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  1. Why is that so damn hard for Frank Reich to understand....smdh
  2. LMAO.. this all i can do to keep from crying in anger
  3. Yes there is, born raised in Baltimore. They left when I was child, I wiped my tears and remained a fan. Going to Memorial Stadium with my dad, uncles and cousins was great.
  4. Roger Carr ran like a deer. His deep routes were beautiful.
  5. They giving us like 6 yards a carry. Keep Watson off the field
  6. Not a bad coach but definitely too cute....run the ball...why not run more...tell me?
  7. This why we need to run the ball. Keep Watson on the bench.
  8. We are looking amazing but just don't go away from running Taylor....I know never satisfied lol but a running game can demoralize your opponent and keep WATSON off the field
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