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  1. He has not been perfect, but he has been very good. I never used to see former Colts players on other teams even going back to Polian days, it just seemed like after the Colts they jus faded out of the league. Now you see ex Colts all over. The Vinny thing was a mistake for sure and the Rivers saga is still playing out with a bit of a rough start. I see some people saying were SB contenders this year. I dont believe that to be true after seeing the real contenders vs our team play. If he continues with the GREAT drafts, and fee agent signings and manages to find a fran
  2. Were pretty much stuck in limbo. Were too good to draft an "A" prospect at the top of the draft, but not quite good enough to win it all. Either have to get lucky with a later round quarterback or Ballard needs to pull off some sort of trade.
  3. Just so many variables its not a viable comparison to really highlight anything except a pretty average-bad start to respective seasons for both Qbs. Interesting stats though.
  4. Yes but if your comparing the two quarterbacks to say both are entering new systems is just pretty unfair to Luck
  5. The team is 100% differen and its completely different situations. Also Rivers has been in this system before. This has no merit.
  6. Actually that was my thread that the OP mentioned "How long should Rivers leash be". It wasn't calling for Rivers to be benched it was a poll seeing what people thought and if you read the results it was actually a landslide in favor of keeping him in there for the season.
  7. lol so whats better being critical of the team when we underachieve or act like were really good when we barely beat a bottom feeder team like the Bengals. Either way its a forum on the internet where unqualified people get to voice their opinions, nothing will change no matter how much you complain.
  8. His main weapon was his speed and explosive routes. Time and age will diminish that. TY is not a kid in this league anymore of course he has lost a step.
  9. Seems like he is always getting spotlightled whether it be for a dumb mistake, getting burned, or a nice play. Either way a good trait of a corner is when you dont hear about him. That means he is doing his job. Rock is getting targeted as a weak spot on our team for sure.
  10. Yea we made the Bengals, Browns and Jaguars look good. The top tier teams are steamrolling these same teams. The second half is looking scary for sure. I have been a Rivers hater from the day we signed him but one thing he has going for him is he plays very well in Nov and Dec. Heres hoping that continues because we play a lot of really good looking teams
  11. I will eat crow he played well today. Its not that I am not rooting for him but i will be a harsh critic. Today he played lights out other than the one pick and the 1st quarter. Good for him and us. Although overall for the second time we have struggled with a team that will likely be fighting for the 1st overall draft pick. That is a bit alarming.
  12. does anyone else think the defense is checked out because the offense is so bad
  13. You think the team didnt practice for the bengals all week?
  14. This games over, Rivers about to try and play hero ball. I see 2 more INTS coming and an embarrassing loss. Lets not forget this is by far the easiest part of out schedule. We have not played anyone yet.
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