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  1. NO, unless this staff is hell bent on one being a difference maker at 34. If not, you have potential future All Pros or at least future probowlers with these picks as it’s a deep draft. I know most will call me a homer but the below guys could’ve had so much more success in college if wasn’t for bad QB play & playing a player out of position due to team needs!!! All three had not only good workouts but GREAT workouts at the combine & at Sr bowl practices!!! CB are you listening??? Rivers loves his TE and BIG targets, enter our 2nd rd picks and if used properly I believe TPJ could’ve been a 1st rd grade. The South Bend Beat writers shared multiple reports from the Senior bowl practices that TPJ is stealing the show and even had an INT in the game! Claypool along with Kmet should both have 1st rd grades if it wasn’t for Book losing all conf in his abilities. Both could be ALLPRO in the right situation, let’s hope it’s ours! Cole Kmet - 34 Chase Claypool - 2nd rd Troy Pride Jr - 3rd rd
  2. I am the OP & I'm sorry if I got your blood boiling. I enjoyed my 4 yrs in the Navy btw!
  3. Where can we buy tix from friendly season tix holder for cheap if they can't make it? This is Colts forum right?
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