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Colts Vs. Titans Game Day Thread


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Just now, JCPatriot said:


You've gotta call it the way that you see it.  As a ref, I would feel terrible if I made a call that I didn't think was correct just to facilitate replay, and then the replay ended up not having a good angle or was obstructed in some way and the play ended up standing due to lack of visual evidence.  And I'm thinking to myself, "I'm pretty sure the call that I made on the field wasn't correct."  You've gotta just call what you see.


I agree somewhat.. but the reply was pretty conclusive in showing it was a bad call. 

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6 minutes ago, SteelCityColt said:


That's kinda my point.. rather than make the foot out call there and then (which they did after he clearly strolled in the endzone). Call it a TD.. then check the foot. 


Gotcha, I thought you were referring to the challenge.

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