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3 minutes ago, SteelCityColt said:

See that annoys me so much.


Look you know the play will be reviewed as it's a scoring play, let it stand, check the review. 


You've gotta call it the way that you see it.  As a ref, I would feel terrible if I made a call that I didn't think was correct just to facilitate replay, and then the replay ended up not having a good angle or was obstructed in some way and the play ended up standing due to lack of visual evidence.  And I'm thinking to myself, "I'm pretty sure the call that I made on the field wasn't correct."  You've gotta just call what you see.

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    • https://www.dailyamerican.com/story/news/opinion/columns/2013/10/21/was-jim-irsay-fair-in-his-criticism-of-peyton-manning/46053445/     https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/7507255/indianapolis-colts-jim-irsay-upset-peyton-manning-went-public-comments
    • Football trends are often just that, for some reasons they sometimes continue for years, decades for no logical reasons.   The colts need to buck the trends in the first 2 games. First they need to win the opener which they haven't for like 6 or 7 years. Second, they play in Jacksonville in week 2, a place they haven't won in a while. On paper, they should win the opener  easily....the Jags could be much improved and more difficult BUT should win there too.   But still their trends the colts haven't bucked for a while, since around Ballard coming here I think? Losing just 1 of those games could warm Reich's seat even more. Losing both will probably put him home with family on Sunday's.  Remember, colts have 2 former HCs on staff and it would be a easier transition than most firings  
    • Good points, but I don't see us starting 1-3. If we start 1-3 that would be shocking. If we start 1-3 then your post is very valid no doubt and Irsay could blow a gasket that I will agree with. The schedule really favors us early is why I was surprised at the Vegas odds regarding early firings.
    • You are probably right, but I'll give a counter-argument for the other side.    1.) Even though you could point to evidence that Irsay has been patient with Coaches and GMs in the past, it's a little different today. In 2015-2017 (the point you could start arguing that Grigson and Pagano weren't working out) we were still less than 10 years removed from a SB win, 6-8 years from a SB appearance, and we had Andrew Luck to piggyback off of where there was still a lot of hope at that time.   2.) Ballard and Reich have applied band-aid QBs since 2019 after Luck retired. No effort has been made yet to draft a franchise QB. The only effort at a long-term QB was Wentz. We have had a few opportunities to try and move up for a QB. Could of done it for Tua and Herbert in 2020. Could of also done it for Fields or Mac Jones in 2021 if we would of beat the Bears trade offer.    3.) This is something that isn't added to this discussion a lot, but Irsay is now 63 years old. He hasn't won a SB since he was 47. He hasn't made one since he was 50. Patience eventually runs out. Patience turns to impatience as you get older and more desperate. Although we have a good team right now, our future is uncertain once Matt Ryan leaves in 2 years. The best we can say right now is we have a decent shot with a 37 year old Matt Ryan. After that, we are in QB purgatory again unless we fill it with another band-aid, or draft one in the first round (most likely).   4.) Ballard and Reich haven't done a whole lot to contend over the last 4-5 years. Ballard has built a strong team besides the QB, but Reich has really hurt this team, both in coaching and non-coaching ways. He's likely to be the fall guy if we miss the playoffs.   5.) Finally, look at the beginning of the schedule. Texans, Jaguars (in Jax), Chiefs, Titans. If we start out 1-3 or worse and one of those losses is in Jax again, that could be the boiling point for Irsay. You saw how it affected him when we lost in Jax last year at the end of the year. He is aware we haven't beat them in Jax since 2014. Irsay is aware of the slow starts we've had. If we do it again, there's an outside chance Reich could get fired at the quarter point or the midway point of the season. If we miss the playoffs, I'd bet money Reich is gone at the end of the season.
    • I hope DB is right and we’ll see them in the backfield more.  Any defense is only as good as the D-line let’s it be.  
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