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  1. Fade to Funchess on the first drive of the game for the Colts! 15 yards out or less to the left sideline! Getting bold
  2. I’m crying. My favorite player just retired from the NFL 10 years sooner than I expected him too.
  3. I don’t see what the big rush is to try and trade Brissett. You need a good backup quarterback who can win you games and Brissett is clearly capable of doing that. And let’s not forget the guys character. He’s hilarious and clearly works his tail off to stay as good as he is. You want players in the locker room like him (remember all his pictures w the defense? Always a hoot) He looked excellent in the preseason game yesterday and if we traded him and kept Kelly after just a few good throws by Kelly against 3rd stringers I’d be beyond upset
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