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  1. Drops the ball just like Ebron
  2. when he picked up someone fumble during the KC game can't remember who it was, but it looked like a busted play and the comeback was over but somehow it just like bounced right in his arms and he dove into the endzone. That whole game sticks out but that play especially, as well as the one where he rolled to the right and found an open man down the sideline, he just threw a dime. I think thats when everyone was like wow, ok its not just hype this guy is good.
  3. Colts are overlooked to begin with, he plays defense and we missed the playoffs. Welcome to playing for the Colts. At least people know his name
  4. Rigo had a huge drop off in his punt avg from the previous year not sure why people are putting his name in here
  5. Health is the only reason i could see him retiring at this point, as long as Mahomes is under center and Andy is calling the plays this team has a shot. He won't just let that go.
  6. yes all the people clamoring for a quarterback are going to be sorely disappointed when we don't draft one. We just paid Jacoby whether people like it or not. Kelly is a massive question mark and like the OP stated Ballard could very well view him as a better QB than any that might fall to us. I also don't post much but read lot's so while im here typing i just want to say, the Mahomes and and the Brady's of this league drafted mid-late and turn into all stars is a very rare thing. The people drafting are smart individuals who know a hell of a lot about football and for all of them to miss these guys potential is a VERY UNCOMMON thing lol, so people stop saying we need to get "our Mahomes in the mid round". Its hilarious
  7. pretty sure we have been "building the monster" since Manning got injured and released.
  8. I don't blame the guy, this team has been through a lot, and if Reich and Ballard stick with Brissett we are not winning anything except possibly the worst passing offense ever record. Either way even if he does not retire he is not getting any younger. A LT should be drafted now, so he can start if AC retires, he can sit behind AC if he stays for one more year. One more year should be the max he plays on this team.
  9. giving TY 4 years would be a mistake IMO, he is clearly showing signs of wear and tear, seems a little worn out by injuries.
  10. My apologies i'm not much of a PFF guru, but i mean to get into it soon. I have read how they come up with their grades and it seems to be an accurate assessment. Is 50s-60s good? Bad ? Average?
  11. i always liked Walker, PFF had him rated as one of the worst MLB in the league for most of the season though if i remember correctly, maybe someone can clarify this.
  12. yea if you put it in a spectrum like that yea of course no football player is trash, you could expand that to no human being is born trash, we could have a conversation about philosophy another day if you like, that doesn't change the fact that JB is not good enough
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