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  1. I really doubt they go QB. They brought in Rivers to make a run at this thing, I'd predict WR at 34 and TE at 44. Maybe a guy like Reagor or Justin Jefferson at 34 and Cole Kmet or Albert O at 44. The defense is formidable, gotta get those receiving options in order.
  2. I'm praying Justin Jefferson, Jalen Reagor, or Denzel Mims is there. Would love to have JJeff, but he probably just ran his way into the 1st with that combine. I think it's likely a WR or TE, if they're signing Rivers gotta give him some weapons.
  3. Jalen Reagor is WAYYY gone in the 3rd round man. If he makes it thru the 2nd I'll run a naked mile in downtown Indy.
  4. Exactly, things are great when he can just look and whip it over to the primary read. It's the plays like the 2nd pick that just can't be made. It started as a single high safety with 8 in the box, and he still managed to throw into triple coverage. One of his better halfs maybe, that 2nd half was horrible.
  5. Cam Newton is a sprained ankle away from an epitaph. Dude's cooked, burnt, crispy af.
  6. Can't wait to hear the pro-JB crowd come in here and start making excuses for why he isn't good at football.
  7. Why not just draft a Godwin. Ballard should go 1) Lamb 2-1) Reagor 2-2) Kmet 3) Najee Harris That offense would allow even the most pedestrian of QBs (Jacoby Brissett) to look like a Pro Bowler.
  8. With how loaded this draft is at WR, and Ballard mentioning that this class was stacked during 2018 draft season, I'd say it's a foregone conclusion that they'll take a guy Day 1/2. Most analysts are calling this a historic class at the WR position, it's really more a question of what's your flavor? There's elite field stretchers (Ruggs, Reagor, Aiyuk), there's dynamic weapon guys (Laviska Shenault), there's polished X receivers (Jeudy, Lamb, Higgins).
  9. Thing is, it's a fairly large sample size, especially if you want to include 2017 (JB supporters do not lol). The numbers are what they are, and a better quarterback, a franchise QB (what we should ultimately be looking for) elevates the play of everyone around him. Look at Luck last year, he wasn't even in top form and nearly won MVP with a bunch of scrubs and TY Hilton. This set of weapons is remarkably similar to the ones Luck had, switch a guy here and there, except that JB has essentially had the entire oline intact all season (a major advantage). I don't see how people watch
  10. It's hard enough to find a starting quarterback in the NFL, one that allows you to seriously compete, and you're talking about we should have a backup QB that's as good as the starter? So, essentially 2 starters? Lol stop.
  11. Lol, are you watching the same dude I am? The Super Bowl? Only way Jacoby Brissett is seeing the Super Bowl is if he buys a ticket.
  12. While I agree, he needs time, in the game he got injured he caught all 5 targets for 53 yards, and 80+ from the LOS. In this anemic offense that's pretty solid. The guy is 22 years old, just give him time. Our QB can't even pass for 200 a game, and imo isn't able to fully utilize a guy like Parris Campbell. I just pray to jesus that they get someone else to play quarterback next season, or at bare minimum draft a guy that will be ready in 2021.
  13. I wonder if you know what you're saying sometimes, and I'm not trying to be mean, I legit wonder. How did they struggle til Inman came in? Inman had 28 catches in 9 games (2 of which he did absolutely nothing) for a grand total of 304 yards and 3 scores. That's nothing. Luck had 10 games last year with 285+ passing yards, Brissett has TWO. Luck had 5 games with 350+ passing yards, Brissett has NONE. Luck had 9 games with 3+ TD passes, Brissett has TWO. Luck had 3 games with 4+ TD passes, Brissett has ZERO. They had really similar wea
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