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  1. I loved Rivers. Freaking great guy and a great football player who missed some breaks. Never complain. Busted his van out there every play. But he looked like a ghost last year. I’d go as far as to say this is a worse situation than Brady playing for Arians.
  2. I just heard. I would think that Bruce would play to Tom’s strengths but I don’t need to tell anybody here how much he likes doing that. Bruce Arians is about as interested in doing things any way besides his as Tom Landry. Every quarterback he’s ever had not named Peyton has ended up hurt or benched, in spite of playing well then getting blamed in some cases like Palmer. He doesn’t use FBs. He sells out to the pass, and wow I mean I just don’t get it. Maybe Brady has decided he wants to go out taking the first advice he ever got from Drew Bledsoe.
  3. Call JB Chuck is an insult even though he’s not exactly Peyton Manning. I just heard about Rivers. He looked done’r than dog duke last year but if ya’ll want a guy who plays without fear and will go deep a time or 20...and if Reich continues to get the most out of the team then he might get more out of Rivers than we think. And Rivers getting mad like Brett Favre and balling for a year would be epic lol! Favre even said the same thing about mentoring Rodgers if you remember. People thought Favre was done to btw.
  4. I have a feeling the Chief’s day wasn’t ruined lol
  5. 1 more thought. He won’t retire with Mahomes, but he could get fired if he loses the tiniest bit of fire. It sounds insane now but just let them go 10-6 and 1 and done a whopping 2 times in a row. It will get spun back to him. It could be him (see McCarthy) or it could just be their best effort (see Parcels). And he could repeat lol!
  6. There are only 2 ways he quits anytime soon. They are 2 very possible ways but they are the only ways. Number 1 is if he’s no longer motivated to coach in overdrive like Dungy when he finally won. Number 2 is his health. Guy is a heart attack waiting to happen God love him.
  7. Carr is underrated and has gotten almost as many bad breaks as Rivers. I would lawl if Bill did a straight trade and had Carr balled as a Pat.
  8. He didn’t exactly light it up last night and the 49ers blew it more than he won it. But he’s holding the trophy. Can’t take that away from him. He’s probably the best guy right now like many have said, but alltime is a stretch even though he does have that potential.
  9. Gone bump that up just because I didn’t crown him before they played the game
  10. What is Shanahan doing? It’s a little less dramatic but he’s doing the same thing he did in the Pats SB! How does this happen twice? I’m happy for Reid but just as puzzled at the 49ers abandoning the run.
  11. Even that was a duck though. I can’t believe he didn’t get smashed let alone catch it.
  12. Jimmy G has played well after the early mistake. The 49ers have also played well across the board. They should have ran it that last drive though. Now the Chiefs are knocking with time left to score again. Mahomes has been off all night. He hasn’t hit anybody in stride and it’s a miracle somebody hasn’t been beheaded. Andy Reid, who has blew it by pressing to hard in the past, seems to have originally planned to call this game within limits but now they have to press and sellout to the pass. We’ll see though.
  13. I didn’t mean it @DEColtsLover36 promise lol!
  14. Namath’s stats and record went downhill his last few years, not that that matters. He went in because he was the quarterback of the biggest upset in football history and 1 of the biggest in sports history. Eli was the quarterback for the 2nd biggest. Like it or not that gets a guy who never missed a game in the meantime in the HoF. I personally like it.
  15. The Colts aren’t bad, but this whole idea that they’re the best coached, best team across the board minus the next Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck in Colts fan’s heads is a fantasy.
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