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Colts Vs. Titans Game Day Thread


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if titans score 7 here, don't fret,,,i think Reich will start calling a completely different set of plays, which will utilize the tight-ends.... look for that to happen anyway, but it will in a BIG way if the TITANS drive down our throats here on their 2nd possession of the quarter (quarter 1).

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    • I rewatched the game again. Very good overall. Our three critical errors didn't end up costing us the game this time like they always do. What critical errors? 1: Sermon dropping a pass on third down. 2: McKenzie not catching the punt and it being downed at the 2 yard line. 3: Minshew stepping out of bounds for the safety. The one thing that has stuck out to me during all the post game chatter from the media jacks is they ALL say Speed got away with a pass interference on that 4th down play late in overtime(ticky tack slight contact, really didn't look like he impeded the receiver to prevent him from catching the ball). The bigger question is how many penalties did the ravens get away with during the course of the game? We played 60 minutes and another 9 of overtime and the ravens had ONE penalty for 5 yards for the entire game!!!!!! How is that even possible? Come on refs, quit attacking us.      High points of the game.     1: Moss looking good, Downs looking good, offense looking good overall.      2: Offensive line.      3: defensive line.       4: linebackers.       5: Brents hits people hard.    Side note, Nick Cross saved another touchdown on a long return again yesterday as he did in the Jags game, dude must be really fast. Overall the kick coverage has had some holes in it, needs to be better.      I see some people are still down on Pierce, I'm not. He gets open and makes catches, should have hung on to the ball at the 2 though, good play by the defense to punch it out. Pierce will have big days this season.     First place all alone in the afc south, let's stay there! Go Colts!
    • Not really when got that contract and them proceeded to mis from short in preseason  in was natural to be  concerned 
    • Steichen is the real deal.  
    • Exactly CJ is good and what makes AR better is Shane. I don't think we would have a similar conversation if Frank or any other HC was here.
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