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  1. Need a touchdown this drive to keep momentum. Field goals won't cut it.
  2. A change of defensive coordinator isn't going to change much. It's a scheme issue. Good QBs will always pick us apart.
  3. Ugh, to leave that drive with no points. Brutal.
  4. It'll play a factor in contract extension negotiations.
  5. Offensive line and secondary concerns will still be apparent. Rams - 30 Colts - 24
  6. That LT position is going to be an issue until Eric Fisher returns.
  7. Probably the most anticipated preseason game for me in years; looking forward to seeing the QB play today between Eason and Ehlinger.
  8. The Pacers choosing to put their focus on re-signing McConnell over McDermott was a good move.
  9. Figured since the draft has ended and we're nearing free agency, may as well start a new thread for a new season! Pacers ended up with two players in the first round of the draft: Oregon SG Chris Duarte and Kentucky PF Isaiah Jackson. At the age of 24, Pacers hope that that Duarte brings an immediate impact for a team that thinks they're in a "win-now" mode. Jackson is more of a development project, but I could see him being a key piece in the front court in a couple of years. I am a fan of Rick Carlisle, and I've been impressed with the assistant coaching hires he's made so far. Looking forward to the season!
  10. Moses Moody was right there for the taking, and they choose the 24 year-old Chris Durate. Unreal.
  11. Honestly, this would've been a win-win for both teams.
  12. It's about time Herb Simon is willing to open the checkbook. The fact Carlisle got paid that much makes it seem to me that he will have a lot of say in FO decisions (who we trade, draft, etc.).
  13. Considering the criteria was to hire an experienced head coach, Rick was the best choice. Good move, Pacers!
  14. Frank Vogel would be my number one candidate (if he mutually part ways/gets dismissed). Brian Shaw would be a solid choice, I think. Same with Terry Stotts, who Portland let go recently.
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