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  1. Cynjin

    Few Colts heading to Stanford University

    I believe those are lyrics from a rap song. Sorry, but my ability to translate that to English is not good.
  2. Cynjin

    Hunter S. Thompson, Colts Consultant?

    Not from Thompson, I believe he was already deceased by that point.
  3. Cynjin

    Hunter S. Thompson, Colts Consultant?

    Irsay's museum would be interesting to see. Too late to find out why the letter was written now, but given Irsay's eccentric style it would not surprise me that he knew Thompson to some extent.
  4. I don't know about anyone else, but I find this funny.
  5. Cynjin


    Are you the same BCB that used to post at the Indy Star message board when they had one? If you are that would explain a lot.
  6. Cynjin

    Tre Boston explains his Colts visit

    I use twitter to follow a couple of organizations and a few people. However, I do not read the comments following the tweet, those are for the most part a waste of time.
  7. Yes I am, High Sierra.
  8. I have a Mac for a computer and a Samsung 8 for a phone, both have the latest versions.
  9. Nadine, I don't know if this has been addressed but I noticed that when I click on the icon to see who reacted to a post all I get is a box with a circle going round and round. I end up having to exit the browser and then relaunch. I looked at a couple of other areas too, the same thing occurred when I clicked on my picture, if I wanted to change it, on my profile page. It does this on my computer and my phone.
  10. Cynjin

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    I just looked at where CBS got the information for their article. Not only is it from PFT, but it is from the worst "writer/talking head" at PFT, Florio. The site is actually not bad for information, just don't read the comments below the articles, but Florio is just horrible. His site would be so much better if he would just stop contributing to it.
  11. Cynjin

    Z. Martin 6yrs $84 million. $40 million guaranteed.
  12. Cynjin

    Colts Training Camp Schedule release Presser

    Free on field Yoga!! Okay I am there.
  13. Cynjin

    Media Session: Interviews/Pressers

    Luck sounds much more positive than last year to me.
  14. Cynjin

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    They'll be around to see/hope Luck has soreness in his shoulder. If he is fine with no setbacks they will fade away never to be seen again, as usual.
  15. Cynjin

    Andrew Luck is throwing a football

    Happy Birthday B, have a great day.