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  1. Let´s give out initial grades for our 2021 Draft
  2. I love this pick. Yeah, the injury is a concern but this is not a sprint, its a marathon and Ballard knows it. I read somewhere that this kid has the highest ceiling of all D-Lineman in the entire draft. Well, I dont know if thats true, but I really like his size/strength/motor/versatility and if not for the injury he would've been easily a first rounder. I read the whole thread and I have the feeling a lot of guys here will eat crow in a couple years.
  3. I say Mack Look its easy, JB got his chance under weird circumstances and he isn't the real deal. Hooker was a first round pick and expectations are high. He played well at times and showed his playmaking abilities but also had some bad moments and injuries. Mack was a 4th round pick, developed quite nicely and just had his best season. Can you expect more?
  4. Irsay got it right this time. I am glad Ballard is our GM, he always has a plan. Winning the Super Bowl isnt easy.. finding a great QB isnt easy.. the games are pretty much always 50:50 with good teams these days and anything can happen. One bad break and it's over. It goes both ways. So I think we as fans need to put things in perspective sometimes. Nobody is perfect and mistake-free, especially not in the NFL. But the way Ballard runs the show in Indy, is everything you can ask for as a fan IMO!
  5. I wanted either O-line depth or a DB and I think we got a good, intelligent and confident kid. played corner and then transitioned to safety. Had a lot INT's playing FS & is used to guarding TE's one on one and that could very well be his role with the colts (unfotunately Quincy didnt work out). Yes he's hurt but we dont even know IF or WHEN the season starts, so no big deal.
  6. hooooold on. what did we gave up to move up? 18 fumbles?? can he pass protect, can he catch?
  7. big, strong, good hands, high character, was a team captain, can play special teams. checks all boxes, typical ballard pick. I like it!
  8. so basically he would have been even faster if he played sober? :D
  9. dont go with black, go with navy blue instead
  10. spotrac says 29 mil without the deals of Rhodes (5 mil), Day (?) and Carrie but already including draftees if I am correct. So we should be at around 20 mil right now, draft included.
  11. so we have Ya Sin, Moore, Rhodes, Wilson, Tell and TJ. Its super early but looks good right before the draft
  12. Greetings from Tyrol (Austria) which is currently a corona hotspot. The goverment has us locked down.ük People are not allowed to leave their homes, except for shopping groceries, medicine or going to work if you still have to. Two weeks ago NOBODY thought something like this could happen. Hospitals are about to run out of supply in one of the richest country in the world. Its really important to dismiss physical social contact these days. Be save fellow colts fans!
  13. sure, I am just saying that the 49ers are a very balanced team and thats what our GM is looking for. When the game is on the line, I would take a generational talent like Mahomes any day of the week and twice on sunday.
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