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  1. Trading Sabonis away would be a massive mistake. No, no, no, nooooo.
  2. I know this is controversial, but I would like to see Mo-Alie Cox gets more snaps at tight end than Ebron.
  3. I think Colts have a slight edge - team will be more rested and prepared. Keep in mind - the Texans are playing the Chiefs this Sunday. A lot of game planning and energy will be used towards that game.
  4. No, but I did watch some highlights. Turner and Sabonis looked good playing together.
  5. I would guess early to mid-November.
  6. https://www.colts.com/audio/daily-update-chris-ballard-on-first-quarter-of-season
  7. Jacoby's problem has always been that he stares down his receivers. Is that fixable/coachable? Not sure, but it is something to factor when deciding who will be the next QB of the future.
  8. It's a 16 game season. Next week won't decide anything no matter the wins or losses in the division.
  9. His numbers will be down compared to last year due to a change in QB. Ebron will be back as a Colt - especially since he's a fan favorite and one of the faces of the franchise - but he won't get top dollar. Especially due to the drops.
  10. You mean Chudzinski.
  11. I'll mention a new name: Coby Fleener
  12. My biggest concern going forward is the secondary. I mentioned this during the game chat, but QBs like Brady and Mahomes will pick apart our defense - especially if we continue in zone.
  13. MTC

    EJ Speed

    Speed only had three snaps on defense.
  14. I'll do just a score prediction. Falcons - 23 Colts - 19 It'll be close, but I am a bit worried about the defense. Especially with Leonard out.
  15. I sort of predicted that yesterday. Not sure teams are comfortable with Kelly - yet.
  16. I have my doubts that a team will claim Chad Kelly, but I've been wrong before.
  17. MTC

    Adam Vinatieri?

    Looks like Vinatieri is staying. Color me surprised.
  18. In order to beat NE or KC, you will need to score a lot. Right now, it's a wait-and-see type of thing to see if the offense is capable of doing it.
  19. Brissett has the size and strength to pull off those QB sneaks on 4th and inches.
  20. Not many casual fans are familiar with other teams’ GM.
  21. Out of curiosity, I asked twelve non-Colts fans that I know to name the first person (or name) that comes to your head when you think of the Colts. Results: 4 people - Jacoby Brissett 2 people - Jim Irsay 2 people - Marlon Mack 2 people - TY Hilton 1 person - Eric Ebron 1 person - Darius Leonard
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