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  1. Watched his press conference - seems like a confident, personable guy. He thinks he'll be able to play Turner and Sabonis in the same rotation. We'll see how that turns out, but I'm not a fan.
  2. Yeah, I don't know much about him, so I cannot say whether or not I'm "excited" or "disappointed" in the hire. Looks like he has some connection to TJ Warren when he was with the Phoenix Suns.
  3. May as well kick off a new thread since we are officially in the offseason. And we have a new coach!
  4. Xavier Rhodes should've been a Colt from the start, but instead we (Grigson) opted for Bjoern Werner.
  5. Like I said earlier, don't panic. Colts looked relaxed and playing back to basics.
  6. One can argue that Marcus Johnson has been our best WR this season.
  7. That Jack Doyle fumble really killed all the momentum, huh?
  8. Not what I expected to start the game, but still... not panicking.
  9. Not sure what happened but the offensive line blocking in the run department has taken a nosedive.
  10. Yes, you would like to see more pass rush out of them, but they are still a top ten defense in the league.
  11. If Blackmon plays the way he did last game all season, then yes.
  12. This is a type of game Colts have to win if they want to view themselves as contenders.
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