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  1. Let's grab Joe Burrow. He just sold me with saving his britches during a sack. Lets get a FULL MOON ON DRAFT DAY, BOOOOYS.
  2. You're digging up a post from before the season started to make a point on, bud. But yes, I agree hes going to be falling out of the first with how skittish hes gotten under pressure.
  3. I'm absolutely heartbroken for Turay... that leg looked broken.
  4. Im on and off the Jordan Love train it seems just about every day. Based on some of the concerns about him Im hoping he can drop to our range. I dont think Ballard will necessarily move up for a qb, but I think if one of the guys falls to us that he likes he will grab them, and I think if Jordan slips to our pick he will get him. He was high on him before the season started, who knows now. Not as much of a fan of Eason. About everyone else Id be down for a bit of a gamble.
  5. I know before the season started Chris Ballard was high on Jordan Love, so it will be interesting to see if he changes his mind based on how JB is playing. With how deep this upcoming draft is I wouldn't be offended if he plucks a qb just to sit on the bench and let JB play next year and a young QB learn and get accustomed. I also wouldn't mind JB blowing up and proving me wrong though. We know he has a high floor, I'm just not super convinced yet of how high his ceiling goes. I prefer PFF grades and Im not high on his low grades. But we are only 4 weeks in, and the scheming for him could be why those aren't higher. Who knows, gonna be a fun season of speculation.
  6. Right there with you. I loved the results of Brissett and in general as a player and person, but even before the raiders game I thought maybe I was missing out on whatever some people were drinking with the koolaid. Then I started looking through his pff grades and I was like, "Oh, Okay thats why I wasn't drooling over what I was seeing."
  7. Yeah, I've kinda lost my stock in him as the college season has progressed. Sucks, but I still think theres quite a few great qbs that could fall to us. Here's to hoping Ballard also loses his taste in him, I know he was high on him before the season started.
  8. I like Jordan Love as a prospect tbh. Seeing how he ends up playing this year is going to be key for if they'll prefer him over others. I read an article earlier saying Chris Ballard was high on him.
  9. I feel like there's going to be incredible energy and a rallying type mentality that will make the season interesting to watch regardless how our record goes. It will also force me to watch college football to see potential long term replacements in the next few years.
  10. I wasn't aware that I said anything in that post about the fans not having a right to be emotional.
  11. It does kinda feel like as a fan I got broken up with though, hahaha damn.
  12. Ya know, I think he went through absolute hell under Grigson and it wrecked his body, mind, and love for the game. Grigson was like a 16 year old getting the keys to a Ferrari. I hate how this happened, with the timing and false hope, but I can respect his need to prioritize everything else in his life over money.
  13. I laughed so hard at it. Love the podcast
  14. I think it's probably case-by-case and more of an indicator of individual progress and getting a more physical and competitive practice than indicative of overall team success in regular season. But just like every step-up in practice tempo it's helpful experience.
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