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  2. I don't think Suh is a guy you can "bring in".... that typically means if he doesn't work out, you cut him. And I think Suh is not signing a deal where he's going to get cut in early September. I don't see it. Now, watch the market for Suh flatten out and Ballard winds up signing him and every fan of signing Suh will jump all over me! (And not in a good way!) Hey, that's life on a fan's internet message board....
  3. So it sounds like you are even against bringing him in. Maybe I am wrong in believing we should. Not the 1st time I have been wrong lol. All of this talk by me and a few others is silly anyway because Ballard isn't signing him anyways IMO.
  4. Not true. I was taking up for Dungy, one of the most special people that has ever been in the NFL
  5. It’s so cute to have a fan base in love with their GM again... Let’s say the Colts go 8-8 next year: Luck’s still a great QB. A franchise QB. Ballard missed on some guys, but he can do better next year with some course correction. Year after that Colts go 8-8: Luck’s still a great QB. A franchise QB. Ballard’s a bum. There’s your answer. That’s football
  6. So Cooper was a star WR in high school before going on to Ole Miss. Got diagnosed with spinal stenosis and never played again. Peyton wore number 18 to honor him. Wouldn't it be ironic if Peytons son played WR instead!??!
  7. This kid better be able to run like the wind or grow another 4 inches in high school to be one of the next great Manning’s.
  8. Why the faith in the Falcons?
  9. Exactly..if you read my post that was 3 posts before this one that I quoted from you will see where I pointed this out to ColtsBestever2006 and provided an article explaining all of that. I anticipated you would bring that up sooner or later. Lol. I too thought he was drafted by Polian initially and read up on it some more after responding to your post. Very interesting indeed. Polian still was pivotal in bringing Kelly ultimately to Buffalo as he was the GM who finally convinced him to sign and built those good teams around him.
  10. Suh WAS an awesome talent. If Suh was so awesome, how is it that all three teams who have had him have let him walk? Detroit, Miami and Lus Angeles all let him leave. Suh hasn’t been awesome for some time. He doesn’t even do what we want our players to do — play hard every down and give full effort on the field. He’s not worth the money or the trouble.
  11. An ugly win, but a win none the less! Hope Javy is ok, that ankle roll looked painful!
  12. Why has this never been considered.? Have the draft order be: The 14 non playoff teams with the BEST record after the all-star break. The two best non playoff teams after the all-star break flip for the top spot. The next two beat non playoff teams after the break flip for the 3rd spot...and so on. Again..we're only counting the record AFTER the all-star break. That way, teams would be incentivised to WIN even if they were out of the playoffs Does that idea make any sense?
  13. I hear wat u r saying it's one year big deal. I just think if u do sign him for one year u minds well just throw that money in the garbage based on history. I don't mind taking a risk on a player. Suh to me is not a risk. I know exactly what I am getting if I sign him to a guaranteed one year deal. He will lay down. Incentive based one year deal is the only way he makes it thru the front door. Funchess is a good deal. Young player who wants to reestablish himself so that he can increase his market value next year. He will play hard for future rewards.
  14. That was a great game..but Kawhi has to do everything. Whatever happened to Fred Van Fleet?? 1 of 11?? I thought Toronto had the better team but after 3 games, I have not seen that
  15. You may be right but if the Raps win Game 4 then it is 50/50. Bucks look solid.
  16. Don't believe everything you hear. Suh is an awesome talent. For 1 year why not give it a shot? If it back fires it is not like it ruins anything. We still will be a good team regardless. 1 guy isn't going to ruin a locker room, if 1 guy can ruin a locker room than we have a weak bunch of guys - and we do not. Luck, Leonard, and Nelson are all leaders.
  17. I could be wrong about this and you may be right but for 1 year I would gamble on it. If it doesn't work out he is gone and the salary cap remains the same. If it works out we could be SB champs. What ever Ballard decides to do I will roll with it, he knows more than me.
  18. Suh doesn’t fit the locker room. He’s known for being an aloof non team guy. Just the opposite of what the Colts are trying to build. Suh just won’t do.
  19. Yea and the only way I would sign him would b based on incentives. He would have to say hit 10 sacks and then get paid. No way am I giving him guarteed money even for one year. Rams basically said he was a waste of money. He turned it on in the playoffs. I think he has turned a lot of teams off. He is all bout money, which is fine for him but not for the team that pays him. He will lay down as soon as he gets paid. History doesn't lie
  20. On an incentive based contract....yes. A guaranteed contract....no. He mails it in as soon as he gets paid.
  21. Suh? People hate it when I bring him up, why I have no idea as Rodney Dangerfield would say . Suh would just dominate on a team like we have.
  22. This D wont b scary no matter how many dB s we have. We need a Bennett to make this D work. It starts with the front 4.
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