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  1. The 08 and 05 Manning teams beat the Steelers in the regular season thats the only 2 wins since 1984.
  2. Never is a strong word every player drops off at some point.
  3. Yea as posted above Mr Polian and his son had a disastrous run there that doesn't get talked about enough. Without Manning on the team we certainly looked like a team void of talent. I always believed we never sucked for luck we just really sucked without PM. Polian should have been fired years before.
  4. The 4th down game, 06 AFCC and a game from 03, check it out. Love watching these games from the glorious Manning Era
  5. If we make the playoffs he will probably stay. If we win the superbowl 50/50 he might just retire and call it good or maybe he will go for a repeat. If we miss the playoffs he retires.
  6. If you can catch the NFL Networks Greatest Games episode of the 06 AFCCG Pats Colts. They have the players and coaches speaking about the game as they show it play by play, its really good.
  7. Honestly Taylor will be great for Mack, i can see Mack starting all 16 games this year because he won't have such a large load anymore. Lets face it Hooker hasn't lived up to being an early first round pick. Great in coverage and yes our defense doesn't exactly let him do what he is great at, but he doesn't tackle well and misses assignments regularly. Brissett just flat out sucked , i read a stat somewhere and no i don't have a link just google it but our passing stats were some of the worst since 2000. He had a chance, didn't prove he was a starter simple, is that spiting him, maybe.
  8. its usa today. Pretty sure they just have a list of all the NFL teams and just randomly put them in an order and call it a list.
  9. I think this is a stat that was derived by the media, they probably don't even think about it when putting these things together.
  10. The second the Steelers come into some adversity Ebron will quit on them too just like he did with the Lions and us. His character is fragile like glass.
  11. I might get some flak for this but Toronto Canada could definitely support a team, 4th largest city in North America and Canada is hungry for more teams in the big 4 sports. I dont know if anyone seen the Bluejays win back to back in the early 90's the whole country went berserk. Toronto Raptors as well last year. The whole country stops to watch our 1 NBA team and 1 MLB team lol.
  12. Nesjan3

    La Rams

    New uniforms, new stadium, max amount of primetime games at 5. Pretty bad team last year. Goff, Donald and Ramsey , 3 players take up 33% of their cap and their QB IMO is not even top 10. Why is the NFL trying to force feed us a bad team that quite frankly is probably going to flunk in LA just like every other NFL team thats tried to make it work in that city.
  13. I remember it like it was yesterday, we were blowing through the regular seasons like wildfire and we were everyones hot pick for so many years just to end in disappointment. That year was different, last second wins, comeback wins, ugly wins, not blowing teams out was weird. Then the wheels came right off the run defense the second half, worst in the league. Round 1 playoffs KC had some freak rb cant remember his name and we held him to like 25 yards or something and went on to be one of the most dominant run D's in playoff history. Not sure what happened but goes to show anything really can happen once you get in he playoffs.
  14. Honestly hall of fame guy, best clutch kicker of all time. Would not have won the 06 SB without him. All of that aside though respectively he can play his last year at 47 somewhere else.
  15. Ballard must have really like him to trade up
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