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  1. Happy Easter to all!

  2. It doesn't include the above scenario spoken about on the NFL network, but shows their desire to move down and obtain more picks. https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/10637/mike-maccagnan
  3. Great handle btw!!! I used to be one myself, but that was quite awhile ago, lol! So they want to trade back and regain their 2nd that we obtained from, according to the NFL Network? Give them their 2nd back and Indy's first, take it or leave it, lol! Just for laughs though. I really don't know how prudent it would be for Indy to move up that far?? Anyway, thanks for the info and Happy Easter to all!
  4. This is a very good draft! I thank you for sharing this with us. One thought on Lawrence, the ability to command a double team will only help our pass rushers. Think about when Booger came to Indy and how he helped the rest of the defense.
  5. I am unsure what his worth actually is? He most likely will be rendered a nice offer in Free Agency as there is always a team or two who just throw money away. So it may be more prudent to wait for the comp pick and allow Indy a quality back up next season?
  6. I like the chance to see if Wesco can transition....one thing to note though is that Indy still has Antonio Garcia who was a 3rd rounder of the Pats that had blood Colts in his lungs. To succeed in the NFL, you have to take chances. If Tell has tackling issues he won't fit in at this scheme. Great post man, I love thinking outside the box!
  7. You have to beat them all to win it all, or something like that, lol! One game at a time, Go Colts!
  8. I missed that and I apologize, I love him! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Well factually, Hunt is the only one currently over 30, lol! FACT! But I appreciate your candor.
  10. While I understand why you may not want McCoy, your original reply was far from this. It is fine, I am just stating facts.
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