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  1. I think he stays 1 more year and we get him a receiver that can actually catch.
  2. To be fair, it was 3 pts left on the field. We would have tied. We made up for the 1 pt with the 2 pt conversion. But yes, I agree, take the damn points.
  3. Phillip is getting better as the season goes on. He's developing chemistry w the receivers and backs and it shows.
  4. I agree 100%. I have been feeling this way for weeks now. JT is clearly our best RB on the roster. The coaches like to play this little game where they start him, let him carry the ball once then take him out of the game. From there Wilkins and Hines get a majority of the snaps. It's frustrating. I don't see any situation where Jordan Wilkins should be in the game over JT and I damn sure don't see any reason why Hines should be running the ball up the middle on 3rd or 4th and shorts over him. JT is a 230 lb beast that always falls foward. He is the type to wear defenses out and get
  5. I think you missed his point.. I wondered the same thing. My brother and I were thinking about grabbing tickets but there's so much uncertainty at this point. We're really debating it. We save a ton of money this year if we go.
  6. Would anybody else be disappointed if we picked Love at 34?
  7. Lamar Jackson at 2, Kyle Murray's at 6 and Baker at 10 is all you need to know ab this ranking
  8. The handling of the QB situation is questionable imo as well. I understand giving JB the new contract but when he didn't perform they should have given Chad Kelly the opportunity to play before the season ended. Now signing River for ONE year?!?! Do I think we're competitors now? Yes, but what happens after the fact? We'll be worse off than before. No QB and chances are we're good enough that we pick 20+ in the draft. There's no way we get our franchise guy in that draft range and we won't have enough capitol to trade up. The only possible plans that I think Ballard could have 1)
  9. True! On a side note, hopefully Leonard doesnt see my post. I don't want him complaining about how he got snubbed again
  10. Imo Nelson has to be #1. Nobody is more dominant at their position. Ty #2, hes the MVP of the team. Leonard a solid 3.
  11. Tom Brady and Philip Rivers will only be a temporary bandaid if picked up. I don't want temporary. I want a franchise guy that we can build around.
  12. Both of those dreams are good, I'll give you that. It sounds like your dreams top mine by a long shot and it makes me jealous :((((
  13. That's not my point. Ofc the priority is to win the game. To do that, when you face one of the best receivers in the game, one that has 122 catches(whatever it was, I'm not looking ut up), in only 13 games, the priority does become stopping the guy. When an all time great from the team has a record on the line you use that as extra motivation. What do we do? Let the guy catch 11 balls in the first half. It's laughable. It's embarrassing. And it's a damn shame for Marvin.
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