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  1. Those are fan votes and he's a name, he gave up nearly a 82% completion rate when targeted and a 123.8 QB rating.
  2. Just for laughs I hope it's for Dorsett
  3. Out of the list Fromm, I think Rivers would help his game alot, Rivers has never had a big arm but has been a good QB because of his accuracy and anticipation.
  4. Trading 13 and signing Rivers leaves me inckined to think our 2nd rounders likely wont be used on a QB, I don't think CB thinks their is a franchise guy in this draft or he'd have kept the pick. One of the high ranked WRs will have to fall either Higgins or Jefferson would be my top picks then either someone like Gallimore or potentially another pass catcher either TE or WR with our 2nd rounder. Derrick Wolf or Shelby Harris would be good 2nd tier FA pickups aswell and maybe Everson Griffin on a short deal as insurance for Turray and to let our younger players like Banagou or whomever we draft
  5. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2020/03/17/nfl-free-agency-indianapolis-colts-philip-rivers-agree-to-terms/ I think we all knew this was coming after the Buckner trade, but now it's done.
  6. If Simmons is still on the board run the card in, there's not a spot you can't put him on the D depending on the matchups.
  7. They'll both sign day 1 of FA imo. So I figured I'd throw and Indy and non Indy player
  8. Love Hargrave if we can pair him with either Kinlaw in rd1 or Gallimore in the 2nd Id be very happy.
  9. No more than Breida did in games Coleman missed and Coleman lost touches as the season went on. A very small investment half of what you would offer Mack.
  10. I like his decision making alot more than Brissett, he gets the ball out fast I like that
  11. If we miss out next year it's likely because Brissett played well enough for Indy to at least make the playoffs. It all depends on what you think of Love. If our pick next year is better than 13 we can still likely get a top QB prospect again if not Brissett at least decent or could likely still trade up next season similar to KC with Mahomies. I'd personally rather pick up an FA like Rivers or Bridgewater or even stick with Brissett because I personally don't like Love as a prospect.
  12. For Indy Rivers Rest of the league as far as major moves Clowney to NYG
  13. What Baltimore did is what most in this topic have posted a RB on, get a short term cheap FA and a comitee with late round/udfa backs.
  14. Baltimore gave Ingram 5 million a year so a small investment while the backs that SF did invest in they got no added production, adding someone other that Coleman and or both McKinnon would have helped the team more.
  15. Ingram averaged 13.5 carries a game and Edwards 8.3 so not exactly a workhorse and Coleman was the least productive RB for the 49ers behind Molstret and Brieda while McKinnon didn't even play.
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