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  1. Nesjan3

    Favorite Play or Plays of the Seaon

    1-Kenny Moores FF to ice the 1st Jags game 2-Nelson on Barry Church 3- For the highlight reel Mo Allie Cox one handed TD catch
  2. yea we basically nailed two all pro starter (Nelson, Leonard) a couple solid starters with unknown ceilings (Hines, Lewis, Smith, Turay) IMO even if Ballard hauls 50% of last years draft this year, he is overachieving. If we can get a couple more solid starters i would consider Ballards first 3 years a huge success.. of course i will be rooting for a couple more all pros, preferably a pass rusher and a DB this time Ballard please.
  3. Nesjan3

    Raiders to Play in SF

    They also have the Bears 1st next season...i would say the fans are probably frustrated as *, but Gruden had a plan and i think this is all part of it.
  4. Nesjan3

    SB ratings hit a 10 year low

    The superbowl itself was entertaining for any true football fans. The people who say it was boring are the ones who tune in to a "couple" games a year and just think every game should and is going to be an offensive fiasco. I think the main reasons for the 10 year low is 2 things. 1- Everyone is sick of the Pats, and it is quite sad that in almost 20 years only a very select few NFL minds have figured out how to beat Belicheck. Either BB is on another level, or the coaching talent in the league has just gone downhill since the 90s. 2- The refs seem to be determining more and more outcomes as the years go by. That non call specifically in the Rams Saints game was partly why i didn't tune in, and IMO had the Saints went to the SB they would have beat the Pats.
  5. Nesjan3

    Raiders to Play in SF

    I think that will change soon if they get a new stadium in Las Vegas. The new hockey team in Vegas is doing awesome, that should be a good sign for an NFL team coming to town. Also they have 3 first round picks this year and a pretty good quarterback, they could turn it around soon.
  6. Nesjan3

    Daurice 'Reece' Fountain

    Daurice Fountain, has shown very little. that drop in the Chiefs game was garbage time but it was brutal. He will be on the team because he was a draft pick last year, i don't know if he will make the roster though, my geuss is PS.
  7. Nesjan3

    We Thank Seahawks for Glow...

    All the players Grigson drafted that are no longer in the NFL thank Grigson
  8. Nesjan3

    Ballard is doing what Polian did

    Manning made Polian look like a better GM than he actually was
  9. Nesjan3

    Should the Colts extend Ebron?

    LOL ok i get it people love Ebron i do to, im leaving this thread after saying this. Ebron was an awesome addition and i wan't him back, broke Clarks TD record thats saying something...BUT he did have a lot of drops !
  10. Nesjan3

    Should the Colts extend Ebron? This stat page says otherwise as well as a couple more.
  11. Nesjan3

    Should the Colts extend Ebron?

    Yes i am not sure what exactly constitutes a drop or a catch for that matter. Im just trying to show that 9 drops in the NFL is quite a bit, only Jarvis Landry had more with 11. As well going back to 00 the league average hovers around per team 17-18 drops, Ebron in this case accounts for 50% of the league average per team.
  12. Nesjan3

    Should the Colts extend Ebron?

    link posted above
  13. Nesjan3

    Should the Colts extend Ebron? Just this year LA Rams only had 9, Seahawks had 8...two teams at 10. If you go back in time there is many more
  14. Nesjan3

    Should the Colts extend Ebron?

    Thats fine... everyone is entitled to an opinion. Reality is though 9 drops in 16 games on the NFL level is not a small amount, some teams go 16 games without 9 drops.