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Colts Vs. Titans Game Day Thread


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Just now, Indy_Mike said:

OK...just how good can this team be? Outside of KC and the Rams, I'm not sure any other team is that much better than our Colts right now!

We started the year injured. Now that the rust is off Luck and his head straight the whole playbook is open now. We are He*thy ( dont wanna jinx us) now and there are certain members of the forum NOT ALLOWED to watch the games anymore seems we are doing great. Not to mention we have an OLINE. 


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Just now, NFLfan said:

Adrian Peterson beating the Texans. Career TD #105. 


Washington leading! 


I'd say All Day is perhaps up there with Bo as the best pure physical specimen to play in the NFL. His recovery from the ACL was beyond human. 

Just now, IndySouthsider said:

Save him? Ha ha he isn’t even being touched or sniffed. :)


You want to smell Luck's hair don't you?

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5 minutes ago, NFLfan said:


You sure don't. I'm so happy for you guys. And for Andrew. He is definitely the Comeback Player of the Year. And maybe more.  

Yeah we shut alot of people up today. There were many that picked Tennessee on ESPN and the NFL Network, today was a statement game that we are back. The media was wrong about us as usual. We are a small market team and use to the dissing but we have Andrew back, sky is the limit. I hope people keep picking against us so that look like fools lmao 

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