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  1. I have said for a long time that Mack should be replaced. Yall will see Taylor will rock this offense
  2. back on subject...... This kid is going to be a stud!!!!
  3. This kid is going to be a stud
  4. Looks like a Carolina Panther jersey to me
  5. While Mack is very good in pass pro he is not a threat in the passing game. Once Taylor learns the protection part he will probably replace Mack on 3rd downs. But what I have been reading he may not be any better at receiving than Mack. Rushing I expect Mack to get the the small majority of the carries. 80/20 to start the yr, then becoming more even as the yr goes on with the most productive taking over toward the playoffs. Key is to keep both fresh for a playoff run
  6. Nope. He was/is over hyped as well This board over hypes everyone the Colts select. I do not expect Eason to be the next franchise guy. I expect him to be a backup. I do expect the Colts to look for the next starter in the 2021 draft, or once again sign Rivers, or see what other FA QB's could step in if Rivers retires or isn't very good.
  7. Man you all are really trying hard to build Eason into something bigger than he is. HAHA. He was a 4th round pick for a reason. But keep dreaming I guess if it makes you feel better.
  8. I didn't think he said anything bad at all. I don't see why anyone would be upset with what he said. Just because the Colts draft someone it doesn't mean they are the greatest players ever drafted. Silly how some of you get your feelings hurt over stupid stuff
  9. The pick makes sense in the fact that this team is being built right now to win it all. Rivers is an non mobile pocket passer and so is Eason. So Eason will learn a ton from Rivers. Then again Eason needs to beat out Kelly which I don't think is going to be easy, and I am not on the Kelly bandwagon, but hes not a slouch
  10. He will have a lot less than Mack. Mack is the starter. JT is the understudy
  11. He is NOT the starter. He is brought in to learn from Mack. I am not a Mack supporter but I will say he is a legit pass pro protector and the rook needs to learn from him
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