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  1. SouthernIndianaNDFan


    It's funny how everyone wants another WR...and when the opportunity presents itself to have arguably the best one playing (in his prime), everyone's like nah...too expensive. You get what you pay for, if you wanna pay Inman prices, and continue to get Kansas City playoff results, that's cool. I'd rather be a legit SB contender while we actually have the opportunity and a bunch of playmakers on rookie deals. They could sign Lev, AB, and OBJ and still have over 60 mil in cap room...don't know why everyone is so scared to spend the cap $, that's kinda why it's there.
  2. SouthernIndianaNDFan


    The OBJ trade rumors are circulating once again lol, now all we've gotta do is go get him. I'm of the belief that he's the most talented WR in the NFL, and with Luck throwing him the ball, and TY and Ebron drawing coverage, I think he would lead the league in many statistical categories. Wonder what it would take to get it done?
  3. SouthernIndianaNDFan

    Bell will be a UFA

    I hear you, and that's not an irrational line of thinking. I'm not sure Lev is the piece to get to the SB tho. I'd say rather give big money to defensive guys, or a WR if they're gonna do it. (Not gonna lie tho, I'd buy that blue Lev jersey the day it came out! Lol)
  4. SouthernIndianaNDFan

    Landon Collins status/rumors (merge)

    Wouldn't be upset with Collins, but if were going hard-hitting safety with injury concerns may as well swing for the fences as land a guy with great coverage skills, that can also lay the wood, in Earl Thomas. The guy I really like is Tyrann Mathieu, and he's most likely cheaper than either of them. He seems to have shaken the injury thing, and is really young still.
  5. SouthernIndianaNDFan

    Bell will be a UFA

    Man, it would bring a huge infusion of talent, for sure...especially if you add in the draft, but at what cost? I'm afraid they wouldn't be able to continue to resign guys when the time was right handing 15-17 mil contracts to running backs.
  6. I think Dre'Mont Jones has the opportunity to be really special, and have advocated the Colts taking him. Saying that he offers a skillset that certain players on the roster already possess shouldn't matter, but moreso how well/elite he will be able to demonstrate said skills at the next level. Example: A baseball team has a guy that hit 17 HRs, and is looking to acquire/draft a guy that has a fairly decent chance of hitting 30-40 HRs...should you not take the guy because you already have a guy on the roster that represents that skillset, in a mediocre way at best, or try and attain elite level production?
  7. SouthernIndianaNDFan

    Bring em on!

    Absolutely not. Even if they are later picks, you can't give up 2 potential studs on rookie deals for one guy...unless it's a Khalil Mack or Aaron Donald, and while Lawrence is a hell of a player, he isn't in that tier.
  8. SouthernIndianaNDFan

    Bring em on!

    Couldn't agree more, man. This offseason is gonna be a lot of fun, and they have so much ammunition that I'm gonna be on the edge of my seat. They can basically do whatever they want in FA, and with the Jets pick and possibly more by moving Brissett, one could argue they're in the best position in the league to make huge strides this offseason. As fas as S, I really want Clinton-Dix.
  9. SouthernIndianaNDFan

    Bring em on! Bring all 3 of em!
  10. SouthernIndianaNDFan

    Marlon Mack’s trade value?

    I'm in the minority, but I'd love to have Lev and trade Mack. Still have Hines to compliment/spell Lev, too. Money well spent, imo.
  11. SouthernIndianaNDFan

    TJ Hockenson anyone?

    Depends on how the 25 in front of us fall, and what CB and Co see as the best value per team guys guess is as good as mine.
  12. SouthernIndianaNDFan

    Steelers agree to work on potential AB trade.

    No way. That's just you being the teenager with all black clothes on and black dyed hair with a Marilyn Manson shirt on (screaming to be different, and incite debate). Nobody in their right mind can say that from a -being better at football offensively- standpoint that either of those guys bring the dynamic that AB does. He had 15 TDs this season, and Ben was doing everything in his power to throw it Juju's way.
  13. I thought they'd said something about this around a month ago? Also thought I heard DeMarcus Lawrence getting the tag, too?
  14. No, there's just a ton of guys I have above him. I understand he's unlikely to make it thru the mid-2nd, but that doesn't mean he's gonna be a good player at the next level.
  15. Burns is like Option #30 for me at 26...