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  1. Crazy how NDSU has 3 QB’s in the NFL https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32426443/how-qb-passionate-fargo-helped-mold-colts-carson-wentz-49ers-trey-lance
  2. That when he’s at his best
  3. 11 games left. Lots of time. Nobody knows what major injuries could occur to other teams especially the Titans. Things change from week to week. I’m just going to let this thing play out and enjoy the season and let the chips fall where they may
  4. They are the best. That fan base is whacko
  5. He had 5 practices and no pre season. Then sprains both ankles and still plays. This all with a new team. Some people forget that. He’s beginning to catch his stride and he stays healthy the sky is the limit
  6. No pass rush to speak of in the second half
  7. I misread. No Wentz had his best game since the 19’ season. He was not the problem obviously
  8. I don’t see why not. That’s why they play the games boys. Anything is possible
  9. Per PFF, Wentz has zero turnover-worthy plays this year. The INT did not count as he threw the shovel where it was supposed to be. The TE did not get into position. Also, the Colts line was rated as the second worst line in the NFL as of last week. That isn’t based on sacks or QB hits, but win rates, etc. I think Wentz had 4TD’s/7INT’s at this point last year. He has 5TDs/1INT this year
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