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  1. Coach McMillan got a one year extension. It’s whatever. Not losing sleep over it.
  2. So sad! RIP to the best offensive line coach of all time.
  3. One of the best player performances from a Pacers player I've seen in recent memory - TJ Warren was a BEAST tonight.
  4. Oladipo playing would be a mild, but welcomed surprise.
  5. MTC

    AV moving

    It was bound to happen sooner or later.
  6. Had no idea about the re-paining over the mural. That's messed up. General Managers can still have their own spin without dishonoring legacy.
  7. Keiwan Ratliff - only lasted one season as a Colt.
  8. MTC

    Robert Mathis ROH

    Well deserved! Figured it would happen sooner or later.
  9. Ballard is a great representation for the horseshoe. A vocal leader that is supportive, honest, and adaptable to change. Very admirable.
  10. I doubt the writer watched many Colts games last year, outside of judging the roster on paper.
  11. And honestly, I think it's more of a durability issue than scheme fit in terms of why it was declined.
  12. If Ballard was going to accept Hooker's option, it would have been done days ago. Not a big surprise it was declined.
  13. The Social and Video Team do such a great job. Such an informative series.
  14. Unfortunate part of the business with post-draft cuts.
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