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  1. Garbage time for a garbage team after last night tbh
  2. When did Mike Zimmer become a lame duck coach? He looks like he's doped up on Benadryl and they're getting beat by a team that's won 2 games because of kicking blunders plus the Falcons game which we've discussed 

  3. So he fumbles and doesn't have a catch the rest of game hot dang. The Vikings look 8-8 with no upsets at best. Turnovers, bad playcalling, and Mike Zimmer just standing like old Joe Gibbs during that 56-0 whoopin the Pats gave him in 2007.
  4. How about the catch he just made against the Saints? And he has a run for 12. I respected the guy but had him in the passerfriendly Slot WR mold. He could be the main outside WR on any team based on what I've seen tonight!
  5. We already have the top 3 plays of the year, and they happened consecutively. The 3 grabs in a row I just saw in the Washington/Auburn game were just incredible

  6. NFL Memes just destroyed everybody with the latest JJ Watt meme. It's against the rules to post it here but...yeah.

  7. What a game!!!! The calls towards the end will be discussed all week but the only wrong 1 was the Crabtree OPI. Yeah he pushed off...with 3 fingers and LeBron couldn't have done a bigger flop. Anyway the Raiders went on to score. The other calls before the TD were correct. There were missed calls earlier but they went both ways and the Chiefs got 1 TD off of a deflection so the Raiders got a clean win.

  8. You know what...if I owned a team I'd draft the top OLman every year. Every year. Every year would be an upgrade. Every year. So sick of busted shoulders, lacerated internal organs (seriously) etc on future GOAT quarterbacks. 1 of our obvious favorites can kiss GOAT status goodbye if his Luck doesn't change soon...pun intended. 

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    2. Jules


      Yeah Ryan Kelly from Alabama. He didn't give up a sack all season and somehow he got hurt in practice which turned into "he will be out a week or two" to "he is having foot surgery."


      And with Luck already ailing. Not good news.



    3. Synthetic



      Damn, that sucks. I remember you being excited on that pick with the Center....Max Unger, the Saints big All Pro center just got hurt too and is out for a bit. 


      I'm kinda dreading this year's start....I can definitely see the Saints losing to Minnesota in the opener. The Colts SHOULD win cause you are playing Jared Goff who I seriously think could be the biggest bust we've seen since Jamarcus Russell. Omg, seriously...You can't lose to Goff, he is really, really bad...


      Last year Dallas was my fun team to watch since Dak was playing out of his mind but they're sadly probably doomed now and I can already see them losing some games and people going nuts to blame Dak like they were doing last year. I want this kid to succeed so bad, but I just don't trust Jerry Jones....






    4. Jules


      Oh please, you got your starting QB and center in tact right? We don't. lmao You got a better shot then we do.


      And I have to worry about a team like the Rams, thats how bad it is.


      Bloody, may bandwagon your Packers this year again if they look good.



  9. Meme of the year already. Where's the meme thread?


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    2. Jules


      Oh there is a thread in NFL General or several of them for memes. IWF has been MIA but he usually pops up from time to time. His last time was draft time with the meme stuff. I hope he does come back with the new season stuff soon.


      IWF comes up with some good stuff. lmao 


      Hate to say it, I didn't even know Lynch initially was protesting the anthem since I thought he was just being lazy and sitting on a cooler after having a fight with a coach or something. I think his message got lost in his "Lynch style". lmao 

    3. BloodyChamp


      The Cutler meme directed towards Kaep that hit today is gold. I won't be posting it and neither will anybody else...it's that good lol

    4. Jules


      Oh yeah, some stuff with Kaepnerick can be borderline at times I think for forum sensitivities. Since it can get political and then everyone loses their crap.



      At least we have Lynch though.




      Nothing like a symbolic protest on an orange cooler with a banana. Kids take notes.



      Sorry I am bad tonight. I am done. lmao 

  10. There's this drunk guy that walks by my work almost every night. He looks exactly like Bill Belichik. So hilarious...

    1. Synthetic


      I'd hate to look like him....


      insert Star Wars joke here


      Image result for palpatine belichick

  11. Hey wait a minute...Kaep was fined for saying the N word in a game a few years ago. He preceded it with the G and the D word. That basically gives him away. He knew his time in the NFL is up and he had to take a gamble. 

  12. I've been on this since 2009 after the second Vikings game that was a route by the 2nd quarter. Aaron Rodgers brought the team back and everybody ignored the fact that it was just game number 62,765 that year that the Vikings led in, wherell Brad Childress let the other team back in the game then put it back in 5th gear at the end and won. On top of that is my biggest problem with how overrated Aaron Rodgers is...he very rarely plays well, let alone beats any team that fields an 8 win season. Then when he does it's often when he gets these insane breaks (Cards in week 17 of 2009, the Joe Webb game, the first Vikings game in 2010 with 2 FAILMARYS that everybody forgets about as the complain about the Seattle game). I'm a huge Favre mark...I hope it was ok to bump this up. I found this while googling for Arod's record against .500 or better teams. I never found it. I would guess it's up to about 20 games. I was arguing with 1 of those Packer fan/Favre haters who doesn't understand how stupid he sounds when he talks about football. Besides 2010 (and even he got breaks), Aaron Rodgers has been everything that made Packer fans sick of Favre. He's a statistical powerhorse.......as long it's against some 2-14 team, which is usually what the Packers schedule consists of. Then comes playoff time and he looks like he forgot how to play football. Nobody ever says anything about it just like they never did after the 5 or 6 tough regular season games they lost.
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