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  1. I don't know how sweet they were, but both are short.
  2. To your: First paragraph, reports that I have read. A search will show multiple articles all reporting over 50% use. Second paragraph, I didn't say this was his actual second chance. That's why I put second chance in quotes, it is the concept of giving someone a "second chance". I am not shilling for anyone, just acknowledging that people can change and that players that have more talent will get more leeway, a concept that you seem to be unable to acknowledge. Another concept you may not have heard of that it helps to know someone in order to get a job. I, myself have been given the chance to interview for jobs just because I knew someone with influence, it happens all the time, in every industry. Third paragraph, I didn't accuse anyone of criminal behavior. I said that I would not be surprised if over 50% of NFL players smoked marijuana. I based that off of the articles I have read from people that should know more than I do on it's use among NFL players. Forth paragraph, like I previously posted, if he has stopped his knucklehead behavior, then I am all for people changing their lives for the better. You're wrong though, talent does matter, so do connections, but without the talent the connection would not matter. Fifth paragraph, I am not worried about your post or anyone else's post. I just believe that you are overreacting to Kelly's signing. If he has changed his behavior, then maybe he catches on with another team or stays a back up, good for him. If he hasn't changed his behavior, then he will be gone, which is too bad for him.
  3. Overreact much? I don't see much blind worship of Kelly just, some people willing to give him a "second chance" and other's questioning if Kelly has done enough to warrant a "second chance". As to the other bolded comments, yes, is someone has enough talent they are going to be given more chances than someone with less talent. I don't know what world you live in, but this occurs in every profession. Also, people do have the capacity to change, so if Kelly has stopped being a knucklehead and has truly changed then I personally am okay with it. Finally, I would not be at all surprised if at least 50% of the NFL players smoked marijuana.
  4. If you're talking about the comments near the beginning of the video, I don't believe that was Dakich, I think it was JMV.
  5. The bolded is just false. As for the rest, do you just ignore everything Ballard says about signing free agents? Ballard has been pretty up front about his approach to free agency.
  6. Cynjin

    Day one OTAs

    Lucky, It is not worth the effort, it's just not.
  7. Cynjin

    Day one OTAs

    Well, it is not just about running more, it's about running effectively. If the Colts have to get 2-3 yards in order to get a first down and they are able to do that by running the football. Then they will have the opponent on their heels and the offense as a whole will be more effective. I agree that you take what the defense gives you, but I would bet that if the Colts were able to consistently have runs of 6+ yards, the defense would try to stack the box, even against Luck.
  8. Cynjin

    Day one OTAs

    Or, if they improve the run game enough, the opponents will be forced to stack the box and then utilizing the play action pass the Colts could throw behind the LBs and, if a safety gets sucked up the Colts could throw over the top. Actually, there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve the run game. If they can run the ball when they want to, it helps the passing game and yes a better passing game can also help the run game.
  9. I'm just taking what Ballard says at face value and he seems to back that up with his actions. I am fine with NCF, or anyone else speculating, but it is just speculation. Ballard seems to be willing to pay, to a point, to retain the players that he wants to retain. His actions back up his words, so there is no reason for me to doubt when he says that in his opinion FA is fools gold and that he wants to be able to retain the players that perform well for the Colts. I heard Ballard has also discussed the lack of fiscal discipline in the NFL and that he wants to be fiscally disciplined. I haven't seen Irsay unwilling to pony up the funds for players in the past, either in FA or to retain players. So, it seems to me that it is Ballard's philosophy that is driving the decisions with regard to who gets paid and how much.
  10. If you listen to Ballard you would understand his philosophy on Free Agency and why he doesn't spend a lot on them. He has said on multiple occasions that FA is fools gold. Ballard has also said that he wants to reward the players that are here and performing. That not only keeps the better players here, but it also shows the other players in the locker room that if they perform, Ballard will try to take care of them with their next contract. You can disagree with Ballard's philosophy, but it is his, he is the GM and he seems to be doing a pretty good job so far.
  11. Here's an addendum to the article, Kevin Bowen and Joey Molinaro(sp?), giving their take on Ballard discussing the draft picks. It's a little over an hour long, for those that want to listen.
  12. Well, they averaged 27.1 points a game last season, so 30 could be doable.
  13. Obviously, they could have edited it out, but it didn't look to me like there was much debate about moving out of the first round. That would mean they didn't believe there was value staying at 26 and Sweat was off their board. The staff's reaction to McAfee was very funny.
  14. I would put Hale in the Jack Doyle mold also, steady, good blocker, not flashy. At Alabama he was not targeted much due to the talent they have at the other TE spot, WRs and RBs.
  15. Nitpicking, but Simmons and Sweat are from Mississippi State. Good job on the board.
  16. IMO, he has Jonah Williams (9), Drew Lock (20), and Josh Jacobs (12) a little high. I like all three, but their respective rankings seem a little high. Andy Isabella (79) and Deionte Thompson (143) both seem too low. Other than those five, the other players that I have watched seem about right in his list. Really no huge arguments, I'm sure each team will have big differences, on their boards, based on their situations/rankings.
  17. I'm not saying Ben wasn't part of the issue, but AB is absolutely a bad teammate.
  18. I'm not sure using the Big 12 and Pac 12 defensive strategies, as an example of where football is going, is a great idea. They have not been known for being the best defenses in college football.
  19. No one on this board will complain about Ballard's picks. The above statement might be more delusional than bold, not quite sure where the line is.
  20. I guess it depends on what your definition on "smaller program colleges" is, but I only see 2 of the 9 picks as coming from small programs.
  21. Is there any timetable for fixing the glitches on this site?
  22. I agree with you, Freeney is/was my favorite Colt player. I watched him while he was at Syracuse, and that first step he had was great. He was so much faster at getting off the snap than the other players in college.
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