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  1. bsteves

    Highlights of all of our draft picks

    Thoughts on some of the vids... Nelson - I've never been so intrigued by watching an offensive linemen. What a beast. Leonard - didn't stand out to me that much. Braden Smith - 1 game tape doesn't show much.. he did his job. Hines - explosive. Change of pace back that will catch a lot of passes in this offense. Fountain - he catches a ton of passes w corners all over him. That ball is his. Wilkins - this could be our starting running back. This kid has moves! Great vision. I'm excited about this pick. Cain - gets great seperation. Knows what to do w the ball. Adams - this guy can hit! An animal on the field.
  2. bsteves

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    For the 235th pick?! You can't be serious..
  3. Now watch the Pats get Oliver or even Davis and one becomes a solid corner for years to come..
  4. Didn't Ballard say Sheard and Simon will be good DE's in our new defense? I'm really confused. We really need a corner ie Oliver.
  5. bsteves

    We traded back from 49 with Eagles

    It better be a solid trade.
  6. bsteves

    Mel Kiper: Colts & Dolphins in deep discussion of trade

    Not enough imo. Not even close.
  7. I asked a question.. I didn't say you were wrong... man.
  8. It didn't even have to be Norwell. Pouncey got 7.5 mil a yr. I would have happily given him 8.5 a yr.
  9. I don't care about him being active in free agency or loading up on high priced FA's. You're missing my point. I would like our GM to make a strong effort to protect our franchise QB at all costs and please don't tell me "you don't know what he offered norwell or Jensen." I've read that a million times on this board.
  10. Okay so that means we shouldn't post our opinions? What kind of fan board would that be..
  11. Key word is some. It's very rare that a player takes less. They're older most of the time, on the brink of retirement. That's one thing I give Tom Brady a lot of respect for.
  12. I understand that he made attempts and obviously one week isn't the entire off-season. I also think Ballard has done a good job "not wildly rushing" to sign players but to not lock in a key piece to the oline is a huge whiff imo. I didn't say one word about winning free agency. That's the last thing I wanted Ballard to do. Fair enough. Is it really working right now? Please don't say yes bc I'll laugh. Not one unit on either side of the ball has gotten better for us except the tight end position while every team in our division has gotten better. All I wanted in free agency was to see Ballard do what the last administration didn't, protect luck. I don't care if we over pay for one player. Let's not play around here and act like it was because "they didn't want to come here." We all know that it's all about the money.
  13. I can't believe how content some of you are with this free agency period. I also can't believe that some of you are so blind to why half of the board is upset with it. I think 90% of us would be happy if CB went out and got one of the top notch linemen and resigned our guys minus Moncrief.
  14. bsteves

    Report: Colts signing WR Ryan Grant

    I wouldn't say wrapped up but Chester Rodgers will get a fair chance at it.