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  1. cgi4life

    Collts @ Seahawks Preseason Game Night Thread

    Linebackers looking good
  2. cgi4life

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Yes Baby
  3. I doubt it but I hope they do. That would make our 6th pick more valuable.
  4. Thank you for your appreciation. I understand what you are saying and see your point of view. The founding fathers of this nation burned flags, refused to pay taxes, protest/riot, and killed all in the name of fair treatment, a better life for their family, and freedom. Today we view them as heros and great people and we look pass their methods and tactics and only focus on their message. What if they just gave speechs and published articles when it was appropriate and comfortable....our nation's history may be different or non existence. Once again thank you.
  5. I agree with you that a stance that would have made most people comfortable would be easier to handle but would we be talking about it a year later? The march in Selma, the bus boycotts in the south, and the sit-ins that took place in the 60's was all peaceful demonstrations and most of America was against them. Those events made this country better. Our country was founded on protest and they was not always peaceful and comfortable but we don't look at them as being wrong or wish they would have did it a different way.
  6. cgi4life

    Rousing Rabble

    Why do we want to continuely play around with our oline buy just making it "Serviceable". If we the opportunity to take a OG many have said to be one of the best in 10 years....go for it. Our money maker is Andrew Luck and a good running game.
  7. Unfortunately it's not a stretch, like myself many people of color feel this way. I don't want to sound selfish, but if it takes people to feel uncomfortable because of a peaceful kneeling at a football game to make changes and for every American to be treated fairly and protected, it's worth it. I love this country and gave 22 years and my wife is currently at 19 years of military service. I have my own encounters with the police and we worry about our two sons 16 and 25. For the right price I would sign Eric Reid. One of biggest weakness to out defense was covering RB and TE. I know we are planning to play more of a Cover 2 this year but we can never have too much depth...for the right price.
  8. He is my ex-wife cousin. Good kid I met him once. I will ask her to put in a good word, but she is a Cowboy
  9. cgi4life

    The 2nd Rounders

    OL, OL and more OL. I just want to fix this issue once and for all.
  10. cgi4life

    Talk about Eye Candy...

    Yes the "Block" and Polock Johnny's was the best. Alot of memories.
  11. cgi4life

    Talk about Eye Candy...

    Just curious... Baltimore roll-call. Any other members born in Bmore. Myself south Baltimore (Hamberg/Sharp street, later we moved to Park Height/Riestertown Rd area
  12. cgi4life

    Talk about Eye Candy...

    Man that was my childhood. When my dad didn't take me to the game I would listen to the radio and daydream. We played tackle in the streets running into people cars and breaking antennas. I was a "big boned" black kid with a Roger Carr jersey living my
  13. cgi4life

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    That's a grimemey move....I'm glad his true colors was shown before it was final
  14. cgi4life

    Rest In Peace, Edwin Jackson

    Senseless lost of two lives that was totally preventable ... RIP