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Colts Vs. Titans Game Day Thread


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Just now, Jdubu said:

Maybe this will kickstart him into a successful bid to regaining much needed confidence and play in the backfield. Team defense is playing inspired today so far. 


I do feel like that a lot of his "issues" have been mental. The tools are there. But he needs the confidence and the right attitude to apply them.

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1 minute ago, MTC said:

That play call was trying to be too cute. Not worth it.

Honestly it could be another wrinkle for teams to worry about later in the season. Not everything works the first time but could lead to a defender hesitating on jumping some route later. Idk 

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12 minutes ago, Jdubu said:

You and I both know they pick and choose when to call a hold, zero consistency. I’m more troubled with how many times our players do things like this when they are out of the play. 


You're right of course, but refs should not be allowed to just ignore the rule book on certain parts of the field.  If they want to call it that tight, great, just call it that way everywhere on the field.

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    • Colts have always contained Lamar’s running. His arm is what has killed us.
    • I see your opinion.  I think Woods, and Gransons hands are inconsistent and Mallory lacks physicality.  Ogletree seems like a good blend of the three.  But nobody in our TE room was higher than a 3rd round draft choice, so a limited ceiling is expected, and building the room with situational rotations in mind.    Its just another Ballard room where we have good players and a good core but no real playmakers, and we have to hope one defies the odds even more to become a playmaker.  And I don't mean simply making nice catches when he's kind of open or running for a TD when the closest defender in not within 5 yards of him. 
    • The current GM was hired only two or so years ago, no? Did he hire the current coach?  I think he, not a new GM, should get the chance to rebuild with two first round picks. Two years is not enough time to turn things around.   The Bears have had so much turnover. They are looking a bit like how the Browns used to be.   I value continuity more than most fans do.
    • @Narcosys I posted an important question in the message board, there was no response... Maybe, it doesn't highlight or pop-up when there's new messages. So I'm posting here    Please reply with how to do. I'll have to add some other player, as one roster spot is valuable to have an injured player not being able to move to its designated IR position 
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