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Wildcard Weekend: Colts @ Bills, Jan. 9, 2021, 1:05 PM EST


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2 minutes ago, DontEverGiveUp said:

Man, we really blew that opportunity with our play calling.  Keep it simple stupid.

I will take a chance of running between the tackles any day


If I’m going to keep running on third and fourth downs I would do it between the tackles every single time

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    • Blake Freeland!!          Because Smith moved to RG with Freeland's major improvement. 
    • Think he is saying odds are better then zero he starts which leaves us in a range from .1 to 99.9...lol
    • I read that .... then reread it.......   Are you saying that he is a guaranteed starter?   Or there is no chance that he is the starter?   Its early, I havent finished my coffee.....  It might be my denseness       Goncalves would seem to have a real chance at RG.... IMHO  
    • A couple things that took place last year and throughout the off-season that I think will pay dividends this year on the defensive side of the ball.   Brents and Jones showed, in spurts, that they have the chops to play CB in this league and with a full season under their belt plus this off-season I think they will be a very solid tandem on the outside. Add in Flowers and his growth potential and a versatile rookie in Simpson I think the CB room is just fine and ready for the next step. Will they end up with more INT's and PBU's - I certainly think so.   Another coverage area that I think has improved is a full season and off-season of learning the LB spot for Ronnie Harrison and then the drafting of Jaylon Carlies and the singing of the UDFA Craig Young. All are former Safety's that have or had made the transition to LB and bring coverage skills with them and LONG arms - all three have 33" arms or longer which means wingspan and shutting down passing lanes. If the coaching staff isn't married to playing Zaire (Contract) and Speed (Veteran) on passing downs, then 2-3 of those fella's could play in sub packages and clog up passing lanes. They did cut bait with Shaq last year so I would hope that they play the kids that can actually cover versus the highest paid fella.   The addition of Latu, though he is just one man should also help speed up the QB's eyes and lead to more errant throws that could be picked off!??!   All three of those things tied together create a perfect storm of improvement in the weakest areas of our D last year.   As for Safety - I have mixed feelings about the FS spot and there are several 'what if' scenarios:   Cross could have something click and then the mental game meets up with his physical ability - which I feel like he played decent down the stretch last year (last 2-3 games)?   Thomas could return to his rookie form.   Daniel Scott could be a pretty good option but is also technically a rookie after sitting out all last year - though mental reps and walk throughs do help from time to time.   A really off the wall thought - perhaps they move Harrison back to SS and slide Blackmon to FS if the kids (Carlies & Young) prove capable as nickel and dime coverage backers?   Denbow is not the answer....... Dabo will be on year three of using the International Roster Exception..... Maybe they try Ameer Speed at FS with his size and speed combination? Maybe his college teammate Kendall Brooks earns a spot? Maybe Abraham or Simpson take FS and run with it? Both played that spot in college. Maybe Abraham proves he can play the NB and they slide Moore back to FS like he played in college?   Lots and lots of ifs and buts.........
    • Good question    Wiki simply says he's nicknamed AD, I wonder if it had to do with Hebrew pronunciation of the word Adonai, which means Lord.. maybe, it's just that his family or friends started calling him AD  
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