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  1. Eagles at 7? Money on it’s going to be lower
  2. 4069 yards passing 31 TD passes 9 interceptions 3 rushing TD’s 256 yards rushing
  3. And it’s the second loudest building I’ve ever in. Metrodome being number 1 when the Twins won the World Series in game 7 in 91’
  4. Happy Easter from the Wentz’s https://www.instagram.com/p/CNPzKmOhFy6/?igshid=nqc7w0fcfq3k
  5. He really is a football nerd https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2018/1/20/16912236/zach-ertz-awesome-story-carson-wentz-origin-dog-masks-philadelphia-eagles-tight-end-playoffs-fans
  6. Believe me he is fun to be around. I’ve met him on a handful of occasions when he went to NDSU. Classy dude and Philly didn’t deserve him. He’s in a much much better place now
  7. I’m well aware. He’s also only had one pro bowler from his drafts since 14’ I believe and that’s none other than Wentz. He passed up in Metcalf and Jefferson, 2 receivers that would of helped the passing game big time. Foles found lightning in a bottle for 2 games and the rest is history
  8. The GM for Philly isn’t very good at his job for one thing
  9. I’ve always been a Vikings fan but they are on the back burner. Looking forward to coming to Indy for a game or 2 next season
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