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  1. isn't Vanilla in preseason game 1 kind par with the course?
  2. Losing in preseason is no big deal, Luck not making an appearance...now that could be cause for some panic lol
  3. He seems like a funny dude! #26 rookie year is impressive.
  4. what is ebron trying to act like he doesn't drop balls?
  5. Did TkKnight retire? Thanks for taking the reins CR91, these are definetly some of my favorite threads. Excited to get back underway!
  6. he will be on the PS barring an amazing training camp or a crazy injury
  7. The Rams didnt even belong in the SB, they lost to the Saints
  8. I have to agree Lucks injury situation was purposely convoluted to maintain season ticket sales among other things. I mean anybody can look the other way and pretend us as fans don't get lied too but that's just not the truth.
  9. their not chopping wood, ill take it
  10. the idea that the young players wont be making enough money is laughable, maybe they will just have to get a real job haha
  11. its OTA's relax
  12. I think the expectations for this team are set far too high because we won 10 out of 12 games to end the year last season. Ive heard everything from Dynasty, Superbowl champs to guaranteed to win the division...lol. I enjoy the optimism but its a all a little pre mature IMO. I could see a lot of people schocked if we ended 9-7 and missed the playoffs. Which really is not far fetched, its still a young team and Ballard is still building.
  13. I think Kurt Warner is one of the most overrated Qbs in history
  14. Ebron wins if he cleans up his drops, Doyle wins if he stays healthy. If they both do these things than we will have a great 1-2 punch at TE
  15. I get all that, but if your not happy with the guy why let him keep the keys to your lambo for the most important parts of the offseason. Its coming out now that Gase doesn't want Bell....well to late
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