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Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread


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I rarely post on here, and when I do I admit that I'm not always postive... But some of you guys on here are straight up trolling.  Yes, Luck stinks this game, but we dont need to draft a new QB.  No, our defense hasn't been good this game, but this is a historically great offense that the Chiefs have.  Our D didn't just beat up on scrubs all year during the win streak.   They beat a couple of solid playoff teams, and some teams that we knocked out of the playoffs.   They aren't overrated.  They are who we thought they were - good but not great, with some glaring weaknesses.  They don't "suck".  Reich doesn't "suck."  This team isn't "just bad".  We are a good team with a lot of weaknesses that is getting outplayed today.  I swear, it's like some of you watch one bad game, and all I see is "we suck", "I knew Luck was never clutch", "we were do overrated", "we should have just missed the playoffs for a better draft pick", etc.  Some of you must nit have been around in the 90 s, when we truly did suck year after year.  

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That 3rd and 10 play was a huge gainer if he gets the ball there and doesn't make the receiver fall.  Very, very poorly thrown.  Just a terrible game by Luck.  Defense has done OK other than dumb penalties.  They didn't have any margin for error in this game and the offense has scored a big fat 0.

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12 minutes ago, k9copinmd said:

Defense can do nothing...can't stop the run   Can't stop the pass.

I’m more disappointed with Luck and the offense at this point.  We knew KC could be hard to stop and our defense might struggle.  Not many saw our franchise QB and offense basically no showing for an entire half. 

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1 minute ago, Flash7 said:

Seriously, that last pass that Luck struggled with was a 5-yard pass and he threw it to the ground. High school QBs routinely make that pass.


He is struggling mightily. The game is in his head. Just sling the damn thing.


I have wondered if he plays better when caution has to be thrown to the wind. No huddle and just sling it. 

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1 minute ago, threeflight said:

That 3rd down play?




Threw it like a girl.




Honestly he is throwing like is afraid if getting it intercepted.


Zero confidence.


If this is how he is going to be from now on?


Trade him.  Dead serious.  You can't win with a qb throwing this way.  Even Collingsworth just said it.

What are you doing here?  

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