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  1. I think people underestimate Flowers' ability to be a shut down corner. If he stays healthy he will have a breakout season imo. I love our D-line and think they are top 5 in the league. I have high hopes for Latu and think he will deliver double digit sacks, even as a rookie. His pass rush win% in college was top notch, Bosa-esque, if not better. He is DPOY material. Our LB's are solid and we will probably sign a proven vet at safety.
  2. all we need is a healthy AR
  3. Latu doesnt care about his jersey number, at least thats what he said on maxx crosby´s podcast... 15 was given to him at ucla, he didnt really chose it, he just wanna play.
  4. yeah I know, sry but latu will wear #97 like I guessed according to his insta
  5. yes, damn.. then #10 maybe if its free
  6. ya´ll watch maxx crosby show on youtube - its called "the rush". Latu was on there and they talk for an hour.
  7. for a guy who had 13 starts in college, Richardson alraedy showed he is capable of leading an NFL offense. Far from a finished product and injuries are a concerns but if you look at his skill set you can already see he´s special imo. I love Minshew and what he brings but the sky is the limit for AR
  8. yes, he had more injuries in five games than minshew in his career
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