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  1. That sucks. Really starting to get worried. Not putting any playmakers around Wentz, AND failing to protect his blindside? That's a recipe for disaster. Sure hope they get something moving.
  2. You let the ghost continue to be a ghost on someone else's team. You're saying you wouldn't rather have a guy like Rondale Moore over Zach Pascal? Or Rashod Bateman or Terrace Marshall if you want a prototype WR. I don't understand how everyone thinks WR is anything but a weakness? They were marginal at best last year, this team was literally carried by Jonathan Taylor down the stretch. TY didn't show up til November, and is showing definite signs of aging, Parris Campbell can't stay upright, so you basically have Pittman as your only real mid-to-high end threat. We have no Tyreek
  3. Tarik Black was the 116th ranked player (247) in the country coming into Michigan, and Vaughns was basically a 5* at 30th overall (also 247), so these guys have high end pedigree. I'm really surprised that neither was drafted, and 100% think these guys are better than Strachan. If I had to bet, I'm picking both of these guys to stick in some form of fashion over Strachan.
  4. Disagree as well, WR was an issue last year, TY faded out and Campbell stayed injured, again. We haven't done anything to rectify that. Our weapons are adequate, I don't see how an argument could be made for good or great outside of Jonathan Taylor. Not sure a 6th round, eventual practice squad, player is gonna sure that up.
  5. I hope that's how it pans out. Hopefully TY isn't a literal ghost this year again, and Parris Campbell doesn't go down for the 3rd straight year, Wentz will be broken for good. I don't understand giving him zero help. Not on the line, not at WR. Hope Ballard's genius continues to shine, and I'm still an armchair * at the end of the day.
  6. Would have made sense to take a guy like Friermuth then in 2, over a developmental DE that is essentially a redshirt. Just my opinions obviously
  7. They had him listed at 6'1 on the broadcast
  8. Drops. Doesn't block. He's 5 feet 3 in tall. I mean, if you wanted a receiver, why not Tylan Wallace?
  9. I really doubt they go QB. They brought in Rivers to make a run at this thing, I'd predict WR at 34 and TE at 44. Maybe a guy like Reagor or Justin Jefferson at 34 and Cole Kmet or Albert O at 44. The defense is formidable, gotta get those receiving options in order.
  10. I'm praying Justin Jefferson, Jalen Reagor, or Denzel Mims is there. Would love to have JJeff, but he probably just ran his way into the 1st with that combine. I think it's likely a WR or TE, if they're signing Rivers gotta give him some weapons.
  11. Jalen Reagor is WAYYY gone in the 3rd round man. If he makes it thru the 2nd I'll run a naked mile in downtown Indy.
  12. If they were serious about tanking, or going into a full rebuild, they'd move Keenan Allen. He's going on 28, at the tail end of the age apex for WR's, he doesn't have 2 years for them to get things together. When WR's fall off it's generally really quick, there's very few Larry Fitzgerald's. If I had to guess, I'd say they bring in Brady and go for a ring or two. They already have a stout defense, and the 6th overall pick is a bonafide stud on either side of the ball. They aren't far off.
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