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  1. Amazing! You’re a game changer CR, thank you. They should make a Quenton Nelson one with him showing off his Gator Country skills
  2. ColtsBlitz

    Ridgeway a healthy scratch????

    I’m not... are you? (Figured I’d join in, lmao)
  3. ColtsBlitz

    Titan's Game Injuries

    It didn’t look bad did it?
  4. ColtsBlitz

    So we survived the first week of our playoff.

    If you call a 38-10 victory surviving, then yeah
  5. ColtsBlitz

    Last Years Draft

    They could also start on most teams. The only teams I can’t see Mack starting on for example is teams with early round RBs, like Barkley, Elliot, Gordon, Gurley, etc. They’re young, and Walker has only gotten better imo. Mack as well. I think their ceiling is higher yet, and that’s something I think we both hope for
  6. ColtsBlitz

    Last Years Draft

    Hooker - starter, coming of ACL injury Wilson - subs in, definitely needs work Basham - gone Banner - gone Mack - starter, good one at that Hairston - starter, like him in the slot Walker - starter, like him in coverage, the 2pt run would’ve been such an awesome play if not for the penalty Thats success people. Those are 4 starters out of 8 players (may be missing one, lol). Let’s wait a few more years to really judge this
  7. “Close your eyes if you’re squeamish” ”This is rated R right here” I love these breakdowns. Oline highlights are rare, but Big Q makes some every week. I love it
  8. ColtsBlitz

    Top 5 PFF Colts grades vs Jags

    What do you have on Stewart? I didn’t really get to watch him throughout the game bc tbh I wasn’t looking for him. What made him stand out this game? I am glad to hear it though bc it’s yet another draft pick contributing
  9. ColtsBlitz

    Colts Vs. Jaguars Game Day Thread

    Balls rotating, gotta be overturnwd
  10. ColtsBlitz

    Colts Vs. Jaguars Game Day Thread

    Well at least they’re down 8! Everyone came to play today, just need the defense to step up
  11. ColtsBlitz

    Colts Vs. Jaguars Game Day Thread

    Great punt and special teams play
  12. ColtsBlitz

    Colts Inactives vs Jaguars

    Pretty sure Meeks is their #3 CB. Could help us
  13. ColtsBlitz

    Colts O-Line is now the Bully....

    A good article by Wells? Well that’s new!
  14. ColtsBlitz Top 10 2018 Rookie Classes

    I love how the rookies are such key pieces to our team this year. Imagine if Cain had stayed healthy.... he looks like a WR2 and could get better.
  15. ColtsBlitz

    The Defense....and the Jags

    We haven’t seen a terrible rush defense this year yet. Before, if we were down, the run game opened up big time for the opponent, but now I don’t see that. The effort is the difference as well as talented run defenders.