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  1. Brady is going to put u some huge number this yr
  2. gotta split those carries. Himes is in a different category. BTW I also have Mack. Not Taylor. Taylor will play second fiddle to Mack for more than half the season Himes is a receiving threat
  3. I say Hyheim Hines This dude is going to feast in this offense Thoughts concerns opinions?
  4. Fuller balled out! Had him on a fantasy team.
  5. Got to 6 inches off the ground????? Chris must have been using the man measuring method
  6. sounded like it to me. My wife even asked why they were booing.
  7. under Justin Houston 14 sacks
  8. Will the Jaguars have their cesspool open for the game?
  9. Pat McAfee!!!!!! I know current. I think people will be adding Rivers to this conversations very soon.
  10. Over Himes will have 700 combined yards
  11. I don't think the Packers will be that much of an upset. I do think we will let a couple slip that we should win. I'm being more optimistic that I probably should be
  12. I see 11-5. with the bolded games as toss ups Colts at Jaguars W +12 Vikings at Colts W +3 Jets at Colts W +9 Colts at Bears W +9 Colts at Browns L -3 Bengals at Colts W +9 Colts at Lions W +3 Ravens at Colts L -3 Colts at Titans L -3 Packers at Colts W +6 Titans at Colts W +3 Colts at Texans L -3 Colts at Raiders L -3 Texans at Colts W +3 Colts at Steelers W +3 Jaguars at Colts W +12
  13. Or sign up for YouTube TV in an Indianapolis Market.
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