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  1. I'm saying I'm kinda confused by your post. Johnson had a terrible game today. 2 deep catches doesn't equate to "really good" imo. Now if he didn't have any drops today, I would agree that I'm at least looking forward to him progress but man 3 catches on 7 targets. Yikes.
  2. Johnson had a terrible game????
  3. That wasn't my point. Our depth is starting to run thin at the skill position. I thought the obvious, at this point, is to put Ebron on the field more.
  4. I think this being brought up is long overdue. With TY, DF and Campbell missing time I thought for sure we would see more of Ebron. He had some drops early in the season but has played better in the small opportunity he has gotten. He's a playmaker, he needs to be out there. I hope we see a lot of 3 TE formations this Sunday. There's so many possibilities in that formation w the players we have.
  5. I think that's a fair assessment.
  6. I'd rather have Inman over Rodgers or anybody else other than Hilton, Funchess, Campbell or Cain.
  7. I'm just messing man. To answer your question, I think we would go somewhere around 7-9. I wouldn't even be surprised if we lost our first 5-6 games.
  8. Anyway we can ban the OP for starting this thread?
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