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  1. Boiler_Colt


    Buffalo too. Cincy, Cleveland also comparable.
  2. Boiler_Colt

    Ryan Kelly

    Update from Reich. "He could miss a little time" So I guess that is about as good as you could have hoped for.
  3. Boiler_Colt

    Ryan Kelly

    Yeah, you'd think if it was a clear cut season-ender they'd know that by know and announce it.
  4. Boiler_Colt

    Ryan Kelly

    Boehm has filled in admirably and Haeg will come back next week and can snap if need be but Kelly has been playing at an all pro level. Missing any sigificant time would be a big blow.
  5. Boiler_Colt

    The final 6 games

    Kinda what I was thinking , but the Dallas amd Tennessee games could be very tough as well. Jags may well have quit by the time we play them. Dallas is lookimg tougher though and the Giants offense has come alive. Still, I see a minimum of 9-7 barring anything catastrophic.
  6. Boiler_Colt

    Titan's Game Injuries

    Crossing all my fingers and toes for Kelly.
  7. Boiler_Colt

    Reggie Wayne Career Highlights

    Haha yup. The football Reggie chants. If youre a Reggie in the Indy market, you better bring it.
  8. Boiler_Colt

    Reggie Wayne Career Highlights

    Does anybody remember when the REGGIE chants started? I wanna say it was the Carolina game in 03. I was at that one and he had his breakout performance.
  9. Boiler_Colt

    Under the Radar Prospects

    Not sure if technically under the radar but Josh Allen the Edge from Kentucky will rise up the charts before all is said and done. 6-5 listed at 260, 12 sacks so far this season in the SEC.
  10. Boiler_Colt

    I Wonder??

    Flus was Ballards guy. I think the more interesting question would be who was Reich's guy if he were given the choice.
  11. Boiler_Colt

    Last Years Draft

    Agreed, we all thought 2012 was the same way and really only Luck and TY stuck.
  12. Boiler_Colt

    Hooker probably won't play

    Interesting that they noted Hip/Illness this time. Leonard and Kelly popping up scared me but no designation on the injury report so sounds like they're good to play.
  13. Boiler_Colt

    Hooker probably won't play

    Yep, hip issue coming into the draft as well. Not good.
  14. Boiler_Colt

    Nelson Fined for leading with helmet

    I'm guessing Q is not digging that viral video so much.
  15. Boiler_Colt

    Defensive Outlook

    The SAM backer barely sees the field in this scheme though. You don't invest a high pick in a guy that wont play 60% of the snaps.