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Colts @ 49ers, October 24, 2021, 8:20PM ET


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2 minutes ago, IndySouthsider said:



All effort into the defense. Draft pick after draft pick has been wasted. This is a bad unit of overpaid underachievers

No.... They didn't forget how to play football.  It's the coordinator who's NEVER shown anything other than what he is, has been, and will be.  Scared.

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what really hits hard is houston autry , walker and hooker all playing well right now . ballard after the 2019 season said he made a mistake getting rid of veterans in the secondary .  Then he gets rid of two valuable veterans on the edge and a run stuffer linebacker everyone in the locker room loved .  

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2 minutes ago, MTC said:

I refuse to believe there is a safety worse than Andrew Sendejo on the active roster. 

There isn’t. He’s horrible. Then on top of that he gets the dumbest penalties at the absolute wrong time. He’s done it with every team he’s been on 

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