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  1. Same reason this Colts team will miss out on the playoffs! Too loyal! GOAT has cost us two or three games already and the League is adjusting to check down Brissett. Don’t tell me about what this coaching staff believes cuz it’s all lies. What does your eyes tell you? We need a new kicker and QB period.
  2. Lets go get 5 receivers but still don’t matter, NEED A QB!
  3. We can have the top 4 receivers in the game today but it’s up to our qb to get them the damn ball. So far he can’t!
  4. What about when both were starting? Zero catches why? I’m not here to bash just pointing out a flaw in our starting QB. No field vision
  5. Any arm chair GM can see JB is not the answer, stop pretending. He lacks the confidence it takes to play the position and more importantly doesn’t have the anticipation factor to throw a receiver open.
  6. It’s not our receivers that is the problem guys, it’s Jacoby. The dude can’t scan the field to find the 3rd, 4th or 5th option. That’s why Cain and Campbell have 10 receptions total. If we don’t upgrade at QB, doesn’t matter who we have at wr.
  7. What separates Ballard from Polian is Ballard has a top 3 scouting Staff where Polian was a one man wrecking crew. In the long run as long as Ballard can keep his team together, he will have better success in my opinion. Back to back stellar drafts is just the start to Mr Ballard’s legacy and after this yr the NFL will take notice. Only thing missing is the Championship hardware and I hope this coaching staff has what it takes to utilize this young talent Ballard and Scouts provided?
  8. I am the OP & I'm sorry if I got your blood boiling. I enjoyed my 4 yrs in the Navy btw!
  9. Where can we buy tix from friendly season tix holder for cheap if they can't make it? This is Colts forum right?
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