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  1. I was saying that a study that is of women only or even predominantly women cannot be used to draw a conclusion in regards to NFL players when the data suggests that women are more prone to ACL injuries than men.. I stand by that.
  2. Like @ColtsBlueFL mentioned, females are more prone to tearing ACLs than males. I don't remember why, but I have seen that data. That being said, a study that just looked a females cannot be used to say that NFL players are more prone to re-injury.
  3. I have had my browser lock up when I tried to change my profile pic and when I click on who reacted to a post. This has happened on my Mac using Safari version 11.1.2 and on my phone using the latest Samsung browser. I do not get an error message it is just a spinning thing.
  4. Cynjin

    Le'Veon Bell Lurking

    Love the Bar Graph.
  5. Cynjin

    Chris Ballard’s Message to Fans

    Apparently, @Pacergeek only goes to the extreme in a negative direction.
  6. Cynjin

    Khalil Mack trade possibility?

    I am not sure what their plans are. I believe Penn is coming off an injury, but he is not paid that much relative to other LTs. Also, they did take an OT in n the draft.
  7. Cynjin

    Khalil Mack trade possibility?

    Apparently, the Raiders want Donald Penn to take a pay cut too.
  8. Cynjin

    Quincy Wilson = Bust

    In other words, you can't do it.
  9. Cynjin

    Colts Training Camp 8/6/2018

    I just looked that up, I also had never heard "niggle" used before. SteelCityColt is that a common British word?
  10. Cynjin

    Quincy Wilson = Bust

    I do have one, my Wife and daughter use it much more than I do though. I recently received a French Press coffee maker as a gift and I like the results I get with it.
  11. Cynjin

    Quincy Wilson = Bust

    Become pointless? This thread was pointless the second the OP hit submit. This thread would be better if it stopped discussing Wilson and started discussing the merits of small kitchen appliances.
  12. Cynjin

    Ballard will be on Dakich today

    I don't disagree with what you have stated. I too believe that Ballard is doing a better job than Grigson, but that is with the benefit of hindsight with Grigson that I do not have with Ballard yet. I will also say that Grigson knows far more about being a GM than I do or anyone on this board, IMO. I do believe that Grigson tried to fix the Oline, but, again in hindsight, did not make choice that panned out. We will see how well Ballard's choices turn out, but to this point they look better to me. I will be interested in seeing what Ballard's choices are in the future drafts now that he has his scouting department in place vs last year when he was utilizing those already in place. I could be wrong but didn't Grigson and Irsay hire Pagano together or was that purely a Irsay hire? I would have supported the McDaniels hire, but to be honest I like Reich much better. It could be bias on my part because I met Reich once at an airport, we were on the same flight to Phoenix, I think. He seemed then like a man that wanted to become a head coach and I was impressed by him in our brief conversation.
  13. Cynjin

    Ballard will be on Dakich today

    For someone that says they are not defending Grigson, it sure sounds like someone defending Grigson.
  14. Cynjin

    2018 Rule Changes.

    You have a lot more faith in the interpretation skills of the NFL referees than I do.