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  1. Pete Townshend called him the best, good enough for me. What a great piece to add to his collection!
  2. I am glad they are all signed. Can't wait for the season to begin!
  3. Lol, good one! I know you were being sarcastic and realize I meant my opinion, lol! Thanks for the laugh
  4. THAT was funny! Well done Sir!
  5. If you give a fool enough rope, he will hang himself.
  6. Possibly? It feels strange seeing this quality depth at CB. It has been an Achilles heel so much in the past.
  7. https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/8246/kenny-moore
  8. You win the internet for the day! Lock it up boys!
  9. It seems that way, I was attacked for no reason???? I guess that is his "thing"????
  10. I noticed you quoted me. I asked a simple question. Tread lightly, as your retort is over the top and not appreciated by myself.
  11. This is an excellent point! I am not condoning any illegal use of PED's mind you, just kind of trying to figure out how legal supplements factor in? What is next caffeine? Again, not condoning illegal use, but there seems to be a very grey area?
  12. He will be number 1 on this list next year if Indy wins the SuperBowl..lol
  13. I am glad that you at least admit it. This is such a touchy subject , one I wish there was less of in our country.
  14. I agree and it makes me wonder if those who seem to have that rationale would have the same if he was drafted by another team?
  15. I feel for the kid, didn't even get to play in a pre-season game...not that he would have made the roster but had a great shot at the practice squad. Heal up and see ya next year.
  16. Indy has had some very good kicking tandems for sure! Glad you brought up Dean. I was always a big fan of him. Which poster did you want? Edit: Which poster of Dean did you want?
  17. I am glad he was extended! Indy was fortunate to draft him right after Mac's sudden retirement.
  18. He was a player that I hoped Indy would have had a shot at in the draft back in the day. Here are his stats: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/C/CyprJo00.htm
  19. Yes Sir, competition brings out the best or worst in players.
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