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  1. It's the same reason why Luck is the 11th highest paid QB, the next guy to sign will be topping the list. Cooper is trying to get the biggest contract for a WR but he's not even top 10 same with Prescott
  2. People forget that through the first 10 weeks of the season before Newton was hurt and they moved Samuel and Moore as the main WRs he was on pace for 800+ and 5 TDs
  3. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2018/12/18/indianapolis-colts-want-to-see-more-from-de-kemoko-turay-in-practice/
  4. All I read from that is that on two separate occasions he was frustrated. The first just after having a friend murdered, very understandable. the other after having a really poor game while hurt players scream at refs all the time so I don't hold that against him and he could have handled the media better but he wasn't even really that bad then.
  5. Fleener in his 2nd and 3rd year looked like he was a good pick injuries really killed his career
  6. That sounds just like Walker, but to get there he needs to improve in coverage we were abused by TEs and RBs in the pass game last season.
  7. Him and Scheard can be great mentors to Turray, Lewis and Banagu
  8. Anderson would be the only other I could think of.
  9. ty4atd

    Ben Banogu

    Very athletic but doesn't show a variety of moves rushing the passer.
  10. How is he redundant of TY? They said that Campbell probably isn't going to be a #2, well this year he's not and TY plays on the outside so Campbell in the slot why is that redundant? Also in his draft video they said he caught alot of short passes and screens, but talked about him taking TYs role as our deep threat...
  11. That would be amazing, same as Deebo I doubt Hooker falls that far but weird things happen during the draft.
  12. This draft has no stud WRs so I could see him slide to our 2nd rounder and take him there either him or someone like Deebo or Paris Campbell
  13. No 1st round WRs this class is deep but nobody is special. Deebo Samuel, Paris Campbell, Whiteside, Butler, Brown are all guys we could get with an later pick and are maybe slightly worse prospects.
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