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  1. I still say ya’ll aren’t being fair to Brissett. With that said, Foles is better. I say that being very aware that it’s not working out in Jacksonville. There’s also the possibility that Foles is 1 of those rare guys who only plays well on 1 team lol! There are guys who have started and backed up for the same team in more than 2 stints!
  2. I wouldn’t want to shake Bill O’Brien’s hand either to be honest, not even if I was by 60 lol! He’s the ugliest * I’ve ever seen and his attitude matches. He’s like Jim Harbaugh minus the football knowledge.
  3. The Texans started Texaning like the Browns Brown when they’re seemingly handed a win! Did anybody else see??? They almost blew it!!! Even after the Pats appeared to have quit the series before lol!
  4. They actually quit - something no Bill B AFFILIATED let alone coached team has ever done!
  5. Ok understood Chis. I wonder still though is this best? If we’re depending on the Texans to sweep the Pats we got a problem lol! They’d have to beat them 1 more time in a season that they have in their lifetime.
  6. It can’t be in the Colt’s favor for Houston to win can it? Or have we game up on the Colts and it’s all about the Pats not winning the SB now lol? I think I actually hate the Texans more. Bill O’Brien is the ugliest mug I’ve ever seen and his attitude matches. Such a fraud * jock. He’s only a coach because somebody always hands him the division. I want the Texans out of the playoffs so somebody else gets a shot at NE even if it’s no better of a shot. They never beat the Pats. Atleast the Colts did a few billion years ago.
  7. Those 2 teams would murder Drew Brees. The 1 time he got pressured vs the Falcons he intentionally grounded them threw a fit when he got hit. I didn’t see it all but it was a good game. It was so fast and crazy but not in a O it’s just a bunch of offense which is fun but really just watered down passhappy era football. It was all 3 phases of the game at full speed for 4 QTRs. I think as people who are basically sold out to root against the Pats at this point the 49ers losing was best. The Ravens have took enough shots to the armor to be battle ready imo. The 49ers has not and they took 1 today. If they’re as good as they think they are they’ll channel this towards even better football like the Ravens have. That would make 2 teams who can beat the Pats. Some others can too of course but I’m talking about sure bets somewhere beyond the WC.
  8. What a game this should be. The 49ers are the best team across the board but the Ravens have the most unpredictable quarterback there is. Can’t wait.
  9. The 49ers are better than the Pats, but Bill Belichik is better than them. Because of him the Pats just always win no matter what. If there’s a way to win, plain jain as it might be, he’ll find it and have it on Sundays.
  10. That entire post of mine bounced off of you like air didn’t it...cept the 1 part you retained.
  11. This is a massacre. The refs have been bailing the Packers out all game worse than the Pats and the 49ers are still going to win it by the same score the Seahawks did against Peyton lol ugh...
  12. Also, and it just happened again in the Packers game and happened a bunch in the Falcons game, on 2nd and 15 or more offenses just give up. They don’t even look deep when they actually call something that’s not a screen. They just dump it off. The Pats had 1 of those sequences, and they converted because they went for the conversion. On a 3rd and 20. I don’t know how mailing that in has became a trend in this league but that’s the difference between them and Bill Belichik.
  13. Troy has been a consummate professional watching his team blow it for years now. But right now he is clearly mad lol! The refs were bad but the Cowboys offense called such a bad game and Dak was so bad, and Cooper was so bad I don’t have the energy to get emotional about the bad calls. This team without an * coach would have won this game.
  14. I’d go as far as to say any other team as good as the Cowboys (they’re not great but they are good talent wise) would be up by 20 in a game like this. I don’t know why they’re not giving the ball to Zeke. Even when they got that good pass to make it to the Redzone he still fumbled it, but got it back. Then the 1 additional touch Zeke got was a first down when he should have been tackled by 2 guys. Then they do a fake reverse keeper with the other RB and an option. A literal option in the NFL in a bad weather game with Zeke. Garrett is straight *. And they’re going to get another chance (and not give it to Zeke and lose the game).
  15. I don’t understand what coaches in this league are thinking sometimes even though it’s the passing era. Zeke gets 10 yards every time he touches it and he only gets it once per drive. I swear coaches today wouldn’t hand the ball to Bo Jackson if they were the Raiders in Tecmo Bowl.
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