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  1. I also heard on a different show that RIver may have been given the option of a "gentleman retirement" as opposed to being let go on the FA market. I think Ballard fully believes he can upgrade, as do I. Phil was alright, it was fun. I dont think anyone realistically thought we had a chance at beating the Bills and Chiefs though. I had hope, but from the start i didnt think Phil was a good enough upgrade to make it to the SB. Was choked we didnt sign Brady, look wheres he is at.
  2. Id be blown away if theres any truth to this. Its the same with the Hurtz traded out of philly rumors. Since when has it been established that if your drafted in the NFL you have to start immediately. Love or Hurtz are on rookie contracts not going anywhere, they will sit behind the respective starters (Wentz, Rodgers) till its time. People forget Aaron sat behind Favre for 3 seasons
  3. Time cures all. Baltimore fans were mad understandably so they lost their team. I dont think it was public knowledge at the time that the city was attempting to some what illegally seize the team. Although it is funny as heck that some STILL remain upset to this day given that this info has become public knowledge. As well as others have mentioned the Colts have been in Indy longer than Baltimore at this point and Bal embraced a new team from another city, Its kind of contradictory to cheer for the current Ravens and still be upset about the old colts, but those people are out the
  4. we have to lobby to get this game set up lol
  5. You do know its kind of laughed at by people in the NFL that the idea of a college team beating an NFL team comes up as often as it does, because its just that ridiculous. Im sure you like me and many others watch shows outside of mainstream media and have heard it come out players and gm's mouth . Its not a thing
  6. You seriously think a college program can perform against an NFL defense?
  7. it would be like dropping someone in 5th grade mathematic into a calculus course.
  8. Venturi also said once upon a time that Alabama could beat an Nfl team lol
  9. I think its widely knows around the league in front office circles that the Ford family is completely incompetent when it comes to running a "Football Operation". Their in it for the money. I think Houston and Cincy are starting to slowly drop into those categories as well. Lombardi talks about it all the time on his podcast. Mcnair over in Houston has a religious figure in his ear giving him football advice lol. Not trying to offend anyone and this isnt my take but the word brainwash has been thrown around. As far as the Jets at least it seems like they are willing to do what it
  10. I cant believe how many people want to roll with Eason. Put a completely unknown, unproven 4th round under center with a team thats ready to make a run. It just does make any sense to me. Unless he turns out to be the next mahomes it will take him at least a year to get comfortable at the NFL level. The only thing we know about him is what the organization says. Do people really think if he sucked they would come out and say that. Their going to say he is good no matter what they actually think of him. Just sounds like we would be wasting a good teams window with an unknown rookie
  11. My Takeaways from the 2020 playoffs: -Brady is the goat. -Refs play a big part in the outcomes of games. Dont care what anyone says ive thought so for many years yesterday was just more proof. -NFL got its dream matchup Brady vs Mahomes. Brady and the Bucs first team ever to play on home turf..the story lines go on and on congrats to them -The Chiefs of 20/21 could be a couple of the best teams in NFL history
  12. he would never say it out loud, but you can read between the lines when he goes on Pat Mcafee. The whole world knows they needed help at a lot of positions, but they chose to draft a Quarterback with the first pick. The one spot they were actually set at. That has to feel like to anyone that would be on that team for 2+ years that the organization is not in "win now" mode. I would be upset as well.
  13. hey at least its not close so we dont have to watch the refs somehow hand the game to the Chiefs
  14. That and Tampa Bay playing the SB at their home stadium #10 for Brady
  15. id like to see all the people who absolutely dont believe the refs are involved defend this one
  16. hahahahahahahahahhahahahaahhahahahahahha refs strike again they didnt call a single penalty the whole game.
  17. At this point you have to just give Brady credit he the goat its not a conversation. It doesnt even bother me anymore. Its just good football
  18. Watson is not official at all, he has a no trade clause. I heard if the Texans play hardball his only option is to pull a Carson Palmer is cincy and say "trade me or ill retire"
  19. you could be on to something. He has already made so much money though I have a feeling if he has options he will choose to go somewhere where he could win. That could be us
  20. by fans and media. Ask anyone who plays in the NFL Stafford is highly regarded as one of the best in the game. He has been stuck on a crap team with a crap oline his whole career, In Detroit where they get less public attention than the colts lol
  21. didnt one of the networks actively pursue Mccvay while he is still under contract with the Rams
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