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  1. I honestly have no idea who this guy is, the eternal optimists all say good pick, the pessimists say he is a project players. Ballard has a good track record so I trust him. I feel like this is a big year though. With the Wentz move and not doing anything in FA the seat could get a tiny bit warm if we regress.
  2. Ballards lustre has wore off just a little bit this offseason. He sure left a LOT of holes to address with rookies
  3. Benched before he reaches whatever number of snaps it takes for it to change to a 1st rounder haha. Honestly I have very high hopes but watching his games from last year it seems this outcome is possible.
  4. How you feel about Ballards approach to FA
  5. TY said on the Mcafee show yesterday he would have made his whole colts contract on signing day with the Ravens, he also eluded to the fact that Irsay sort of forced Ballards hand possibly not sure how i feel about that
  6. Yea im definitely not a fan of trading up. The hit rate on Quarterbacks in the top 20 is a scary low percentage in the last 30 years. I also am not a huge fan of Wentz, if he plays anything like last year its going to be a long season. I am however a fan of Ballard and trust what he is doing. I fully believe if Wentz fails him and Reicht are gone.
  7. I voted no because Wentz needs to prove he is not broken before anything. If he is un-fixable this team is in a way worse spot then last year,
  8. This is Ballards style, build from within, pay your homegrown guys. He will sign a few guys later on and we will all go "huh who is that", then were banking on him drafting well. Which has worked out thus far to a point. I do feel like when a team gets good enough to make a run at the SB the "build from within" mantra should be bent a bit to infuse the team with talent. Many Gm's just dont break from there system though.
  9. Houston would be dumb to not trade him at this point. Although I wouldnt put it past them. How can they rebuild a team/locker room with a guy who doesnt want to be their. If they try to force the issue Watson will sit out and Houston will miss out on the ridiculous amount of draft capital they can get.
  10. This ^, nobody ever talks about the Browns of the 50s. The pre-Superbowl era seems to be forgotten all together for some reason. Otto is definitely among the best in the top 5 for sure. I wouldnt say 1 because it was a different game back then.
  11. Yea I dunno the Steelers have had the same GM forever and they always seem to draft well. Here in Indy Polian really left the team void of talent in his last years then we had to deal with Grigson. Lol Cleveland or Detroit is probably where you want to look for examples of how not to draft
  12. Although we have not had the same success with Ballard. Grigson's success can directly be attributed to Luck being the QB, he failed in pretty much every aspect of a GM except he managed not to screw up drafting Luck #1. He also drafted Kelly at C AFTER Luck was beaten into retirement. One can argue Grigson actually ruined a once in a generation talent kind of like what the Bengals are about to do to Burrow
  13. If Wentz is good we give up a first, if he is not good we still give up a second. We also took on his contract. Its a gamble whether or not he will return to starting caliber football, and either way were giving up two picks within the first 3 rounds. Im not sure how everyone believes this is robbery. If its because you believed the Eagles actually thought they were getting a "Stafford type deal" then im sorry but all those rumors were more than likely fake. I do think Ballard is a top 3 GM in the league right now though!
  14. I highly doubt Watson plays for the Texans in 2021 and Tannehill is not better than Wentz sorry. Lawrence could be a problem but hey its the Jags, if we know anything here about the Jags its that they always manage to screw things up.
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