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  1. It ain't all Jacoby fault and I dont know if he the future but I would give him another season unless an elite QB fall to us.
  2. I think the defense we run and a lack of pass rush limits hooker. If u want to compare him to Ed Reed we have to remember the Ravens had a great pass rush and good corners that enabled him to roam freely
  3. This season is over and very disappointing but I will continue to watch rest of season and have high hopes for next year. We will get better and I have faith in this franchise but this season hurts alot.
  4. Yeah for rookie he doing very well, bright future
  5. That TD catch was just a great play not Wilson's fault
  6. Well I take your word. Ask for me I would never say that I want Luck back badly but I will support Brissett and think he should get another year as this team continues to grow and hope with a healthy receiving Corp next year. I think he can be the answer with the right team around him.
  7. Did posters really say they prefer Brissett over Luck or where they just angry at Luck or trying to support Brissett because I can't see any real fan saying that....my guest it was someone trolling.
  8. I think Jacoby is the answer or atleast wait another season with healthy receivers. He is not Peyton or Andrew, he needs a more balanced team and better talent to succeed. Atleast give the kid another year before you guys calling his trash. We the fan have to get use to winning differently. Relax allow this team to grow and find themselves.
  9. We will not be able to run until we prove to them we can pass the ball. They are stacking the box.
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