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  1. BloodyChamp

    The Browns...

    I’d like to see the Browns succeed but Mayfield is 1 more smart aleck comment away from becoming annoying, and if he makes it to annoying he probably won’t stop there. And Greg Williams can go to heck already.
  2. BloodyChamp

    L.A. Rams (-3) at Bears (12-9-18)

    If Brees makes it to the SB it will be a bigger sham than 2009. He played just as bad as Goff and Trubisky. Unfortunately so did Winston after the opening possession. And the kicker. The Buccs’s roster being being wasted worse than the Jags. Ok that turned into a rant but I told no lies lol!
  3. BloodyChamp

    L.A. Rams (-3) at Bears (12-9-18)

    The Bears earned it don’t get me wrong but the Rams blew it in a roundabout way. They’re not what I’d call overrated but they are what I’d call...something Idk what in big games. To conservative. They passed alot today but it a bunch of short junk. They lost this one, the Saints, and should have lost the Packers game. I didn’t see the Chiefs game but I’m assuming there was some luck involved since they gave up 51 points.
  4. His volume stats are the results of this era, as are everybody else’s. If 17-14 games were as common as they used to be he’d have alot of 2 TD days. He’s great and while the sophomore slouch is still on my radar, his would be the biggest crash back to Earth ever.
  5. BloodyChamp

    L.A. Rams (-3) at Bears (12-9-18)

    I got home early! I think I’m pulling for the Bears so that the Saints retake a top seed. That way they have a better chance of going 1 and done lol!
  6. BloodyChamp

    Week 14 Playoff Scenarios and who to root for

    The Ravens play the Chargers...Buccs and Browns. Go Chargers lol ugh Wait that’s out now that the Ravens lost today?
  7. BloodyChamp

    L.A. Rams (-3) at Bears (12-9-18)

    I am very mad that I don’t get to see this
  8. BloodyChamp

    Week 14 Playoff Scenarios and who to root for

    The team was so mad after losing last week I knew they’d be back. They were like a college team who got upset in week 1 and took it out on everybody they played the rest of the season. Hopefully they keep that fire. And I ain’t no Packer lol!
  9. BloodyChamp

    Week 14 Playoff Scenarios and who to root for

    I thought everybody agreed last week not to go to the playoffs lol good win guys I knew you’d be back.
  10. BloodyChamp

    I think we have what it takes to get into the playoffs

    Is there a way to not make it if they win out? They would be handing losses to 2 teams in the hunt and 1 team with upsets over playoff teams in case tiebreaker stuff happens.
  11. BloodyChamp

    Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread

    Come on Colts beat these frauds. Good luck everybody...I don’t get the game and have to go to work soon so I won’t know much until tonight.
  12. BloodyChamp

    Here is why we lost...

    If they beat the Texans I don’t know how it doesn’t happen. I know those other teams are better than the Texans but Luck has always pulled Ws out of his Colt Canal against the best teams win the season is on the line. The Texans have an annoyance though.
  13. BloodyChamp

    Here is why we lost...

    Just beat the Texans and this all goes away. They’re not that good.
  14. Looks like Mike McCarthy came and got on this forum as soon as he was fired.