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  1. If Wentz is good we give up a first, if he is not good we still give up a second. We also took on his contract. Its a gamble whether or not he will return to starting caliber football, and either way were giving up two picks within the first 3 rounds. Im not sure how everyone believes this is robbery. If its because you believed the Eagles actually thought they were getting a "Stafford type deal" then im sorry but all those rumors were more than likely fake. I do think Ballard is a top 3 GM in the league right now though!
  2. I highly doubt Watson plays for the Texans in 2021 and Tannehill is not better than Wentz sorry. Lawrence could be a problem but hey its the Jags, if we know anything here about the Jags its that they always manage to screw things up.
  3. The overvalue of Jacob Eason is crazy, how many 4th round quarterbacks have not dressed for 2 season then went on to have successful careers in the NFL. My geuss would be slim to none
  4. yea i think exactly what you said, not ready to be a backup in year 2 probably means he is not going to develop to where they want him to be.
  5. Can we all agree that if Eason does not end up being the backup that the Eason ship has pretty much sailed?
  6. As much as some people hate to acknowledge it or refuse to believe its true i think there was some genuine and mutual interest between Irsay/Ballard and Brady. Ultimately going with Rivers though because of the Reich connection and i believe he lobbied for Rivers.
  7. Im just saying Frank has been given a lot of say on who is being signed up for the most important position on the team. Rivers ultimately didnt get us where we need to be, now if the Wentz trade flops as well, Frank is going to have to take some heat.
  8. Well we didnt win the SB, we didnt win a playoff game, we didnt even win the division. This team is close that should be the goal...so yea in my eyes it wasnt a bad signing but it wasnt good either. Brady was the better option i think in most people eyes, Frank is the #1 reason Rivers was signed more than likely.
  9. lets hope he is repairable
  10. With Frank being the catalyst behind bringing in Rivers over Brady and now Frank bringing in Wentz. One has to think if this flops frank is on the hot seat
  11. Are you happy with the Went aquisition?
  12. to be determined for sure if we get last years Wentz chances are we got fleeced
  13. I dont know it all screams to me that Philly's front office seen something wrong with Wentz, and we all seen him play last year.
  14. so doesnt that say even more about the trade that their willing to get rid of him and still take that massive of a hit
  15. do you actually believe that? I bet the eagle front office is dancing that they dont have to pay him 50 mil over the next 2 seasons, they were clearly desperate to get out of the contract
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