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  1. Simply put, guys lose their jobs like that. GM's, HC's, Coordinators, etc. The NFL is very much a win now league. Waiting years, as a luxury, just isn't an option. Fields at 34? Justin Fields? He's gonna go 1st or 2nd in 2021, without hesitation. Barring some catastrophic injury, he and Trevor Lawrence will go 1 and 2 in 2021. I know, Ballard knows, everyone knows, that JB isn't the longterm answer in Indy. At that point one of a few things needs to happen: A) We draft a guy with whatever pick we end up with in the 1st, likely 15-20 range, B) We spend draft capital to move up and try to get Tua or Herbert, C) They take the best available players, and wait on QB, while strengthening the team, hoping to hit in 2021. The problem with Option C is that you have to be bad enough to be in position for Lawrence or Fields or there's no point. I'm thinking several teams have their eye on that draft. A secondary note, Ballard could choose to trade back in this draft multiple times in the first couple of rounds in an effort to acquire as much draft capital as possible, then strike in 2021, in an effort to land Lawrence or Fields.
  2. Just keep winning 8 games and picking in the middle of the round? That strategy is bunk, and will leave us outside looking in on guys like Burrow/Tua and Lawrence/Fields. One thing is for sure, I trust Ballard's ability to scout, and his judgment, so if they do in fact take a developmental guy, or they trade up to take someone, I trust that they did their homework.
  3. Problem with those is they aren't realistic, Kinlaw will be gone in the Top 20, and Pittman is a Day 2 guy. I like the 1st one a lot tho, if we could get Viska, Terry, and Pinkney to go with Love on offense, and still land Gallimore, that would be a hell of a draft. Well done, man.
  4. Yeah, most mocks I've seen have Herbert going around 8-10, so if that holds we would have to trade up but Love or Eason should fall to us. It's gonna be interesting to see it play out, see if Ballard gets spooked and trades up, or has the nuts to wait and see if they fall...or even ballsier to wait and see if someone falls to the Redskins 2nd. Hell, he may not go QB in the 1st, if they don't I'm really hoping they get a guy like Lamb, Higgins, or Shenault, a big bodied X receiver to compliment the speed of TY and Campbell.
  5. Belichick actually had little to do with Tom getting drafted. Outside of Burrow and Tua if he makes a full recovery, I just see a bunch of project guys. I wouldn't mind landing Herbert, Love, or Eason if they can do it without selling the farm, preferably in the 2and round.
  6. The smart teams will be the ones that pass this year, suck next year, then land Fields and Lawrence in 21.
  7. It's generally the opposite with guys coming in, they can't put the touch on the throws and just rifle everything in. Jacoby Brissett was, and still is in large part, like that. When I look at Love, I see a great balance of touch, zip, and accuracy. Plus, he had 7 rushing TDs last year, the kid reminds me of Dak Prescott, being that he has a nose for the endzone when they're close, except Love throws passes that Dak only dreams about.
  8. Yeah, I mentioned those guys as small school guys, not really direct comps. They had like 2 returning starters this year, it's a miracle he's done what he has honestly, not to mention the turnover on the coaching staff. The sophomore year film is a much more clear indicator of what you're getting with Jordan Love, and had he been eligible and declared after last year, I'm assuming he would have went top-half of the 1st, probably to either the Giants or Skins. The guy's main comp is Mahomes, so idk why you day that he doesn't have the arm strength or zip on his throws. He isn't on Mahomes level imo, but who is? He makes incredible throws on the move, and has really solid accuracy, it's the footwork that needs work, just like it was with Pat Mahomes coming from Texas Tech. If he is there when we pick in the 1st idk how Ballard doesn't pull the trigger, because 1)It would be great value 2) We could let him sit a year and refine his skills 3) Ballard has had his eye on him for years. Watch the sophomore year highlights.
  9. Watch his sophomore year film, the skillset of that team is much closer to what he will be working with on an NFL roster. With these small school guys, you have to project a LOT being that the talent discrepancy from Utah State to the Colts would be night and day. Much like scouts did with Josh Allen, Carson Wentz, Flacco, Roethlisberger, etc.
  10. Couldn't agree more. I think we will see -in some order- a QB, WR, and TE taken in the Day 1/2 picks, with a likely DT thrown in. I'd love to see them get Love at QB, Lamb at WR, Gallimore at DT, and Brycen Hopkins at TE or Cole Kmet if he declares from Notre Dame.
  11. Wow, that's bad. That's the worst mock I've seen and I look at them weekly. If the Colts pass on QB, WR, and DT at all of those picks with the guys that are left on the board in that mock, the city and fanbase might start a revolution. Seriously lol. Taking a LBer from Wisconsin in the 2nd with Jordan Love, Jacob Eason, Neville Gallimore, etc still on the board is GM-suicide. I love when "experts" post mocks when they clearly have no clue of team needs or managerial preferences.
  12. I think Herbert is close to his ceiling, he looked the same this year as he did last year, in fact like you noted he looks more timid. I was huge on Herbert coming into this season, but it seems like he's not assertive enough or something? Like he lacks that killer instinct, and I'm not sure an introverted guy like that will ever be a "killer" in the NFL. He has the tools, on some of his throws I get Rodgers vibes like "How tf did he make that throw?" but he seems less inclined to pull the trigger this year, which is strange seeing that his line is excellent, he has great weapons even after Breeland went down. Idk, I'm a novice in the scouting department, all I can do is put my faith in the powers that be, and hope they make the right calls. They will be way more informed than I will, that's for sure. Whoever they go with, if they even do go that route, I'm onboard with it. A lot of guys on this board rip Ballard's decision making, or drafting prowess, which is comical imo, but the dude has done really well. We have the extra pick in a loaded draft because of him, and we will either need it to move up and get our guy, or to potentially add another playmaker...either way, it was a great decision then, and a it still is.
  13. I agree. I don't like Herbert or Eason at all, I think they have Bortles written all over them, total busts. It's either Tua falls far enough for Ballard to make a move, or he gets Love imo. I actually wouldn't mind having Jalen Hurts, I feel like he could be a Cam Newton or Lamar Jackson lite in the NFL. I think his floor is a Dak Prescott type player, he's having a really impressive season at Oklahoma, and he has improved every year. I think with the right coaching, and a team to build around him, he could be good/great. I'd say realistically (guys we could actually get): 1) Tua 2) Love 3) Hurts
  14. He's been scouting Love since at least 2018, I'd be willing to bet he's seen him play in person more than once, and analyzed the film CIA-style. Regardless of whether he's been recently or not, it's a known fact that Ballard is a Jordan Love fan.
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