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  1. No matte the outcome of this game and really the season, it's good to know we don't have to worry that much about Luck now. He seems back. Am strength back and making all the throws
  2. Is that the prognosis? Could he perhaps just need some time to get back all of his arm strength or could it be that he'll never get it back? I know nothing about what surgery he got
  3. That drive was extremely painful to watch. Wow Andrew Luck better orchestrate a game-winning drive here because this loss will hurt
  4. No one can catch anything right now. Rogers, Ebron. Both catchable TD's smh Let's hold this lead I guess but it's not ideal. Missed opportunities I guess it's raining but still
  5. Luck 20-24 after that first pass. Lots of short passes but still, looking quite good for his first game back. Hope he builds on that
  6. If there's one guy they like above the rest, I don't think they're going to risk it. They've already screwed themselves plenty of times not getting their franchise QB I mean all of this is me trying to cope with it, deep down hoping we have a chance at Barkley lol
  7. I don't think this means they won't draft a QB #1 overall. Taylor might just be the starter so the rookie they draft isn't thrown into the fire, no?
  8. The same he could do in any offense. Flat out ball lol. The key is being healthy though ;)
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