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  1. Boiler_Colt

    Leg Room

    Even then it will be complaints and various states of being unimpressed by the selections and FA pickups.
  2. Thanks for this. The guy I really like is Johnathan Abram. He seems like a perfect replacement for Geathers if he is not brought back. Fast, hard hitter, and fits this defense.
  3. Boiler_Colt

    Colts have fired OL coach Dave DeGuglielmo

    Well that is kind of a shocker. This could have a lot of scrutiny if the stellar line play doesn't continue.
  4. Basham was from Ohio University which is not D2. It's in the MAC which is a lower conference but still D1. Leonard was from a lower level school and he turned out OK.
  5. Boiler_Colt

    Reich Press Conference

    Climbing is the new chopping.
  6. Boiler_Colt

    Luck did not play well comments are simply false

    Manning failed at all these things too...until the one time he didn't.
  7. Boiler_Colt

    What the colts need to contend in 2019

    That's why i'm on the Andy Isabella train. Looks like an Edelman clone.
  8. Boiler_Colt

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    Yeah, I think with those quick throws out to the flat, he sometimes does not set his feet and will sometimes hop it. Especially if it's across his body to the left. I do not think it is a strength thing at all but a footwork one.
  9. Boiler_Colt

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    I stand corrected, I saw a much different stat on Twitter before the game. Shouldn't ever listen to twitter I guess.
  10. Boiler_Colt

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    No, what I was saying it when you look at his stats on his throws in yardage tiers he has always had a lower passer rating on passes thrown 0-5 yards downfield and behind the LOS (i.e. a screen pass). He was third in the league in rating and % on passes thrown 20+ yards downfield. Historically, the short pass his his worst by rating. Make sense?
  11. Boiler_Colt

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    Har har. you know what I mean. Thrown AT not FROM
  12. I read somewhere where coaches in today's modern NFL don't really think you can build a team that can totally shut down modern offenses. Instead defenses need to be really good at forcing turnovers. I actually agree with that. A good offense and an opportunistic defense is how you will win more often than not in today's game.
  13. Boiler_Colt

    Colts away schedule is brutal

    You never know who is going to be good and who will take a step back until the season unfolds.
  14. Boiler_Colt

    Stupid T-Shirts

    The 1-0 shirts were a montra for the season, not a statement about the playoff record. Albeit a bit juvenille, it's what marketing departments do. *s on the interwebs blow things out of preportion just because they can.
  15. Boiler_Colt

    Is there a correlation?

    Press coverage, pressure off the right side and A-gap.