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  1. You think so? Maybe you’re right, I doubt we get DeForest Buckner without our 7-9 finish and our first round pick being where it was
  2. Check out his highlight tape here: He is really really impressive imo. I like him already
  3. That’s what I heard too from ESPN, hopefully he takes advantage of his opportunity here. If he loves football, he will make the best of his time here. Glad we brought in Rivers now more than ever
  4. A year to develop under a veteran like Phillip Rivers? Sign me up! What I didn’t like to hear was Chris Mortensen saying his work ethic is questionable. If he has problems working, he won’t be here long. I’m hopeful! I’m on any draft pick of ours side so can’t wait to see him in training camp and the preseason
  5. This right here. Duo tandems are very good for football, not very good for fantasy football though, I like the pick!
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