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  1. indyblue


    I agree with you about all the scenarios.. Either way I think we’re getting a dominate player be it Nelson, Chubb,or Barkley.
  2. I’ve seen some new mock drafts with Barkley at 6. I think that would be a total miracle and steal if we landed him there. Imagine Lyck with Barkley behind him!! Then two early 2nds to address ol and dL.
  3. I agree with you about being anxious to see how we play the 4-3. I’m just hesitant to be sold on it after the many years of getting run over by opposing rb’s. Fingers crossed!!
  4. indyblue

    Should Luck Be Involved In Team Decisions?

    No luck shouldn’t be involved with team decisions.. He’s a great player and great players make other players around them great. He’ll take what coaches and management give him and control what he can. I believe Lucks in good hands, I can’t wait for the season to start!! And hoping for a great rb for Luck to hand off to!!
  5. indyblue

    The Appeal of the Colts

    I agree with all but the “not so appealing”.Coming from a colts fan that lives in Harrisburg,Pa. I would say the city is appealing, I’ve been to both football cities in Pa and find Indy to be a much nicer city.. just my opinion. And as far as a win now team, I’d say anything is possible with Luck!!
  6. indyblue

    Colts sign Tyrell Adams

    I’m sure Frank thought this was the Reich move!
  7. indyblue

    Go get cowher

    We need someone like the jaw... He could fix this mess quickly!!
  8. indyblue

    Jim Irsay

    Yeah m not sure about that... remember we did have some great years before all the injuries. Im not saying he shouldn’t go, just saying injuries sure played into the disappointment.
  9. indyblue

    Jim Irsay

    I’m not so sure Pagano is gone after the season. I believe a healthy roster and we’re right in the mix.
  10. indyblue

    The Edge

    Really miss the days of the EDGE in the backfield!!
  11. indyblue

    brissetts ranking

    rook·ie ˈro͝okē/ noun informal a new recruit, especially in the army or police. "a rookie cop" a member of an athletic team in his or her first full season in that sport
  12. indyblue

    Bye Week: Gaining Some Perspective

    I like the assessments as well.. I really think next year with some players healthy we have a good squad!
  13. indyblue

    What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    I wouldn’t be opposed to it. I can’t help but think with a healthy roster we’re right in the mix.