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  1. Same reason this Colts team will miss out on the playoffs! Too loyal! GOAT has cost us two or three games already and the League is adjusting to check down Brissett. Don’t tell me about what this coaching staff believes cuz it’s all lies. What does your eyes tell you? We need a new kicker and QB period.
  2. Lets go get 5 receivers but still don’t matter, NEED A QB!
  3. We can have the top 4 receivers in the game today but it’s up to our qb to get them the damn ball. So far he can’t!
  4. What about when both were starting? Zero catches why? I’m not here to bash just pointing out a flaw in our starting QB. No field vision
  5. Any arm chair GM can see JB is not the answer, stop pretending. He lacks the confidence it takes to play the position and more importantly doesn’t have the anticipation factor to throw a receiver open.
  6. It’s not our receivers that is the problem guys, it’s Jacoby. The dude can’t scan the field to find the 3rd, 4th or 5th option. That’s why Cain and Campbell have 10 receptions total. If we don’t upgrade at QB, doesn’t matter who we have at wr.
  7. Without Luck, Ballard can draft his * off with little success! Without Ballard, Luck can play his * off with little success! I believe this duo with Coach Frank Reich will go down in the company of Brady and Bill when all said and done. Big shoes but right company.
  8. What separates Ballard from Polian is Ballard has a top 3 scouting Staff where Polian was a one man wrecking crew. In the long run as long as Ballard can keep his team together, he will have better success in my opinion. Back to back stellar drafts is just the start to Mr Ballard’s legacy and after this yr the NFL will take notice. Only thing missing is the Championship hardware and I hope this coaching staff has what it takes to utilize this young talent Ballard and Scouts provided?
  9. 90+ catches in a 12 game schedule with take it to the House potential = As many touches or catches it takes to WIN. I don’t think numbers will justify what this guys presence means to this offense. Wether he catches a 100 balls or 40, his presence will be felt!
  10. Grigson single handedly set this franchise back 4 yrs due to lack of talent on the roster and terrible trades! What’s more depressing is he was a FORMER OL but couldn’t recognize OL talent if it hit him in the butt. So refreshing we have a GM and scouts that get today’s NFL and know real talent! Grigson was and still is a BAFOON
  11. He’s not here to judge talent, that’s CB & Staff’s job but he is here to judge the “IT” factor. Does this guy have what it takes to be a pro, does he have the “WILL” to succeed! It’s not about the size of the dog, it’s about the fight inside the dog and that’s all about special forces! It takes one to know one mentality and I love it CB is a pure genius! It’s amazing how some Orgs are so clueless.
  12. What I like about both Rookies is they come from good Defensive programs, Stanford and TCU! I like this staff’s vision to see prospects excel at the top level which makes them elite. No knock on Walker but if the comparisons are true and pan out with Bobby and Darious, Colin Cowherd just may be on to something about this team being the next Dynasty!?
  13. Instincts is quickly becoming the football terminology like Location is to Real Estate! It’s what it’s ALL about! I don’t care what you ran, what you lifted or what you did in a 3 cone drill as CB is quickly making the old combine analogies of track stars is a tell all. We all hear the term, basketball IQ or Instincts that is so more important than speed because your always ahead of the play! Instincts is > than track speed but if you get Instincts + track speed, you got a secret ingredient. Shhhh don’t let it out
  14. Sams roof Deion Cain raised before tearing an ACL in his first game ever? I pray Campbell has a better rookie season brotha.
  15. Just like Eric Ebron played with Matt Stafford before Colts picked him up. He was misused and in the wrong system which is Coach Reichs vision. Funchess will be a red zone nightmare and don’t be surprised if he makes the probowl. Ebron clone
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