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  1. Especially when you take it down and try and take it a totally different direction, while still casting stones just because like somebody else also mentioned earlier.
  2. No it was deleted. Careful though calling it random might give merit to some of the stuff I said. The 2 things weren’t the same, but the concept in which they are applied is which leaves plenty of dots to connect between the 2 things. Insert emoticon for dramatic effect
  3. Have you finished building the hanging platform? I proved an earlier point made in this thread. By extension that deflected some negativity from a place where it wasn’t warranted, which I’m all for my boy or not. Methinks it would have went over better had Tom Brady not have been the example
  4. Seriously Nadine? I posted that to prove csmopar’s earlier point, and to give merit to if not also flat out prove earlier points that celebrities aren’t as hands on in certain situations that have their old handprints on them. I doubt Tom Brady believes in Snake Oil and I doubt he just shared that Tweet after he took some and it cured him of something.
  5. Remember when people here used to say Chuck Pagano has never had a losing season
  6. I’m aware, but you weren’t talking legal matters. That shot you took was keyboard warrior holier than thou drivel.
  7. And holier than thou is not a hill you want to die on because that’s all that line was lol! He’s paying the money back. On to the next keyboard warrior call.
  8. I don’t believe Favre is a prosecutor but I don’t check his FB every day since he retired.
  9. We all know why people take up for Peyton Manning around here. It’s personal. Not so coincidentally that doesn’t matter though because he’s an alltime great whether you’re a fan or not. You keep trying to angle this towards lifetime stats which Brady and Tom have yes, but they were working on that before this era. What they were not doing was throwing 50 TD passes, gaining 5000 yards in seasons and throwing 6 and 7 TDs in games. Those aren’t coincidences either even though they were potentially going to break the lifetime records eventually, but not necessarily had they not got to pl
  10. Pats Chiefs Ravens Titans (but pulling for the Colts of course) Eagles Rams Vikings Saints There’s my complete list. Those just seem like the best teams and historically the CCG loser crashes back to Earth hard. You’ll notice I didn’t pick either team. I have the Saints in as a fraud team, or a team whose backup goes undefeated, or a team whose backup makes all the big plays then they go 1 and done. Hmmm sounds familiar lol!
  11. I just learned that Chan Gailey is the Dolphin’s OC. Fitz might as well retire now and Tua might as well go into broadcasting. Kidding...but not by much. Chan Gailey is alot like Mike Mularkey. And he’s like 1000 years old. That’s 1 down for the Pats already. I didn’t blame Allen for the Bill’s loss like many people did and I still don’t, but that’s going to be hard to overcome. I don’t know how many guys in the lockeroom are over Allen and I don’t know if the coach can pull them back together. And the Jets lol! So yeah...taking the Pats without even getting into the GOAT HC stuff.
  12. Yeah that’s it...not that 2011 is generally regarded as the start of this era with 2 quarterbacks breaking Dan Marino’s yardage record that was considered unbreakable. And the fact that it’s been shattered by atleast 1 guy every year since has nothing to do with it I suppose. 50 TD seasons, 6 and 7 TD games, all that stuff happens every year now. And the penalties we’ve seen called on bigger stronger faster men good gosh surely you’re not going to pretend that’s not complete separation between eras. The only people around here who haven’t acknowledged that are Brady homers from years
  13. Those bigger stronger and faster athletes must not include smaller weaker and slower undrafted Slot WRs who have 1000 yards every year. No offense to those guys but that’s what they are compared to their predecessors who didn’t have those number, and really didn’t play the same game. A 5 yard pass over the middle to a guy running horizontally was almost an automatic trip to the stretcher before. And it obviously doesn’t include quarterbacks lol! As for the athletes that are bigger stronger and faster alot of difference it makes for them when you’re not allowed to use it in the cases o
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