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  1. Let's pump the brakes a bit. I remember certain fans on here prior to 2017 saying the Colts would go at least 9-7 with Scott Tolzien as the starter.
  2. I would say the Children's Museum is a must for kids of that age. As far as I am aware, it is still the largest and best of it's kind in the nation. As mentioned above the NCAA Hall of Champions is cool if your kids are into sports at all. While not super big, the Indianapolis Zoo is still very nice as well. As far as restaurants go, if you like Steak you are in luck. St. Elmo's and Harry and Izzy's are two Indy staples, but they aren't cheap. 'The Slippery Noodle Inn' is a historic Pub/Restaurant right near the Stadium and is kind of the official tailgate hub of the Colts on gameday. It's one of the oldest restaurants in Indy and allegedly haunted. https://www.yelp.com/biz/slippery-noodle-inn-indianapolis Just Southeast of downtown in Fountain Square (about a 5 minute Uber ride from downtown) are two of my favorite restaurants. 'La Margarita' for Tacos and 'Kuma's Corner' for burgers. https://www.yelp.com/biz/la-margarita-indianapolis-2 https://www.yelp.com/biz/kumas-corner-indianapolis
  3. The throwing session Saturday looked like a guy that could be practicing at the very least in individual drills. With that said, we aren't privy to how sore he was after that.
  4. He's a child, logic is wasted on him.
  5. This! Watching the Colts is a hobby, not life or death. No need to get angry or depressed about complete strangers playing a kid's game.
  6. Yeah, that Manning guy was never hurt! Oh Wait!
  7. JMV said on his show yesterday that he was told the issue initially happened late last season and that he re-aggravated it in Spring Conditioning. When you think back to the end of last season, he didn't look the same the second half of the Houston playoff game and the entire KC game. Some people said it was his shoulder but I think if you look at it, he was not setting his feet and following through so I always thought it was just tired legs. The only thing I can think of is in the Houston game (and I can't remember if it was late first half or early second), Luck scrambles to escape Clowney and slides prior to the first down. To me it looked like an awkward slide where he got his knee brace caught in the turf and it kind looked like it hurt him.
  8. According to the info about this injury on the Googles.com, surgery is not recommended until 6-12 months after the injury until the bone growth is fully matured otherwise it can return. https://www.sportsmedtoday.com/myositis-ossificans-va-122.htm Seems like just a playing with pain issue as it says you can return to action with this ailment provided there are no deficiencies in strength or flexibility in the affected muscle. Strengthening sounds exactly like what Reich said Luck was focusing on.
  9. I'll say Isabella because you just know that he's going to end up on the Patriots.
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