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  1. That would be amazing, same as Deebo I doubt Hooker falls that far but weird things happen during the draft.
  2. This draft has no stud WRs so I could see him slide to our 2nd rounder and take him there either him or someone like Deebo or Paris Campbell
  3. No 1st round WRs this class is deep but nobody is special. Deebo Samuel, Paris Campbell, Whiteside, Butler, Brown are all guys we could get with an later pick and are maybe slightly worse prospects.
  4. Peopale underrate Lawrence's pass rush ability he did put up 7 sacks as a freshman. I really like the first 3 picks, I prefer Deebo but not by much, and Hooker would be great value and would be a nice 3rd S
  5. Hockerson is the only TE I would consider in the 1st round
  6. He did put up 6.5 sacks in his freshman season, I think he's an underrated passrusher and depending who else maybe to us, I wouldn't be upset by the pick.
  7. Depends on how he checks out in his interviews and talks with his coaches. With us having an extra early 2nd I could see Ballard making the move, before the injury he was probably a top 10 pick.
  8. They like the class the middle rounds or with our second pick there are players for Indy
  9. Autry played alot of DE and got about half if not more from that spot, same with Hunt. If he's available he's likely the BPA so get him in a heartbeat.
  10. His catch rate has always lined up with Newton's completion percentage he's an erratic passer, he's no all star but the season before he had one of the best drop rates in the NFL.
  11. He had 3-5 between different places you look, drops in one game this year against the Falcons playing injured, the season before he had a 4.5%. He had one very bad game but he's got good hands.
  12. Who are likely to be cap casualties? Maybe with the big cap left trade a late pick or swap picks plus a player a team gets something for someone they'd cut and we can absorb the cap hit and get a vet for a year or 2 while our young guys develop and we have to pay Leonard Nelson and Kelly.
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