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  1. B ish...... I would have liked Montez Sweat or Greedy Williams
  2. For what it's worth he produced when he was given the chance half the season in Atlanta when Trufant went down. He played well on their SB run too except for the SB where he got picked apart however Also, he was solid in college I guess. I mean these are some snippets off Twitter I've seen. A common opinion seems to be that he's 1) raw 2) doesn't have quick hips so good rote runners can expose him But there are worse CB's out there, and maybe he works out for s
  3. Derrick Henry is PFF's #1 graded RB now. wth lol https://www.profootballfocus.com/nfl/players/derrick-henry/10679 Might be hard stopping him. Leonard's gonna have to get those tackles. I want 15. And gotta group tackle
  4. Pros for playing the Pats rather than the Texans: - We likely would have to get past them anyway to make a run. Is it easier to beat a team on the road in the wild card weekend rather than later? Anybody got stats on this? - Can you imagine we beat Tom Brady and the Pats in the 1st rond? I would legitimately seeu s being able to make a SB run. That would be very very exciting - It will only get colder further into the playoffs. I'd rather play in Foxsborough in milder weather because we're not accustomed to it and they are (understatement) - Pats are the Pats but they've looked a little shaky of late. Something tells me with a bye and more time, Belicheck will have the Pats looking unstoppable again as he always does. Perhaps stomping on them earlier in the best chance Pros for playing the Texans rather than the Pats: Nuff said. This game would likely be a 50/50 game that could go either way and I feel much more comfortable winning this individual game and moving on to the next round So, who would you rather play, assuming we make it? Discuss
  5. Well, only if we beat the Giants and the Steelers or Ravens lose one. Which looks likely but you never know
  6. Premature. Bt if we can consistently have a defense around 10-15th in the NFL and give Luck another top wideot and perhaps Bell (?), then this team will be very very legit
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