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  1. Dropping three straight games sucks. I agree though, plenty of season to be had. Team health is a huge concern, so hopefully that can straighten out and we get people back nearly 100%
  2. Bobby O. Looked much better game 2 to game 3. We need that to continue
  3. All I have is that it was thought to be a high ankle sprain. The X-rays were negative of any breaks so there’s some positive news. No timetable as of yet - all per Ian Rapoport
  4. The offense is just lackluster. I can tell they aren’t smooth yet, like they don’t know exactly what they’re doing.
  5. Thanks for TEN injury updates! I hope we can get healthy fast. Time to be road warriors and get a W this sunday
  6. Reich’s play calling improved from week 1 so I’m happy there. Boneheaded calls were still made, but Eason threw the game away by throwing to Jalen Ramsey on back to back plays. Can’t get much lower football IQ than that.
  7. If this is somehow a Wentz slander thread, at least point out a mistake he made, like the bad shovel pass INT. He did not get much help by the line once again today. I feel bad for the guy. He played to win today and last week. It’s just disappointing that we lost and Tennessee won. Next week is huge. Pretty much a must-win
  8. This is a question I had - it looked like Marcus Brady was involved in play-calling this Sunday. Am I wrong? Genuinely curious bc it looked like he was although I was at a bar watching the game with no audio
  9. Shows why we lost the game so bad. Our inefficiency was evident. That being said, there is lots of room for improvement, and our guys have balled out before. We’ve seen their best and of course their worst. I’m ready for week 2.
  10. You’re exactly right, it would be. I listen to the ForTheColture podcast with Luke Diamond and he says it all the time: Frank Reich has been really good at playcalling in the past, especially his first two years. The last two years he’s made a lot of errors. I really pray he gets back to dialing up the right plays at the right times, it’s too often that he hasn’t been coaching to our players’ strengths. i.e. he needs to use Campbell’s speed, Strachans size, Pittman’s route running and open field speed etc. If he does that, I see a win.
  11. I think our main oline guys improve from last week, although if our RT is out from his foot, we probably lose the game no matter what. Assuming Fischer doesn’t come back, we saw last year against the Steelers what happened with backup tackles. That said, my score prediction with Smith and Fischer out is probably 33-20 Rams. With Fischer and without Smith: 33-26 Rams. with both: MAYBE, 35-33 Colts. I’m a big optimist for our guys.
  12. It did suck, but I always believe in our boys! Next week is gonna be tough, but I bet it’s better. Even if we lose NEXT week I’ll keep the faith that they turn it around
  13. Then you consider that Northwest Indiana is about 40-60 minutes away from Chicago. Majority of fans up here are Bears fans. I don’t understand this forum sometimes when it comes to pages like this, lol. This will be forgettable.
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