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  1. You make a point, but you fail to see the bigger picture???? I gave a response, and my response was for a Safety FIRST! I guessed you missed that? We need an OT as our current LT is in his last year and has no current contract.
  2. A high second rounder is usually a developmental player, in regards to an Offensive Tackle? Tony Ugoh's pick was traded for a future 1st round pick. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Ugoh
  3. A good Safety could be plucked here. Even a developmental OT.
  4. Exactly, it soils, can't seem to write the word I want as it comes up as "Saints" the game's history and really puts an unnecessary load on the current players. The only ones that benefit are the owners and the NFL.
  5. My thoughts... When I was born there was a 14 game season. As I approached "tween years" it rose to 16. I honestly feel that any additional games should come at the subtraction of pre-season games. Fun fact: Look at Jim Brown's 1963 season in 14 games.
  6. Just felt like listening to Stevie Ray, enjoy.



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      Thanks Bro, got banned because rackeen305 can do whatever he wants.  I will be sending you my personal email....

  7. I am definitely concerned about Leonard, hopefully after the bye he is good to go.
  8. Any given Sunday is correct! I have watched the NFL for almost 45 years and I have seen just what you posted Mr. Holmes.
  9. Thank you for bringing him up and I am saddened by his death. It is nice to see a few of us remember the old days, and I hope he rests in peace.
  10. I can't disagree with your point. It did help. As far as your Corey Simon reference, he broke my heart! So much promise but the dude had some issues.
  11. The year with a healthy Booger was about it, although the '95 team had a decent defense.
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