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  1. Cynjin

    So, can someone explain to me

    I thought in the in the 2nd half the refs were better than the 1st half. My thought was that it was not just the two teams that made halftime adjustments.
  2. Cynjin

    Colts Vs. Cowboys Game Day Thread

    Mystery call again.
  3. Cynjin

    Colts Vs. Cowboys Game Day Thread

    These refs are embarrassing themselves and the NFL.
  4. Cynjin

    Colts Vs. Cowboys Game Day Thread

    Yes it was bogus. Refs have been unusually poor this year.
  5. Cynjin

    Please tell me TY might still play against Dallas

    He's active for today.
  6. Cynjin

    2018 Rule Changes.

    I know I am dragging up an old thread, but what I was concerned about is happening. The lowering of the head rule is being applied unevenly, with only one RB being penalized for the action and very few fines on the offensive side for lowering the helmet and initiating contact. Now there is this, a Bengals TD was disallowed because the QB dove trying to score, but because his knee touched the ground before the ball broke the plane, the TD was not allowed. The player was never touched by a defender, this is more akin to a college rule and has not been the rule in the NFL. Here's the video if anyone wants to look at the play. It occurs around the 3:05 mark.
  7. Cynjin

    Next Man Up

    Did anyone replace Swoop on the roster? If not Thomas may be replacing him.
  8. Cynjin

    Deon Cain

    I have a problem with calling either a miss, but especially Inman. Inman has been a pleasant surprise, so has Mitchell at safety. The Colts will be moving on from many players, but that also does not make them a miss.
  9. Cynjin

    Deon Cain

    You forgot, they also want that receiver to have 4.15 speed.
  10. Cynjin

    Deon Cain

    That doesn't make Inman a miss.
  11. Cynjin

    Carson Wentz Injured I saw the above, but I also heard a rumor that he may be done for the season. That would suck, two years in a row.
  12. Just to be clear, Autry was the #3 ranked DT prospect in Junior College, in 2017.
  13. Cynjin

    Philadelphia (+3.5) at Dallas (12-9-18)

    They called the TE for offensive PI. IMO it was a bad call.
  14. Cynjin

    Philadelphia (+3.5) at Dallas (12-9-18)

    Completely agree, what a load of crap. And there's another bad call.
  15. Cynjin

    Philadelphia (+3.5) at Dallas (12-9-18)

    Wow, they actually called that on a RB.