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  1. Feel like this was the logical move. Both Ballard and Reich have a lot of respect towards Brady.
  2. Legitimately surprised, thought he would be locked in to playing one more season. Regardless, fortunate we were able to witness one year of Rivers in a Colts uniform. We will see him in Canton, Ohio next!
  3. I hope it's nothing serious with LeVert. I know some Pacers fans are upset they accepted the trade knowing the issue with the physical, but think long-term here.
  4. Considering there was less than a 10% chance of Oladipo resigning here in the offseason, I would say the player swap with Caris LeVert is pretty great value.
  5. Not surprising, to be honest. Wish him luck whatever he decides to do next! I would put him in the Colts Ring of Honor. Arguably one of the best tackles to play in the horseshoe.
  6. Very much a no brainer. One of the GMs in football gets a well-deserved extension.
  7. Yeah, Colts will be fine, regardless of this massive choke loss. Bills are trying to play for the #2 seed next week.
  8. I don't see why Colts won't bring back Rivers for one more year. And depending on Eason's development, he will be the number two.
  9. Major blown coverage. Nice to see Taylor score there.
  10. Nice to see a three-and-out to start on defense. Arguably their worst performance last week, so they need to recover some confidence.
  11. I am glad the doctors were able to catch it. Prayers to Rigo!
  12. Nothing really you can do. Regroup and get healthy for next week.
  13. You have to imagine it will be a closer matchup this time around. But Titans are dealing with injuries on defense.
  14. Passing the ball made no sense that drive. Extremely frustrated with the clock management that drive. But whatever. Moving on.
  15. If Phil is limping, probably not best to play him right now.
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