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  1. Nesjan3

    5 teams, 3 spots

    lol to the Steelers playing the Pats and Saints. Bengals for the final game won't be any pushover either, thats always a tough divisional game. I could see the Colts and the Ravens getting in knocking Pit out.
  2. Nesjan3

    Colts twitter

    omg i laughed so hard at "Darius Leonard has never talked Herschel Walker" and AV in a wheelchair.
  3. Nesjan3

    WR gurus, what's your take on Chester Rogers?

    Im not a guru, but he had a chance to show out in the first half of the season and he dropped a lot of passes. Its time to move on, i honestly would like to see Pascal, Fountain or Ishmael getting snaps over him.
  4. Nesjan3

    Why Was Jim Caldwell Fired?

    After 10 years of winning i don't think anybody was ready to accept that we were going to be a bad team without Manning, including Irsay and Polian. When Caldwell failed to produce results after the SB run he was quickly shown the door, and in hindsight probably prematurely. Pagano and Grigson both overstayed IMO, but i understand Irsay trying to give them an opportunity.
  5. Been waiting to see what he can do
  6. Nesjan3

    Where are you at with the Colts?

    We have come a long way since last season. Even since the beginning of the season we have come a long way, up until the last game. Which IMO was not the players not playing well, but Reich calling a horrible game and not having a proper plan coming in, but it will be a learning experience for him and we are moving forward. Hou-W Dal-L NY-W Ten-W That puts us at 9-7, unfortunately not enough to make the playoffs i don't think. This team has been set on the right track though and i am sincerely excited about next season, i really think we will win the division. So far im impressed with Ballard and Reich (one game being an exception)
  7. Nesjan3

    Deshaun Watson

    We can win this game, but if we attempt 52 passes again it won't happen.
  8. Nesjan3

    Jacksonville at Tennessee

    lol Colts vs Jags- Rush for 48 yards in first half, abandon the run and continue to throw 52 pass attempts. Titans vs Jags- Henry- 239 yards and 4TD in 3.5 quarters.
  9. Nesjan3

    Jacksonville at Tennessee

    Titans play calling>Reich play calling. What the heck are the Jags thinking, we all know Bortles is bad but Kessler looks to be worse...and yea how did we let Cody Kessler beat us?!?
  10. Nesjan3

    Week 14 Playoff Scenarios and who to root for

    Titans making our offense look bad
  11. Nesjan3

    Wednesday Injury Report Here is updated for Thursday, Inman, Hilton and Ebron DNP for Wednesday and Thursday. Rogers, Pascal, Fountain and Swoope anybody??
  12. Nesjan3

    Andrew Luck Injury

    this news never came out, maybe its constipated
  13. Nesjan3


    yea i have to agree, how do we know what kind of runner Mack is if Reich only gives him carries "sometimes", 52 pass attempts is crazy.
  14. Nesjan3

    It's 2002

    lol gotcha! Its been a long day