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  1. Meh everyones entitles to an opinion, just like Aliens, Illuminati and every other "Conspiracy" some people will go to their graves refusing to even acknowledge its possible.
  2. yup, the same way the winner of WWE Summer slam is already decided before it happens, money is a powerful thing. Obviously with so many more variables in a sport like football compared to wrestling, its not perfect, but close enough it seems they get the outcome they want more times than not. LOL! Im not sure thats what i believe, but this is something that was pitched to me recently and its honestly hard not to consider
  3. The WWE has reached a point where everybody knows it is fixed but people still watch anyways. I believe the NFL is slowly trying to move into this niche, their tired of trying to hide it and most people are figuring it out already. In the Falcons Patriots SB anybody with a brain, common sense and the desire to win a championship runs the ball in that situation, go back and watch the game. It makes absolutely 0 sense, not human error. Pre determined.
  4. how many plays does Hooker make that Odum would not though? Odum had a nice game but lets not write off Malik just cause he is hurt, he has elite skills. However Willis is sure making a case for Geathers job.
  5. Henry Anderson still on the Jets?
  6. Definitely not a hit that warrants a season suspension, but given his past its completely understandable. I can't even believe he is still in the league this should be his last shot.
  7. is it... not the first time we have been through this, not the first team either
  8. Dropped balls absolutely killed Jacoby today, not faulting him for this one. The pick six was his fault but because of the drops we were never able to get back into the game.
  9. This sounds about right except your point about Mack, i think the "workhorse RB" of the NFL is obsolete, Zeke is as close to as your going to get these days and he is an exception. We just need some better depth behind Mack, lets face it Hines is WR out of the backfield. Wilkins shows signs of promise but the verdict is still out.
  10. Ryan Grigson for sure tops the list since Manning was drafted anyways
  11. lol what makes you think are chances of beating KC are 5%, i actually think we matchup decently well with them, run the ball down their throats, short passes, control the clock and keep Mahomes off the field.
  12. Raiders look really bad their last 2 games, it might be a good week to let some guys get healthy while still pulling out a win. We have a huge game in KC next week than the Bye will provide some relief.
  13. I respect the coaches and front office decision to stick with Vinny, but Ballard and Reich are going to take a kick in the pants and lose some respect from the fans if this blows up in their face.
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