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  1. Just read that Bosa is leaving Ohio State to concentrate on the draft.
  2. Cynjin

    Positional Value

    It's basically Brooks' opinion, which is fine, but it does not take into the context of each team. It is a a general guideline base on his conversations with NFL personnel and his opinion. What defense and offense that the team runs, the individual player that is being discussed, those determine to a great extent what position is "more" valuable to the specific team. I believe with the Colts, the WLB is more valuable than the MLB. IMO, the left guard is more valuable than the right guard, even considering the aspects of slide protection.
  3. Cynjin

    Marcus Johnson to IR, Inman Signed

    Ishmael (SP?) is on the practice squad.
  4. Cynjin

    How did the Colts offensive line do?

    Uh, that is not even close to correct. Nelson's stance is fine, an Olineman wants to have a wide stance, it gives them more balance, not less. He does sometimes get caught off balance by not having his feet set. Also, standing in front of a DT and holding him off with strength is exactly what he should be doing, mind you he needs to get his feet set first so he can get anchored. In the two plays where I saw Nelson get pushed back badly, both occurred when the Dline was doing a stunt. This seemed to cause an issue with Nelson being able to anchor in those two instances.
  5. Cynjin

    Fire Eberflus

    He is injured. Before yesterday, he did not play, he has been having a productive season.
  6. Cynjin

    Fire Eberflus

    Oregon is a beautiful state, I have traveled to the Pacific Northwest a few times. I really enjoyed Oregon as well as Washington, Western Montana and Idaho. A lot of diverse scenery and environments, just a ton a different things to do wether in the cities, coastline or mountains.
  7. Cynjin

    Fire Eberflus

    I knew you were. Just playing along.
  8. Cynjin

    Fire Eberflus

    Noticed your screen name, so you live in Oregon or are you from Oregon?
  9. Cynjin

    Fire Eberflus

    If they fire Ramsey, I say the Colts should hire him. However, I do not have the same feeling for Bortles, some other team can hire him.
  10. Bosa would be a good pick, so would Oliver. If by chance the Colts end up with the first pick, that might be Herbert, which could be traded for multiple picks.
  11. Cynjin

    Again I will say, Ballard is not impressing me

    Yeah, good call by you, those 3 sacks really changed the game today.
  12. Cynjin

    did anyone hear Polian ? chill people

    Not as big a one as you are.
  13. Cynjin

    did anyone hear Polian ? chill people

    Your welcome.
  14. Cynjin

    did anyone hear Polian ? chill people

    Actually, it is you and several other posters vs. any actual GM or former GM. Carry on with your nonsensical posts.
  15. Cynjin

    did anyone hear Polian ? chill people

    Well, he does know more than you do.