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  1. Depending on how Brissett finishes the year and if he's still available but I think with the Jets 2nd I'd love Eason to fall.
  2. For a 4th or less this season I'd be into it he could be a really good DT in our 4-3 scheme I think.
  3. With Turray out for the season and the Colts needing at least some depth in rotation on passing downs do you think they'd consider trading for Vic?
  4. Grover Stewart needs to step up and play well as the NT
  5. QB, DE, MLB, CB, DT, S, S An elite D with a good QB is what wins SBs, a QB can make a decent OL and WRs much much better, as long as I'm still getting a average OL and not a Luck years version I trust Mahomes, Wilson ect to keep the offence on track and an elite D shuts teams down.
  6. Smith and Glowinski have been the weakest link on the OL and would be the best blockers on plenty of OLs in the league. DT, WR, DE, S are all bigger problems on this team
  7. Unless Stewart really steps up his game, we need to invest either in FA or the draft in a NT/DT to go with out smaller DTs like Autry and Lewis
  8. You do know all teams play more zone than man coverage, last season the Chiefs lead the lead running it 45% of their snaps
  9. If Orekeke or Speed can play well this week next to Walker especially in coverage then Walker might need a move to Sam and come off in our nickle package.
  10. He's a Henry style back if there's a hole and he can build up his speed he's very hard to bring down and is faster than expected. Sometimes since he doest get many touches a game when he comes in it's almost like DCs don't account for him and Reich knows when to dial plays up for him.
  11. 21-17 we run the ball and mack has a big day and eats most of the clock and a timely Turray strip sack seals the game.
  12. Last season he was a good run defender so I expect that to improve but he was constantly torched by RBs and TEs in the pass game.
  13. Good QB and Top 10 D, bigtime skill players on offense are overrated a good QB will make the offense score points. Couple that with a good D and you have a good shot at a SB, if you're other great players on your team are WRs or RBs along and average D with a great QB you'll likely have less success than a team with a good QB average WRs and a great D.
  14. At the very worst it means Indy is paying a top backup 15 million for 1 season and if a replacement is brought in it will likely be a rookie on a cheap deal, so with all the cap space we have it doesn't hurt us at all.
  15. But they aren't paid elite money before they at least prove something in the league. So far Brissett hasn't proven that he can be the guy, I hope he is but am far from sure. The extension has already happened but only for 2 years which is good, if he struggles and the team drafts high enough for a top QB that would be my couch GM move. Now since it's a short extension it won't stop us from doing that. Had it not been done until the offseason and he was just decent Cousins or Alex Smith esc this year and Indy finishes around 8-8, which is what I'm expecting this year, he'd know he could get a big deal in FA but would he be worth it? Unless he surprises me and is above average and can get Indy to the playoffs I'm hoping someone like Herbert or Fromm drops or we trade up for either. My biggest worry is being a team like the Bengals were with Dalton or the Vikings last year a good team around him and would get to the playoffs but never being a Superbowl level team.
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