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  1. I don’t see what the big rush is to try and trade Brissett. You need a good backup quarterback who can win you games and Brissett is clearly capable of doing that. And let’s not forget the guys character. He’s hilarious and clearly works his tail off to stay as good as he is. You want players in the locker room like him (remember all his pictures w the defense? Always a hoot) He looked excellent in the preseason game yesterday and if we traded him and kept Kelly after just a few good throws by Kelly against 3rd stringers I’d be beyond upset
  2. I hate to see good players injured. That being said, I can’t help but feel fortunate those players are out because it helps our week 1 chances
  3. I hope it’s just dislocated. It wouldn’t be as bad as broken, but I’m honestly heartbroken for Fountain right now. He had to have worked so hard to look this good all camp. I pray he gets back to good health
  4. Hope everyone found my live updates enjoyable to read yesterday! I am working today and won’t make it down, but to those of you who do, enjoy!
  5. They were both out there a good amount. Neither of them look like anything is hindering them. Probably for their safety if they missed plays.
  6. Our offense their defense was where it occurred. Both teams players helped break it up.
  7. First fight of the day. Didn’t last long and it was on the other end of the field so I couldn’t see who it was.
  8. Kahri Willis with a good hit around the 4 to keep the tight end out of the end zone. EJ Speed fell down but got back to help finish.
  9. I can see Luck now. He’s at midfield with the coaches and QBs behind the plays. He does have some kind of white tape/wrap around his left ankle. Good news is he doesn’t seem to be limping at all. Walking around and writing stuff down on a sheet of some sort
  10. Brissett missed a read to a wide open Jack Doyle. Instead threw an out route which went incomplete. Doyle didn’t have anyone within 10 yards of him
  11. Mack really has some good patience. Made the defender pause, got past him for a 5-6 yard gain
  12. 53 from the browns tipped Brissetts pass, but behind him was the intended receiver Doyle who slid to make the catch. Tough one, the ball was tipped low and behind him
  13. Doyle with the first catch of the day during team drills. First run was for no gain + holding on Oline. Next play Mack up the middle for 7-9 yards This was awhile ago. Had WiFi issues
  14. Both defensive lines looked good. I think the drill makes them look good though. If it doesn’t, out offensive line will need work. Kelly looked the best in the drills one on ones. Autry looks powerful this year
  15. It was beautiful to watch. Walker dropped a dime into him and Fountain had at least 3 yards of separation. Fast man
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