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  1. Stafford was born in Tampa and grew up in Georgia and Dallas.
  2. I had the same surgery. You start rehab 3 days after surgery for several reasons. Of course I’m no professional athlete just a lowly construction worker but basically was told to keep in motion as much as I could. Keep moving to prevent lack of range of motion. Pain needs to be worked through bc strength is the end goal. Pain doesn’t equal a problem, regaining strength is the goal and that’s just a part of it. Y’all need to stop trying to make it a problem, let the process play out. It’s not an if, it’s a when. When the healing is complete it will be. Stopping and doing nothing is the exact opposite to do. Finding the balance is between AR and the docs and it appears they have a plan and are abiding by it.
  3. For me it is Latu. Not because he was the first round pick, but in this division especially, you’re going to need to hit the QBs as often as possible. Plus seems like the kid will be a great locker room/community guy.
  4. QBs are labeled as “can’t make all the throws”. It doesn’t mean they’ve never made whatever throws they’re being accused of not being able to make. Baseball players are labeled as “can’t hit the curve”, doesn’t mean they’ve never hit a curve. It’s that they can’t do it at a consistent level. My longhorn buddy is big in recruiting so has watch all his HS film as well as every second he’s played in college and would not want him in the first round. Not saying he is right, but when it comes to Texas football I trust his assessment. Just was trying to relay that info.
  5. Like I said I have watched very little of him. My opinion is based on info from a friend of mine who is a longhorn and the stats you posted. But to fair, that graph doesn’t paint a full picture. He’s always been the fastest guy on the field so having the most separation, especially in a conference that isn’t really known for defense, is to be expected. The one thing the graph does represent is exactly what you have noted which is why I said you had a good analysis. He has to be wide open and not be jammed to be successful. Does that seem like that’s going to be the case in the NFL?
  6. Good insight. The thing that’s concerning to me is with elite speed and, to use your words, being shifty, a big chunk of his production is while essentially standing still. To me that screams he’s an awful route runner. I haven’t watched much of him other than a game or two but given the stats you gave, he was either told to go long or catch a sideways pass. IMO good to great route running is a bigger and better advantage than straight line speed.
  7. Just an fyi in case you want to watch Princely next year, he transferred to Ole Miss.
  8. Appreciate the offer. Normally I watch an abundance of college games, but the past two years been just watching mainly my team on dvr bc of my schedule and haven’t had much opportunity to watch others. At best would just be like auto picking a fantasy team. Maybe next year.
  9. No doubt. My point was that the disparity is getting so wide, and the expectation that many of the guys coming from higher or even mid level schools will have, will force the facilities war into the pro game. Some teams have obviously already sensed that and have become committed to it, others clearly have not. Yet.
  10. I think very soon the facilities war that has been going on the last 10 or so years in college will work its way to the pros. Colleges are spending hundreds of millions on these things (those that can afford it).
  11. May be a little biased, but Ricky Pearsall will be a steal for someone. Was unguardable at Senior Bowl practices as well.
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