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  1. I'm also in Evansville, and it said on NFL Network that was the game that was supposed to be on, and now it's the Bills. It's playing on 107.5 WABX No, I'm Evansville
  2. NFL Network was supposed to be airing the Colts/Browns game, and instead I'm getting the Bills game rerun. Greeaat! Saw on Twitter that Turay got a monster sack early, so at least there's that.
  3. Why are the Bills on NFL Network when it clearly says Colts/Browns? Anybody getting the game, or has it nor started yet?
  4. Where are all the naysayers at? They still in the other thread spreading doom and gloom? Sorry guys, he is risen, like Thanos getting teleported down from the dropship.
  5. Somebody had to say it, and my comment got deleted because I typed out a "hidden" curse word, so thank you because that is probably the sentiment of MANY posters here.
  6. By the sound of it, and maybe I'm interpreting this wrong idk, it looks like he's either gonna be good to go here soon, or he's gonna have to have surgery to repair the damaged/stretched syndesmosis. With the surgery he would be out 4-6 weeks. If that's even an option, why not do it now, and have him back Week 3 or 4 at the latest and completely healthy?
  7. Interesting article on Luck, insight from 2 doctors. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2019/08/14/andrew-luck-injury-2019-doctors-explain-what-might-wrong-andrew-lucks-ankle/2008593001/
  8. So, with our medical staff that means he's probably out for 6-8 months.
  9. So, apparently Richard Sherman had bone spurs in the same area following the 17/18 season (when he had the Achilles injury, and had surgery to remove the spurs. It was a 4-6 week recovery timeframe. If that was the case, wouldn't they have just had the surgery then and he would already be recovered from it? If so, they need to have that crap now so he can play soon.
  10. Was I on peyote or did I not see Luck jumping around, doing drills, and moving around quickly and throwing passes to start camp, all without problem? If he's that damn injured, wouldn't he not be able to make those kind of movements/cuts? I'm 99% sure it's just precautionary, and the pain crept back in from the original injury in April, and they don't want it to turn into something worse. It's fact that he's still throwing to guys on the side, and I'd assume he's still doing absolutely everything he would've been doing other than live game stuff. Sucks we open against the Chargers, but how long do you think it's really gonna take him to get acclimated in a scheme he already knows, players he's mainly already thrown to, and coaches he's already played for? I'm more concerned with Parris not getting the reps as a rookie WR. We needed that added element on offense, because the practice squad guys we were rolling out last year just wasn't acceptable.
  11. Last couple of days, it was pandemonium on whether Luck's calf was peeling off the bone (exaggeration, some ppl can't tell), and now he's almost ready to come back. Lol this is why we don't react with emotion, and we take an objective, rather than subjective, approach. Allow things to play out, then accept them for what they are.
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