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  1. Mostly, because Tua throws the ball on time and accurately.
  2. I did hear that and I agree, Watson's breakdown of the coverages and what his reads were was great to listen to.
  3. Turay got mugged. These refs have no clue what holding is and what it isn't.
  4. Ridiculous, holding calls so far, horrible.
  5. They just keep shooting themselves in the foot, over and over and over, smh.
  6. Wow, what another great prediction by you. What a maroon.
  7. I predict at least 12 holding calls, 60% of which will be very questionable.
  8. I thought it was odd too. The explanation I had heard before the start of the regular season was that clapping was okay as long as the snap came right after the last clap. In other words, you couldn't clap twice have a pause and then clap again, which sometimes happens in college.
  9. So is this the direction of NFL players now? You don't like the team you're on, so you act like a * in order to get traded/cut.
  10. Chloe6124, I really appreciate all the updates that you post, but honestly, you overreact to almost everything.
  11. Great prediction by you. Do the forum a favor and "cheer" for a different team.
  12. Thanks for the reply, however I heard that the NFL admitted today the call on Autry was an incorrect call.
  13. Can you explain the call on Autry? To me that was a worse judgement call, defensive players try to shoot the gap between the long snapper and the guards all the time. After looking at the replay a couple of times vs other filed goal attempts, I don't see a lot of difference.
  14. I wish all MNF games started this early.
  15. Which has absolutely nothing to do with the statement you made regarding starting NFL QBs.
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