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  1. BloodyChamp

    2019 NFL Division Winners

  2. BloodyChamp

    2019 NFL Division Winners

    If this and if that...the Colts were a dumpster fire and the Texans always are by the end of the season. I'll always respect the 2017 Jags but defensive teams rarely repeat such success without help from the offense and I'd probably take Luck's lacerated kidney at quarterback over Bortles.
  3. BloodyChamp

    2019 NFL Division Winners

    I'm actually picking the Titans. The division is potentially so weak that Mariota could drag them to 9 wins. The Colts had a good draft and have hired the right coach but we all know you don't just turn on a switch and win. O yeah...and no Andrew yet. The Texans always blow it, and a 2nd year QB who had a few good games last year has been a perfect way to do that for centuries it seems. I'm not writing off the Jags but all time defensive teams never top themselves, and that's what they'd have to do because their quarterback just plain sucks.
  4. BloodyChamp

    The Denver Broncos

    He wouldn't be the first quarterback to have not really done anything wrong to be axed by Elway if that's what happens.
  5. BloodyChamp

    Legalized Sports Gambling Is Coming

    So how about that little bit of Eli Manning news today
  6. BloodyChamp

    Legalized Sports Gambling Is Coming

    I'll try it lol! Whatever happened to Fan Duel? I resiste that and I've resisted tje lottery except for when it's gone over $300,000,000.
  7. BloodyChamp

    The Denver Broncos

    He wouldn't be the first quarterback to have not really done anything wrong to be axed by Elway if that's what happens. And by not do anything wrong I mean not ball like Peyton Manning in 2013. That seems to be the only way you're safe in Denver.
  8. BloodyChamp

    The Denver Broncos

    Keenum has shown flashes of brilliance everywhere he's been, even during those team's serious low points. That's why he keeps getting gigs. Knowing Elway though Keenum might still not get the break he deserves.
  9. BloodyChamp

    NFL Network Improvement

    Are they still making new NFL Top 10 episodes?
  10. BloodyChamp

    Roethlisberger not happy with Rudolph pick

    The Steelers are all a bunch of overrated crybabies. Ben's not exactly some rotten apple of a bunch here. How they keep winning every year is beyond me because all the do is pout and cry. As for this lone situation, surely a bunch of Peyton Manning fans can appreciate a guy not wanting to just give up his job. As a Favre fan I know I can. The difference is they didn't pout and cry and whine about it all in the meantime. Heck Ben pouted after he got his butt kicked 1 game last year that we all remember. That's pee wee football level diva stuff righ there.
  11. BloodyChamp

    CJ Anderson To Be Released

    1 of the most underrated guys of this era imo. He had that infamous Pats game won that Ossweiler got all the credit for winning in more dramatic fashion that CJ would have had they just ran the ball.
  12. BloodyChamp

    The NYGs

    They did good...forget all that drafting a quarterback drama like the Steelers are dealing with. Heck, that cancer even infected the bulletproof Pats. I say that even if Eli is done. It's not like the Giants are going to be the team that moves to London if they have a few bad years. Meanwhile I say Eli is not done. This is probably the best draft I've ever seen by a team with an older quarterback. I don't know why other teams don' good for their quarterbacks.
  13. BloodyChamp

    Never draft a Georgia Bulldog

    I'm 36. I never leave my truck unlocked but I sure as * forget to grab my keys out of it before locking it a bunch lol! I kept a spare key in my toolbox in my last truck or I would have made either locksmiths or truck window maker people rich. My new truck beeps and blinks if I lock the truck with the keys in the ignition...which I found out not by reading in the owners manual because...ya know lol
  14. Just popped in to say that the Colts have just killed it this offseason and draft. I thought sure restless fans would have been mad over some of their nonflashy picks but everybody seems to understand that the Colts need to get back to the basics. Also the 4th round RB you guys got might be the steal of the draft. My college team is in the ACC so I saw this guy. He's good.
  15. BloodyChamp

    Defilippo OC Vikings... HIRED

    They stink so bad that Bill hires them back and goes Nick Saban/Lane Kiffin on them.