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  1. He had his best seasons with the Colts and his having a good start to this season is that not the definition of Prime?
  2. I think thats an issue with Ballard. He let a guy in his prime go who was our best pass rusher in favor of a few draft picks that have shown very little since being drafted. Thats a problem.
  3. I know hindsight is 20/20 but our pass rush is now bottom of the league and id say the majority of us seen this coming. Autry is playing well in Ten, all their fans are saying he is their best FA pickup and they are roasting Ballard.
  4. Trade Mack and 6th or 7th for a safety. Sick of seeing him in there when Taylor is averaging 6.5 yards per carry and Hines just got paid. Maybe this is a silly take but does any one else think its possible Ballard is telling Frank to include Mack to potentially showcase him for trade?
  5. Titans is a must win if we want to compete for the division. Even if we lose I think we will still be very much alive for the wildcard. Although would have to beat some of the good teams on the second half of our schedule, Bills, Bucs...Cards.
  6. I dont know about Houston and Rogers but Autry was our best pass rusher and Ballard certainly looks a bit foolish letting him go to a division rival over a couple mil.
  7. we needed that. Beat the Titans and were .500 with Jets and Jags upcoming.
  8. Taylor Averaging like 7 yards a carry and in comes Mack
  9. whew ok they needed 15 mins but got it right
  10. k this just ridiculous its not that hard nfl refs at it again
  11. I dont know, by all accounts it takes a long time to be fully back from an Achilles
  12. Dooes the camera man suck or are the fakes that good?!
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