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  1. NDcolt

    2015 vs 2019

    Grigson single handedly set this franchise back 4 yrs due to lack of talent on the roster and terrible trades! What’s more depressing is he was a FORMER OL but couldn’t recognize OL talent if it hit him in the butt. So refreshing we have a GM and scouts that get today’s NFL and know real talent! Grigson was and still is a BAFOON
  2. He’s not here to judge talent, that’s CB & Staff’s job but he is here to judge the “IT” factor. Does this guy have what it takes to be a pro, does he have the “WILL” to succeed! It’s not about the size of the dog, it’s about the fight inside the dog and that’s all about special forces! It takes one to know one mentality and I love it CB is a pure genius! It’s amazing how some Orgs are so clueless.
  3. What I like about both Rookies is they come from good Defensive programs, Stanford and TCU! I like this staff’s vision to see prospects excel at the top level which makes them elite. No knock on Walker but if the comparisons are true and pan out with Bobby and Darious, Colin Cowherd just may be on to something about this team being the next Dynasty!?
  4. Instincts is quickly becoming the football terminology like Location is to Real Estate! It’s what it’s ALL about! I don’t care what you ran, what you lifted or what you did in a 3 cone drill as CB is quickly making the old combine analogies of track stars is a tell all. We all hear the term, basketball IQ or Instincts that is so more important than speed because your always ahead of the play! Instincts is > than track speed but if you get Instincts + track speed, you got a secret ingredient. Shhhh don’t let it out
  5. Sams roof Deion Cain raised before tearing an ACL in his first game ever? I pray Campbell has a better rookie season brotha.
  6. Just like Eric Ebron played with Matt Stafford before Colts picked him up. He was misused and in the wrong system which is Coach Reichs vision. Funchess will be a red zone nightmare and don’t be surprised if he makes the probowl. Ebron clone
  7. As a long time Colts fan it’s a shame the best QB to EVER play this game only has 2 Titles to his name BUT please listen. It takes a complete Staff from Owner to last player on practice squad to create something special. Polian FAILED, Jim Irsay did not cuz he had trust. Jim failed when he hired Grigson as he swung and MISSED. But LET me tell YOU, with 2 STRIKES, Jim Irsay HIT a Grand Slam hiring Chris Ballard! I look back and say what could have been BUT who cares cuz the next 10 yrs will make all Colts Nation FORGET
  8. LOST me w/ Tennessee radio! I mean both Reggie and Boomstick just made Titan Nation look like yesterday Browns but ok I’m listening Cosell lmao. You wanna question the top 3 GM and scouting staff?
  9. Prior Regime, You bet man but with how CB AND staff knocked the 2018 draft out of the park please don’t attempt to STOP this hype train that’s known as Chris Ballard!!!! I get it USUALLY, but brother this ain’t USUALLY it’s OK to hype rookies why? Cuz Chris Ballard said so and when Chuck Norris aka Chris Ballard talks, YOU better LISTEN
  10. Watching the Episodes, CB just gets it! An Alpha Male that lets his entire team challenge him and most impressive has them believing that they are just as important as him himself. I mean the greatest Leader is only as good as the people he’s leading. He’s smart, drafting hi caliber players hat fit his system is the #1 trait! In Ballard we TRUST
  11. Who the Hell is Chris Ballard? Let me bend that ear for a minute, He’s a top 3 GM in the NFL and soon to be #1!
  12. I figured this draft would not grade out well initially due to lack of big names from big schools but guarantee will look a whole lot better in 2 yrs. Rock Ya Sin and Parris Campbell fit our system to a T and have the potential w/ measurable to be Elite Game Changers. Both have first rd talent but need to be in the right system to excel. Other picks all seem like projects to the naked eye but I’m not gonna question CB and his Staff after last yrs Hall of Fame draft. Dumb on their part to do so.
  13. If you don’t believe in this staff to this point I can’t help you believe!
  14. Great draft grades = take big names from big schools which is nonsense formula. CB and staff prepare like no other staff and spend hundreds of hrs studying film and interviews making sure they get the player that fits their scheme!!! Everybody wins but this staff is showing the rest of the NFL including the Pats how to build a roster that FITS your scheme. I.E, everybody wanted Greedy Williams but if you don’t tackle you don’t fit regardless if your a Deion Sanders and shut down corner. Other picks seem like bust but in our system can be ALL PRO! Trust the process
  15. Geathers might not miss many tackles but he sure does miss many games! DEPTH
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