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  1. Cynjin

    TC day 13

    No need to apologize, it's really not a big deal. I appreciate that you and @Chloe6124 post the updates.
  2. Cynjin

    TC day 13

    Funny, I just got on to read the training camp thread and the first thing I wondered was, what happened to TC day 12?
  3. There you go again, using the n-word. Which I believe can be used to aptly describe this thread.
  4. I heard the Browns got a conditional 2020 conditional 4th round pick. It apparently will become a 3rd round pick if he is active for 10 games.
  5. That certainly narrows it down.
  6. Always find it funny when people or in this case the article headline says that QB Luck, wife are pregnant. After having our children, my wife would vehemently disagree that the man is ever pregnant.
  7. Surprised by the move, cost savings I assume. He is a good player, IMO, and would add some size to the DLine.
  8. Question 2 is not a projection. ;-)
  9. I believe they have, someone from one of the local TV stations is what I heard.
  10. Here's an article on some of his tweets. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/colts-qb-jacoby-brissett-has-the-nfls-weirdest-offseason-twitter-presence/
  11. From some of the responses, I am convinced that several of you have not bothered to read the article.
  12. Are you saying you can tell the difference between him weighing 253lbs vs 248lbs?
  13. I'm not sure that it is a "Diss" on the Colts. I know that Brandt is projecting for the 2019 season, but it seems to me that it is more of a diss on the Cowboys and Bears. If he is correct that the Cowboys and Bears have the 2nd and 3rd best rosters, then they have been underachieving.
  14. I don't know how sweet they were, but both are short.
  15. To your: First paragraph, reports that I have read. A search will show multiple articles all reporting over 50% use. Second paragraph, I didn't say this was his actual second chance. That's why I put second chance in quotes, it is the concept of giving someone a "second chance". I am not shilling for anyone, just acknowledging that people can change and that players that have more talent will get more leeway, a concept that you seem to be unable to acknowledge. Another concept you may not have heard of that it helps to know someone in order to get a job. I, myself have been given the chance to interview for jobs just because I knew someone with influence, it happens all the time, in every industry. Third paragraph, I didn't accuse anyone of criminal behavior. I said that I would not be surprised if over 50% of NFL players smoked marijuana. I based that off of the articles I have read from people that should know more than I do on it's use among NFL players. Forth paragraph, like I previously posted, if he has stopped his knucklehead behavior, then I am all for people changing their lives for the better. You're wrong though, talent does matter, so do connections, but without the talent the connection would not matter. Fifth paragraph, I am not worried about your post or anyone else's post. I just believe that you are overreacting to Kelly's signing. If he has changed his behavior, then maybe he catches on with another team or stays a back up, good for him. If he hasn't changed his behavior, then he will be gone, which is too bad for him.
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