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  1. ty4atd

    Anthony Castonzo

    He’s is and pretty much always has been an above average LT, who on a normal season is a fringe pro-bowler.
  2. ty4atd

    Top 10 Current Colts

    Luck TY Costanzo Vinny Scheard Doyle Kelly Hooker Ebron Autry
  3. ty4atd

    1 Offensive Player and 1 Defensive Player

    O - Tyron Smith he’s the best young LT in the league. With him we can move AC to RT and then with Nelson and Kelly at LG and C between Mewhort, Smith and Slauson at RG well have probably the best OL in the NFL D - Aaron Donald - That’s easy the best DL in the league he’s still young and fits the scheme perfect.
  4. ty4atd

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    Irsay’s whale comment was similar to T.Y’s is what he was getting at
  5. ty4atd

    Mychal Kendricks released

    And I’d rather Luke Kuechly but what’s the point one is a FA the other isn’t....
  6. ty4atd

    Grade the picks!

    Nelson C+ ( A as a player but the value is wrong) Leonard B+ Best off ball LB left instant starter at Will Smith B- Would be higher if we didn't already have Nelson, and I think we really missed Josh Jackson he's fit our zone D perfect Turray B high tisk high reward pick compared to Ngakwoe Lewis C My 2nd favourite DE from Ohio state but Hubbard was still there. Hopefully he can play our Raheem Brock role LE who can rush from inside Hynes B a nice receiving back and returner to tandem with Mack. Fountain ? Read good things but no idea Wilkins B Makes a good trio with Mack and Hynes as the power back. No comment on the rest I know I'll catch flack for my Nelson grade but I don't think any G is worth the #6 and as much as he's called the best G ever read DeCastro's scouting report or Warmacks and they say basically the same thing and one went 24 and the other was mostly a bust.
  7. Right now my best guess is we let Haeg Good and I guess Smith battle it out. As long as we have a more uptempo offence and get it out of Lucks hand that should be good.
  8. Last season coming in they had outside of Jenkins a very meh secondary only Alshon Jefferey, Ahgalor and Ertz as good receivers an old Blount at RB and Wiz at G they could have "reached" for starters but took Barnett because they knew he would help them as a rotational end who will become a starter. Now we know that Robinson balled out, in the season they traded for Ajayi and Wisnewski played better than he had in years.
  9. The Eagles last year took a non starter at 14 it happens all the time just cause they don't start day 1 doesn't mean they won't or aren't good players, they also took one with their 2nd rounder this year Howie Roseman must be a crappy GM.
  10. I think hopefully if he's healthy it'll be Mewhort and Smith as the main backup and Slauson as our backup C since I believe he's played there before.
  11. So then we got 3 starters, I would have liked Jackson better but our early 2nds will start and the later two will rotate on the DLine and still play plenty of snaps, they are high risk but high reward picks. It's not a A draft but not nearly as bad as you are making it out to be.
  12. Between Mewhort, Smith and Slauson who starts at RG?
  13. Mark Walton or Jaylen Samuels is who I'm hoping for now
  14. Hooker was a great pick and Wilson when he played was good and fits this new D much better. I'm not a big fan of this draft so far but last year was good.While I'm not in love with this draft but we likely got 3 starters this year and at least 3 for he future if Mewhort stays healthy and beats Smith out. Nelson and Leonard will both start Smith could or is good depth and Lewis should be a good rotational DE/DT but Turray is a ??? to me.
  15. I know nothing about Turtay so no comment other than I never saw a mock or whatever that had him as a 2nd rounder. Smith and Leonard are decent picks Smith will compete with Mewhort and Slauson for the RG spot and Leonard I think was a slight reach but we badly needed a LB and he was the best available.