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  1. I'll say Isabella because you just know that he's going to end up on the Patriots.
  2. I wouldn't say Malcolm Brown was the pick for us as Henry Anderson was proving to be the much better player. In hindsight Randall, Darby or Kendricks would have been a much better pick and then you still could have gotten a receiver in the 2nd round in Lockett who has proven to be much better both offensively and on Special Teams.
  3. In the championship game. QB: Kirk Cousins tonight vs. Philly or Stafford at home vs. SF? Leaning towards Cousins at the moment because Philly is worse on D, however they are playing for more than SF is at the moment.
  4. Seriously, this borders on cruelty. His body is falling apart like he just drank from the wrong Holy Grail.
  5. Only if he attempts drop kicks every time he drops back. That would be entertaining
  6. Only looking back at the jags forum where a lot of their mock drafts include a center in the middle rounds where they say they want some to push or replace Wisniewski. I don't actually watch Jags games so I take their word for it.
  7. He's also had multiple bad snaps that lead to turnovers. Jags fans seem to think they should find an upgrade.
  8. Wisniewski has been bad for the Jags. He's basically their own version of Jonathon Harrison. He wasn't that good in Oakland which was why they spent top dollar for Rodney Hudson and the Jags got him for cheap late in FA.
  9. I just don't see Denver letting Von Miller walk. Why would they? Manning's contract will come off the books and so will Ware's after next year. Typically teams don't let young stud pass rushers leave.
  10. Worked in 2001 with bringing in Dungy and drafting Freeney. I feel that pass rusher is more of a priority but I don't think there is one worthy of being taken over a special talent like Smith, im on his bandwagon.
  11. I feel like we need to go after veteran starter O-lineman in Free Agency. We likely wont draft high enough to select one of the top tackles and there is not a guard/center worth drafting in the first round and maybe not even the top of the second. Relying on rookies along the O-line is risky. I'm of the approach that we get at least two starters for line via FA and draft the best defensive playmaker available. Pass rusher/Corner or just a flat out stud like Jaylon Smith if available.
  12. You really think the Broncos are going to let Von Miller reach free agency? They are tight against the cap but will likely have Manning's contract coming off the books.
  13. I'll be in Germany for Oktoberfest the week prior. Might have to extend my stay and hop accross the channel. I'd love to go.
  14. I've been looking for an excuse to travel more. Might have to go to this.
  15. Look, Chuck is likelt gone next year which most likely means Chudzinski is gone as well. The new coach will want to bring in his own coordinators. Both Chuck and Chud should be candidates for Miami IMO given their ties there. Chuck might even be a good recruiter for them given how much people like playing for him.
  16. Those stats are like Bo Jackson from Tecmo Bowl compared to Trent Richardson.
  17. Well, at least we won't have Solder score a TD on us this year.
  18. This! It's been so frustrating to actually see the team stuff the run on first and second down only to give up a third and long due to no pass rush whatsoever.
  19. Might be a pocket for an iPod/Phone? I know i have a similar jacket that that has a pocket and a couple holes designated for earbuds to go through.
  20. He wouldn't be terrible, he knows the scheme. Still want Bradshaw. Can't sign back Boom for another what..6 weeks?
  21. Exactly! We weren't exactly playing well with Luck let alone without him. I think a lot of people are overrating Hassellbeck. He looked awful in the preseason. We will struggle with the Jags if Matt has to play.
  22. Texas Longhorns. My alma matter Purdue doesn't play football anymore it seems. Other than that I like watching teams with a lot of future pro prospects so I watch a lot of SEC. Also, late night west coast games are my favorite, nothing like watching a game in bed at midnight.
  23. Well when he quits on us in two years, my Texas Longhorns will be ready to take him.
  24. I thought Kerwyn Williams would be that guy. Needless to say that didn't work out. Gore is a good pass catcher, we're just not using him that way.
  25. Nkemdiche was a freak against Bama. He needs a new number though. #5 makes him look smaller, like a linebacker. WIth the way he moves its almost hard to believe he's 300lbs
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