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  1. No matter the odds or the team always....GO Colts....Any given Sunday
  2. I saw him play when I was a kid....RIP
  3. Look at TY first nine games then look at the reminder of that season, The first nine games he had one great game but he grew. Marvin, who was 1Rd pick did have a good rookie but who thought he would be HOF. All I'm saying people need to stop judging so quickly and give them time.
  4. OMG...these guys are rookie and basically a rookie...relax. I could see the drama if they where top 10 draft pick. People on this site over react to everything. Give them time to grow and remember all of your negative comments when they turn out to be good players and dont be a hypocrite if and when it happens....Reggie, Marvin and TY all took time to grow they didn't start as great players, just relax.
  5. Lol Jacoby is not the problem of this team. If you are a troll do what trolls do but if u a fan please understand QB is not our issue.
  6. I've been a big supporter of Wilson saying give him time.....but come on dude smh
  7. We must limit the run and double team Waller
  8. Thank you Andrew I'm proud to have your pictures and Jersey hanging in my house...will always be a fan.
  9. Yeah this hurts alot but I'm still a Colts fan for life. At the end of the day I will support my team. Luck is still my guy and his pictures will remain in my man cave. Luck left 58M on the table so for whatever reason he left I respect. He could had stuck around not playing and screwed the cap space but he was man enough to walk away. He only did it today because it leaked out. Can u imagine having to make this announcement knowing u let down millions of fans and your teammates....I imagine this was very hard on him. So to all of us real Colts we will cry, get drunk or whatever we need to do to get by....come week 1 we will support our Colts.
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