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  1. Not me . I would not at all be in favor of that
  2. Which is a good thing for the league. Otherwise they would have players revolving n and out of the league.
  3. Apparently you just can't wrap your brain around the phrase IMO! Maybe you don't know what that means, if so it means IN MY OPINION!!! I'm just glad it meant so much to you to be able to argue with someone that you waste your time thinking I GAD (give a damn BTW) about what you think. In a way that is respecting your opinion in a backhanded way. You have an opinion fine. You don't see me trying to change your mind do you? You said this, and when you did I laughed because I knew you couldn't do it And BTW (by the way) . you didn't think Pagano sucked either
  4. he sucks and is over rated. See he can be both. I don't care who agrees with me. Remember when I said it was my opinion? And I certainly don't care if you agree with me. You use to be a decent poster, now you're just a crotchety old grump that argues with everyone. Stick to your opinion and move along
  5. That's why he should not take one this yr. None of them are worth the risk. FA for a few yrs until he build up draft capital to get the one he wants Take Kinlaw if available and roll on
  6. Ha . Sorry but not buying into it. You like him I don't . Over rated as hell IMO Remember when you mount your argument I said IMO . You want to disagree fine but don't try manipulate others if they don't agree.
  7. Sorry ReMeDy . I mis read and thought it was you saying this, when infact it was Olier
  8. Come on dude. 1st of all you don't baby sit your own kid .
  9. as a business owner I get that. That is a technology change. With that comes advancement But many NFL knock offs have come and gone. If they gain ground then yea, take a look but for now worry about other stuff. I do like that kick off dealeo though
  10. yea I get it. But I don't think it would defer Ballard either.
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