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  1. The Christmas game will be neat, although I was hoping for a primetime home game that didn't occur on TNF.
  2. Like the player, but not at 54.
  3. A bit late on this - I've been feeling sick after recently taking my second vaccine shot, but I like the pick! You couldn't go wrong either way with tackle or edge, considering they are the two greatest needs. Instant starter on the defensive line; like his high-motor and athleticism. Lots of potential.
  4. With TY back in the fold, I would be shocked if they signed Watkins as well.
  5. Good, although slightly surprised it's for one year. Still need to address the position in the draft.
  6. I also watched the press conference. Nothing substantial, but Carson was composed and said all the right answers.
  7. A surprise to some? Not sure if he had much of a market with the Achilles tear injury.
  8. I signed up! I tend to pick a lot of the favorites and a couple upsets.
  9. If there's anyone that can revive his career, it's Frank Reich and the Colts.
  10. Bigger than basketball. Hope things get better for Bill.
  11. Liking the new staff additions! Random fact I found out about Parks Frazier, he recently married Caroline Cann, who was a former Colts.com team reporter.
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