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  1. I think rotate is coaching code word for if Glow doesn't play better Reed will get his job. One huge thing that everyone talks about when it comes to Oline thats not a stat is synergy between the 5. The more all 5 start together, the more synergy they have together, the better the line plays. I think its every teams goal to have as much consistency at Oline as possible. So to me rotating makes no sense.
  2. The AFC is not looking as strong as last year. Out of the teams that made the AFC playoffs last year I would say just the Bills and Ravens look stronger, every other team is looking worse. Dolphins who just missed with 10 wins have completely fallen off. Of the teams that missed out id say there is 3 on the rise that could make it. Chargers, Raiders, Bengals. I think only the Chargers are legit. Big picture I think 10 wins gets a wildcard and even if we lose sunday, we could still get 10 wins.
  3. I think Ballard with the philosophy he rolls with which is mainly build from the draft. He likes to give his picks every opportunity to succeed it seems. Even if that means letting our best pass rushers go, not bringing anyone else in, and letting two underwhelming picks thus far fill in, plus supplementing 2 more draft picks. Maybe not the most sound philosophy in some peoples opinion. Clearly its backfired our pass rush is among the worst in the league. Thats his style though at least he sticks to his guns I geuss
  4. I highly doubt one year removed from making the playoffs Ballards "not really trying to win this year, evaluation year". He must really reallly be comfortable, maybe too comfy if thats really the case. Doubt it though this guys resume is being built in real time just like everyone else in the league. Media people making things up
  5. I didnt say we stink, ive actually said many times we will have 10 wins at the end. Just saying when we do stink its ok to criticize management.
  6. dang i thought Ballard was going to give him another 7 years to grasp the playbook let him develop you know.
  7. Just the fam trying to lick up a few drops of the huge pool of fame and fortune Pat Mahomes has fallen into. People will do anything for fame nowadays. Just go to youtube and see some of the ridiculous crap people do for views. Its a problem for sure.
  8. Haha ok nobody is saying injuries are Ballard or Franks fault but seriously when the team stinks who else's fault would it be. The players of course? Well Ballard drafted them and Frank coaches them. I get there is a lot of hate on this board when things go bad but they have to face criticism when its not working because they are the ones in charge.
  9. I can see Ballard not pulling the trigger because he is not getting what he wants. Look for Mack to be on the team for the remainder
  10. Lets go Dayo, a lot is resting on these rookies to rescue our pass rush from the depths of terrible.
  11. He couldnt learn the playbook and catch up mentally its not that hard to comprehend
  12. Its is strange that Taylor is clearly our best player, him and Wentz anyways. Yet for some reason Frank started Hines back there and is still trying to work in Mack. I agree Taylor at this point should be getting 90% of the snaps, with Hines spelling him and playing slot. Mack should get garbage time carries or be traded like he wanted.
  13. Its not something I see Ballard doing even with our pass rush being bottom 5 in the league. I think he should bring him in, I dont think he will.
  14. not on this forum its not. Actually whenever we lose it seems to usually have a lot to do with injuries. Ive been banging the drum of every team is injured every week in the NFL but its an easy and somewhat accepted excuse.
  15. Class cmon its a competitive sport, athletes show a little emotion and they dont have class. The whole crowd was giving him the finger. Is everyone suppose to be like Russel Wilson just a robot that always says the right thing. People are humans out here get a grip
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