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  1. BloodyChamp

    SB Patriots Rams Predictions

    I’m pulling for the Rams but it would be an upset. It wouldn’t exactly be an 18-1 level upset but I think it would be an upset. Now all fandom aside, here are the most possible outcomes imo. If it’s a tight game from the opening whistle then the Pats win. That’s what they do. If the Pats jump on them early then I say the Rams come back and win. They’ve done it in every big game this year, with the exception being the Saints game even though they did come back and tie that game. They only lost it after the comeback and said afterwards that they learned about being conservative after a comeback. If the Rams jump out the Pats won’t quit and they’ll make us nervous somewhere in the middle but the Rams will win that one too. They have the OL and the RBs to win any game if they’re spotted points unlike teams who have blew leads before. The Rams are straight out of the 60s in this regard. So the Rams win in 2 of the 3 most likely turns of events. I’m excited. It should be a good un.
  2. BloodyChamp

    Why do you think the refs didnt make the call?
  3. BloodyChamp

    Why do you think the refs didnt make the call?

    If they were to fix a game then they wouldn’t give the screwed team an early 2 possession lead and hope for 1 penalty/missed penalty to be the pivot in the whole thing, in a drive where they still scored. I still say my OP is what happened.
  4. BloodyChamp

    Will you be watching the SB?

    I’m not buying that anybody here has no interest in seeing the Pats lose. I like Romo but I get some of the criticisms like how he juiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust does thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssss this here this here this herrrrrrrrrrrrrre yeah. And when he calls plays then goes throw it, now throw it, now, now Brady. Why isn’t Brady throwing it? But besides that he’s great lol!
  5. BloodyChamp

    Why do you think the refs didnt make the call?

    Because retribution, karma, the boy who cried wolf or whatever you want to call it exists in this world full of people who try and try to push other philosophies.
  6. BloodyChamp

    Yet Another Reason To Change The OT Rule

    Change sudden death OT and change the RULES back! Sudden death OT was fine. The rule’s gradual shift towards favoring offenses, which started before what finally became known as the present era, is what messed everything up. It’s physically impossible for a defense to stop an offense in a clutch situation unless you have a DL who beats the entire OL. Any good quarterback with any good OL could get the first down in 4 tries if the rest of the defense (in 2019 mind you) is freaking Lawrence Taylor, Ronnie Lott, Deion Sanders, Pat get the point. It’s no longer play offense if you land on offense and play defense if you land on defense. It’s play offense if you land on offense or pray something like the Drew Brees INT happens which was a sham (that the Saints deserved but that’s another subject). With all that said I’m not as upset as everybody else. I mean the Saints so deserved it. Now they’re crying smh. We haven’t seen the last of the Chiefs either. I’m going to go as far as to say the Chiefs will be in the position they were last week next year...even if there’s a Mahomes sophomore slump somewhere in the middle (those no looks and knuckleballs aren’t all going to land in WR’s hand next year lol).
  7. BloodyChamp

    Los Angeles (+3) at New Orleans (1-20-19)

    There was a garbage PI called against the Vikings in OT of 2009 that set up the 4th down conversion that the refs gave them too. There was also the PI against the Saints where the guy tore Schaincoe’s jersey but it wasn’t called. Then everybody said well Favre threw a pick. Well the 12 man in the huddle penalty. Well Brees threw a pick even later in this game and their clock management at the wire was even worse. The timeout they took helped the Rams more than it did them, and out of it they the come out passing inside of 2 minutes of a tied game. And they took the lead on the same drive just the same lol!
  8. BloodyChamp

    Los Angeles (+3) at New Orleans (1-20-19)

    The Saints didn’t deserve it. The only travesty is that this didn’t happen to them sooner after all the dirty hits they got away with in 2009, plus bad calls including a gifted PI in OT on an uncatchable ball to a WR who was untouched. And they want to talk about PI when they can quit crying about the dirty hit in general. And they showed highlights of the 2009 game all game long too minus the bad calls. I mean...???
  9. BloodyChamp

    Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread

    There’s no way the Chiefs just score every time. The snow will corrode atleast 1 part of their machine before the end of the game. Luck’s got this just like he did the last time they played no matter how ugly it gets in the meantime.
  10. BloodyChamp

    Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread

    It’s going to be a snow game boys. And it’s between the 2 most Favre quarterbacks since Favre. I say the toughest team wins. Xs and Os are out.
  11. BloodyChamp

    Arians New HC at Tampa; Kingsbury HC at Arizona....

    You’re right...but this isn’t Dinaneyland. I don’t see a fairytale ending here. If anything this is worse. Arians isn’t a patient man and Jameis is a train wreck off the field.
  12. BloodyChamp

    Arians New HC at Tampa; Kingsbury HC at Arizona....

    I think Arians is really screwing up guys. I know ya’ll have a soft spot for him but Tampa? James’s? At his age? And his face is dark beet red. I hope he gets on some blood pressure medicine soon lol! Rex Ryan’s name kept coming up on every unofficial source there is for all 3 possible AFCE jobs. It’d have made some fun SNF that’s for sure but it looks like he’s staying in the studio.
  13. BloodyChamp

    Seattle (+2) at Dallas (1-5-19)

    I’m a Seminole fan if you remember and I can tell you Janikowski is the biggest primadona who has ever wore a helmet, overshadowed only by some of the diva WRs. Anyway the Cowboys earned it. Dak was clutch. That pump fake was ace.
  14. BloodyChamp

    Seattle (+2) at Dallas (1-5-19)

    It looks like there are going to be a ton of big plays at the end. It could be a 31 - 28 game after a 10 - 6 half and 14 - 17 50 minutes. Total 90s show.
  15. BloodyChamp

    Seattle (+2) at Dallas (1-5-19)

    This game is straight out of the 90s. An injured kicker could be the difference. Gruesome injuries. All but maybe 2 big plays coming on 3rd and 4th and short. A 2 point conversion. And the Seahawks might get a stop 3 inches outside of their endzone after this call.