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  1. Ravens from the AFC and the Saints from the NFC as they got completely robbed by the refs last year so that the Rams could show the world their best choke job.
  2. I have a feeling if we become mathematically ineligible for the playoffs he may get a start.
  3. you should space out your paragraph
  4. Jacoby needs to take a long look in the mirror, this defense, Oline and run game is legit.
  5. its funny but i like the optimism its better than the crumbling whiners posting about how much we suck, when we are actually a pretty good team.
  6. Watson, Foles (When he plays for the Eagles and only then it seems), Brissett, Tannehill
  7. at eyes glance from home he was doing better than Rock
  8. Nesjan3


    just a forced fumble and a recovery with a minute left in probably the most important game of the season, were not gonna look at it, this ones in the books. Texans win.. yup thats the NFL
  9. yuup just another game with a very questionable ending, why no booth review. It was a clear fumble and recovery. The guys calling the game even seemed to quickly dismiss it.
  10. lol that guy went from "Im about to sack the Jacoby or bat the ball" to "How the heck did i end up in the endzone"
  11. https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/indianapolis-colts-team-stats?season=2019&week=0&category=RECEIVING According to this site we have 14 total. , the first other team i clicked on the 49ers have 16. I dont have time to go through all the teams. FYI Ebron has 5 already for himself
  12. but wait, wheres all the people scoffing at the idea of playoffs after the Dolphins loss . If we can win the next two games we will be 5-0 in the division.
  13. Our Offensive Line Owned the Jaguars Today Run The Dam Ball!
  14. well were 63-35 in the regular season and 4-1 in the playoffs since lucas oil opened so the win loss stats suggest we do alright
  15. Its pretty simple actually, people think that just because Hooker doesn't lead the league in INT and passes defensed that he isnt't that good.
  16. theres actually still some sane people here?
  17. lol the doom and gloom, the mood swings on this board are funny. We are 5-4, undefeated in the division, have already beat the Texans. Can we at least wait until this 3 game divisional stretch is over to say our playoff hopes are over, because we all know at this point thats far from the truth
  18. i hope for the sake of AV he doesn't end up dooming our playoff hopes
  19. i think maybe Cain just sucks never mind not being ready... he was a 6th round pick remember
  20. PS for the rest of the season barring any more injuries, give him another full off season to fully recover and get him another shot in TC ..
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