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Colts Vs. Titans Game Day Thread


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4 minutes ago, coltsfansince65 said:

They didn't say but I'm assuming it was during the game.


I thought so too until I read that tweet above from Schefter. It said he went to the hospital before the game. 


Hello there! Are you listening on the radio as I am?

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3 minutes ago, chrisfarley said:

the whistle had clearly been blowing and blowing and he wants to stick his helmet in the mix? for what reason?

That was actually his second late hit. I seen it once when they sacked the qb and he came in late. Didn’t get called but coach better get those things fixed or it’s going to cost a game someday. 

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3 minutes ago, IndySouthsider said:

Except that stuff happens every game with no penalty. Whatever. Stop playing when the whistle blows


The whistle blows, you stop.  It's as simple as that.  You might be able to get away with it sometimes, but if you get called for it it's all on you.  It's kind of like a speeding ticket.  I might speed every day on my way to work and not get caught.  It doesn't make the cop wrong the day that he pulls me over and gives me a ticket.  And I'm definitely not speeding if my insurance is expired.

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