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  1. NO, unless this staff is hell bent on one being a difference maker at 34. If not, you have potential future All Pros or at least future probowlers with these picks as it’s a deep draft. I know most will call me a homer but the below guys could’ve had so much more success in college if wasn’t for bad QB play & playing a player out of position due to team needs!!! All three had not only good workouts but GREAT workouts at the combine & at Sr bowl practices!!! CB are you listening??? Rivers loves his TE and BIG targets, enter our 2nd rd picks and if used properly I believe TPJ could’
  2. I am the OP & I'm sorry if I got your blood boiling. I enjoyed my 4 yrs in the Navy btw!
  3. Where can we buy tix from friendly season tix holder for cheap if they can't make it? This is Colts forum right?
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