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  1. Boiler_Colt

    Colts Training Camp 8/14/2018

    Word is that Breeland's foot is stil an issue and is not healthy enough to sign with any team.
  2. Boiler_Colt

    Stephen Holder leaving the IndyStar

    Best of luck to him. He always provided good info via twitter. I wonder if Keefer is assuming a bigger role or if someone else will be brought in.
  3. Boiler_Colt

    Obscure Colts Game

    Griff Whalen. We all know the play, and we all want to forget.
  4. Boiler_Colt

    Any traction for Khalil Mack?

    A pipedream. Oakland/Vegas will come to their senses.
  5. Boiler_Colt

    Skai Moore & Leonard

    Well, except he wasn't. He got the start over Desir. Desir was playing well into the second half.
  6. Boiler_Colt

    Big Bodied Receiver

    Not really, but I think Grant and Rogers have been locked into #2 and #3 since jump. I see Brent making the roster though. He's had a good camp so far. Fountain needs to step up, but I bet he makes the roster too.
  7. Boiler_Colt

    Big Bodied Receiver

    There'snot much out on the open market to be excited about. Dontrelle Inman maybe? It is also worth noting that there are several other "big bodied" guys on the roster. Brent, Williams, Fountain, Hogan.
  8. Boiler_Colt

    Frank Reich Conference Call

    Hate to see this for Cain. Also worried about the long term sustainability of Mack. I feel a veteran RB move coming soon. Perhaps Alfred Morris?
  9. Boiler_Colt

    [Lombardi] Deon Cain's injury might be season-ending

    No clue, he didnt go down injured on the field at all.
  10. Boiler_Colt

    [Lombardi] Deon Cain's injury might be season-ending

    I don't even remember him going down or anything. Very odd
  11. Boiler_Colt

    Take away from Seattle game

    Michael Lombardi reporting Cain's injury may be season ending so we may need to get both a veteran WR and RB in the fold.
  12. Boiler_Colt

    Take away from Seattle game

    The defense is going to make your eyes bleed at times. The QB's in our division will be murdering us on bootlegs and cutbacks. Sign Breeland, trade for Mack and bring back Hankins! Jk...kinda
  13. Boiler_Colt

    Collts @ Seahawks Preseason Game Night Thread

    Still better than listening to Don Fisher butcher everyones names.
  14. Boiler_Colt

    Khalil Mack trade possibility?

    Raiders would likely laugh at that offer. It will take at least one 1st rounder, maybe 2. If Brandin Cooks requires a 1st round price, you can bet Mack will take a lot more than that.