilled in the team of 1-0 is really going to show. We’ve been playing playoff football for 10 weeks. This game is that same mentality. The Texans have not had that throughout the season like we have. It will be good, but because of that I like our chances. The video was great btw, really like Kollmans drafts vids too
  12. ColtsBlitz

    2018 regular season highlights

    The video progresses through the season, and all I saw was the team getting better. That’s small picture highlights, but it accurately portrays the team imo. The progress we made this season is huge
  13. ColtsBlitz

    A Look Back at the Last Colts Playoff Team (2014)

    Guessing Trent Cole is also out of football? Sheesh. Idk how we ever managed to build our team back up in 4 years like we did with only 8 remaining pieces like that
  14. ColtsBlitz

    When have you ever felt better about the colts?

    Listening to this weeks ForTheColture Podcast, they sun it up pretty well. I’ve never felt this good about an overall colts team in the Luck era Luke always loves saying “take away our 45 year old kicker, and we have the youngest roster in the NFL. We ARENT supposed to be this good this early” something I love to hear
  15. ColtsBlitz

    The Houston Texans

    Running hurry up and containing Hopkins should be our main goals on each side of the ball. Do those, everything else should come a bit easier