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  1. AustinnKaine pretty much made my argument for me. The fact that Carson had foot surgery during preseason, missed training camp, did not start the season 100% bc of the surgery, injuries along the offensive line, getting BOTH ankles rolled up in that 2nd game, and our most reliable WR being out had a big reason for his "average" numbers. These factors have to be taken into account. I feel like it was obvious, watching the first few games, that the main reason for Carson's numbers was the oline. Given that the oline played so horrendous I feel his mediocre numbers were actually good numbers in context.
  2. Did you watch the first few games?
  3. I've noticed this too. I think he gets too antsy at times and we will see less and less as the season goes on.
  4. Totally worth a first rounder. I see some posts on here saying otherwise and I just sit there in disbelief. It's difficult to find a QB period let alone one in the mid to high teens like I project our draft number will be. Carson is playing lights out esp given the circumstances this season. I don't even want to think about where our hopes would be without him.
  5. Carson Wentz came out, in primetime, while everyone was watching, and balled out!! He's finally settling in, getting healthy, and the offense is vibing. I think Carson proved tonight that he can be that guy to any Colts fan that was still on the edge about him. It only gets better from here on out. Once we get our oline whole, TY healthy, and even more chemistry this is going to be a very dangerous offense. Idk about y'all but I can't wait to see the growth.
  6. 3rd? Pair this man up w Leonard asap!! Put okereke(sp?) on the bench.
  7. That's half the point of my post. We have to keep the defense guessing. The predictability problem that we have puts us in a lot of 3rd and longs.
  8. I'm with you. I want to see Paris get more involved. Motions, speed sweeps, screens, and deep balls. He was a Percy Harvin type player at Ohio state. It would be nice to see Frank get creative.
  9. I def think Reich did a better job mixing it up this week. More motions, different packages w MO, and throwing in extra linemen to help w protection was nice to see. I just can't believe we only ran PA 2 times all game(maybe I missed a couple early on) esp w how well we were running the ball. PA helps the pass game, run game, and protection.
  10. Yes! We needed more of that!!
  11. He was handing the ball off and dropping back.. what's the difference? I mean he was even spinning out of pressure and took a designed run to the outside.
  12. Was anyone else yelling at the TV yesterday wondering where the play action was? We were running the ball so good but we refused to run any PA until the end of the game where we did twice and it worked beautifully. I loved that we ran the ball more this past game but man, can we mix it up at all?! Keep the defense guessing. PA pass it deep on first. Roll out on 2nd. It drove me crazy yesterday.
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