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  1. It looks like the shoe actually matches the Colts logo this time. I didn't realize the old horseshoe on the helmet was different until yall pointed it out.
  2. OH NO!!! That sucks about your class being canceled I'm sorry!! As for you instructing, I bet your recruits are happy to still be able to work with you on some capacity. The internet has made this easier to do and finding ways to interact and keeping morale high seems to be helpful. We have about 14 weeks of practical training before graduation so I'm not sure how thats gonna go either :/.
  3. That's amazing!!! Hopefully I can meet you some time at FDIC! If I can get through this damn study at home stuff we are doing. Lucky they didn't cancel the class though. Are you teaching an academy currently or were you lucky to miss this craziness???
  4. I've watched since the early 2000's when I was a little girl. My father is a Fire Chief and would go to FDIC every year and bring back colts swag because I like horses. Finally saw them on the tv and made my dad watch with me. Now we are both INDY fans, and I'm in the process of going through a Fire Academy to follow my dads footsteps. For me the Colts and firefighting have always been interlinked because of it, and I'm incredible grateful for both.
  5. I ain't mad at it. Kinda loved the idea of Love. But DeBuck is proven, and our defense just got a lot better. Trust the clipboard.
  6. I keep trying to remind myself that Brissett was a backup that was put in a situation to have to fill Andrew Lucks shoes for an entire season and going forward, not just for another injury. I don't mean that as an excuse for how hes playing, but sometimes I find myself getting super upset at him for not being able to take the leap and be a true starter. When in reality I'm upset at the fact that there are people willing to talk themselves into us crowing him as the replacement instead of a bridge.
  7. I think theres going to be talent slipping to the bottom of the first round and into the second. No need to reach for a qb but theres no issue taking someone ballard likes with talent (if they fall to us), and having them sit and learn with jb still driving.
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